Haircut whim - for lovers of torn hairstyles

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Haircut whim is one of the few models that fit any type of face. The whole secret is in layering, it creates the desired effect of artistic disorder on the head. Soft cut haircut in combination with well-chosen bangs correct the shape of the face, bringing it closer to the correct oval. Haircut female whim is not suitable for long hair, but girls with strands of medium and short length, it may be of interest.

What is she, haircut whim?

Haircut female whim in its original version provides for the length to the chin and a graduated top. Today, the master in rare cases can offer the client a “script” of this haircut. Modern masters of hairdressing, knowing the technique of this model, try to create unique images that are suitable for every woman.

Haircut female whim individually: you are unlikely to see 2 equally executed work. The wizard will focus on the structure of your strands, the amount of hair, your facial features and other factors when choosing a hairstyle for you personally. Creating a hairstyle, the hairdresser will use rather sharp cuts and graduations. The result is a voluminous haircut at the roots with “feathers” of different lengths. Caprice is easy to find out among other hairstyles by sticking the tips of strands in different directions.

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Who is a whim?

As mentioned above, haircut caprice fits almost every woman, regardless of age and style. This model will suit women, both with straight and wavy strands. As for hair shade, fair-haired women will get an “airy” effect from the haircut, and brunettes will create a smooth “frame” around the face.

Here, as well as in any hairdressing experiments, it is important to find exactly “your” master who will be able to advise you on the most successful version of this model and will tell you how to style your hair with your own hands.

Haircut caprice for short hair

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The most popular and most successful solution is a haircut whim for short hair. It is precisely on the short length that the strands of the strands can be shown as profitably as possible. This model can be combined with a light asymmetrical bang, and with a thick smooth, it all depends on your face type. For example, if you have an oval or elongated face, you may prefer a flat bang. But for girls with a square or round face, straight bangs are contraindicated, their features will be mitigated by asymmetry.

Haircut caprice on medium hair

Quite rarely is a haircut whim on medium hair, but for those who are not ready to go to the short length of the strands, this option is possible. Fragile slender girls stylists recommended haircut whim for short hair. But if you want to divert attention from a full face or a second chin, your successful choice is a haircut caprice on medium hair.

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Ways of laying whim

Hair whim can have several styling options. Depending on what effect you want to achieve — a slight mess and ruffling or an impressive amount, choose one of the suggested styling methods.

Create an artistic mess on the head

To create a careless styling of this haircut, you will need a hairdryer, comb, styler, hair spray and texturizing mousse. Step-by-step installation scheme is as follows:

  1. Apply some texturizing mousse to clean damp hair.
  2. Make a side parting.
  3. Dry the hair with a hair dryer and a round brush, creating a volume at the roots.
  4. For greater expressiveness with a styler or curling iron, twist the tips so that they “look” in different directions.
  5. Put on your hands a little more texturing mousse and lightly "whisk" curls.
  6. Fix the result with varnish.

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Create a romantic styling for medium length

The multi-layeredness of this hairstyle provides some bulk of hair and without additional effort. But if you want to create a spectacular volume on your head, for example, for an evening look, step by step do the following:

  1. Make a side parting.
  2. On a head of hair, apply a little styling.
  3. Using large curlers, gradually wrap the strands.
  4. When the curls are dry, remove the curlers.
  5. Blow dry the curl after the curl.
  6. Lay the bangs.
  7. Take some wax and separate the curls with your fingers.

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This installation is easy to perform at home. It looks good on even strands. If you have smooth hair, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on styling: dry your hair in the usual way and use fluid to make your hair shine. If you chose this haircut model, consider unusual straightening options. This hairstyle “feathers” seems to be created for creative color stains. Experiment with styling and be different every day!

Video: haircut technique "Caprice" on medium length hair

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