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Haircut tomboy for girls will be the topic of this article. Many women of fashion are wondering what is this haircut, can it be done at home? How to make your own Tomboy styling? We will give you the answers to all these questions, you will receive from us a maximum of information that will help you to understand whether it is really worth doing this hair style for yourself and how relevant it is in our time.

History of development and how did tomboy haircut come about?

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Tomboy girl- what is she?

  • Girls of this style are presented to us as a smaller copy of men.
  • These ladies look, dress, behave like men, are interested in men's sports and prefer to spend their free time and have fun like many of the stronger sex.
  • It is indifferent to fashion and the tomboy prefers a hairstyle, and that is the name for tomboy's haircut in English.

It all began at the dawn of the twentieth century, when women first appeared on social events, and then on the catwalks in business trouser suits and with men's hairstyles, thereby, as if making a call to men. Soon everything changed and women began to proudly dress up in men's clothes and wear their hairstyles, realizing their equality and power with the male sex. But all this was a long time ago, and now the tomboy style, as well as the tomboy's haircut, are reigning on the catwalk for more than one season.

Tomboy hairstyle and the reason for its popularity

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  • Tom boy's hairstyle is really unique, suitable not only for a tomboy, but also for romantic persons and business women with different types of face and hair structure.
  •  It is natural and natural. What does this mean? The fact is that the tomboy hairstyle is also a kind of psychological aspect of hairdressing for a woman. Its owner haircut provides a positive effect on others, has an interlocutor, does not cause hostility and irritation careless and unnecessary details.
  •  A high-quality haircut in this style is a practical option to do it on your own hands without any special difficulties, suitable for your face type. Although, for certain types of hair, such styling may not be necessary. Washed clean and dry hair will lay themselves at ease and beautifully.
  • On the basis of a tomboy, any other types of hairstyles are possible - creative, more modern, classic or retro, somewhat similar to each other, but at the same time so different.
  • No age limit. No matter how old a woman is, with such a hairstyle, she will look great and can change her image as she wants, from light romantic to the most strict. And the opportunity to do everything step by step at home is everything itself, only adds points in favor of Tomboy.

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This different tomboy haircut

Today, the female hairstyle of a tomboy is performed not only in the classic version, but also with offset bangs, elongated strands, square and other nuances that give its holder individuality and originality. The main element of the haircut is asymmetry and torn strands. Consider both options:

 Ripped classic tomboy


This haircut is carried out with a razor, using the usual blunt cut method. A mandatory attribute here is the high-quality filing of hair, which gives the haircut a ragged, uneven cut. Thanks to this method, the ends of the hair look careless and chaotic.

Torn strands put quite a not easy task. However, if you exercise, it will not be difficult. So the tom-boy torn hairstyle for short hair perfectly lends itself to model styling. You will only have to decide on her style: whether it is a retro hairstyle or a classic haircut. Long hair and medium hair look beautiful with torn curls and braids, complemented by original, beautiful hair accessories.

Asymmetrical tomboy

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The asymmetric tomboy hairstyle is based on a short bean, with a hair length of no more than 15-17 centimeters and has different lengths of strands all over the head, ranging from bangs to the crown. The execution scheme of this hairstyle and the tool with which it will be made is almost identical with a ragged style, with the exception of one significant amendment, which will need to be oriented. A modern, asymmetrical tomboy is a versatile haircut that does not accept a clear outline and pattern. Therefore, choosing such a hairstyle, be extremely careful.

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A significant role in the design of an asymmetrical haircut is played by everyday styling, since any haircut without styling will look dumb and not attractive. It usually takes a minimum of time and cost. Try for the first time to apply for your new image simple ruffled styling, which is suitable for both a holiday and for everyday use. Such styling is performed using a hair dryer and hair gel, you can wax or foam.

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