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Fashion does not stand still. Almost every season new trends appear in literally all spheres. Hairstyles are no exception. In 2016, several simple, but at the same time original trends are especially popular. Among them is a top knot haircut. Previously, she was considered exclusively male, but now she began to make and the fair sex.

Features haircuts Top Knot

Hair topknot got its name from two English words: "tip" and "knot". It originates from Japan, where samurai wore it in ancient times. In the 21st century, it became one of the fashion trends and gained popularity not only among the younger generation, but also among older people. Often it is the calling card of hipsters who combine it with a beard in their own image.

Modern trend

  • Top knot has its own specific features and is gaining more and more fans. It is characterized by a combination of shaved areas and an intact part of the head of hair, from which a dense beam is formed in the back of the head. To do this, the length of the strands should be at least 15 cm, and if you start to grow them with a smoothly shaved head, you need to reach 20 cm. To do this, it will take about a year.
  • To find out if the length of the strands is suitable for creating a haircut, you need to attach a palm to them. If the strands cover it to the end of the middle finger, then you can safely begin to create a fashionable image.
  • But you can not shave areas on the sides and make styling at the same length.

Simple and stylish

It is believed that topknot haircut is more male. But among the fair sex, it is no less popular. It has many advantages:

  • It gives charm and charm to men and emphasizes the charm and natural beauty of girls;
  • Differs in universality, easily being combined practically with any elements of clothes;
  • Will be able to decorate the owner of almost any type of person.
  • The bundle is assembled quickly in one motion, which makes it possible not to spend a lot of time on hair care or styling. This will be especially useful in the mornings, when the owner of the top-knot is somewhere in a hurry or late;
  • It gives confidence and emancipation;
  • You can paint the shaved area or apply an original tattoo on it.

Celebrities with Top Knot

But she also has a couple of flaws, which are peculiar to both male and female:

  • It is not suitable for people with thin and elongated facial contours, with very large or too small features, such as a prominent forehead, a fleshy nose, or protruding ears. This haircut only emphasizes these lacks of appearance;
  • May not be suitable for people working in organizations where there is a business dress code. This is especially true of business lady, whom this careless haircut will be especially not to face.

Options "Top knota" for men and how to make it

There are several varieties of top knot. Choose a suitable option. It is better to do this by viewing the photo on the Internet or in consultation with a hairdresser. The options are as follows:

  • Fully shaven whiskey with a drop between them and the main strand;
  • Whiskey, short-shaven with a smooth harmonious transition to the bulk of the hair. This image will be less shocking and more restrained;
  • Short temples are combined by a sharp or gradual transition to the main strand;
  • Do not shave the hair at all, but pick up part of it in a bun.

How to make Top Knot

Now consider how to make a top knot step by step. First you need to thoroughly wash your head, then thoroughly dry the strands and comb your hair. This will help easier and faster haircut. Problems may arise if the top-knot hairstyle is done on curly locks. In this case, you will need to take care of straightening strands in advance. The hairstyle is as follows:

  • Whiskey is cut out by a typewriter;
  • Hair on this site is combed and once again pass by a typewriter up to the required look;
  • The head of the head is shaved;
  • As a result, there remains a long strand, on which is applied a means to impart smoothness and obedience to the strands. It can be a mousse, gel or any other styling agent;
  • At the final stage, the strand is assembled in a bundle and secured with an elastic or lace.

Haircut with a beard

All this can be done independently at home. But to get a good result, refer to a qualified master.

Female Top Knot

Previously, the top knot was considered exclusively male hairstyle. But gradually it was adopted and the ladies. It is quite simply created in stages, but at the same time it looks original, beautiful and stylish.

Fashionable styling

First you need to grow the hair of the required length. It should be at least average. The knot on the head of the owner of long curls will look great. Of these, you can make a neat hair, while maintaining some nice carelessness in appearance.

The instruction is as follows:

  • Create a ponytail out of hair and secure it with a rubber band;
  • Spread the strands into two equal parts and wrap one around the other, trying to move along the axis of the tail in a circle;
  • For the classic version, carefully collect all the hair in one direction and select the curls that "run away". If you want to create a more sloppy bundle, then pre-combed strands need to be divided and rolled in different directions;
  • Wrap the bundle around a thin rubber band so that it is invisible to others;
  • Having formed the knot, fix it with the specialized clip for the Top Knot hairstyle. Also use hairpins to “catch” strands out of the general bundle;
  • To prevent the structure from falling apart, sprinkle a fixing varnish on it.

Women's Haircut Top Knot

But the female haircut top knot looks completely different. It differs from the hairstyle in that in order to create it, the hair on the temples is greatly shortened or completely shaved off, as in the male version. Not all girls will be able to decide on this. Basically, this is the young women who want to demonstrate independence and rebellious spirit.

Care features

To maintain a neat look of hair, it is necessary to wash it well, carefully comb and stack it.

  • It is best to use for combing ridges with an average thickness of teeth;
  • For washing shampoo suitable for the type of fat;
  • Laying is better to produce gels or mousses;
  • The use of air conditioners will eliminate the razperyvanie hairs.

Easy negligence

Top Knot perfectly complements the image and helps to express themselves, eliminating the vulgarity and tastelessness. This hairstyle is suitable for young guys and girls who watch their image.

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