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erratic tennis

Haircut tennis is quite common among young people who are not ready for bold experiments, but also strive to meet current fashion trends. Later, middle-aged people also chose an interesting hairstyle solution. Initially, the form was designed for athletes, but was widely adopted due to the comfort and ease of execution.

Basic principles of creation "Tennis"

Tennis hairstyle looks like shears off almost to zero the back of the head and temples with medium-length hair at the crown. A bit similar in technique to the top knot.

  • A generalized version of the haircut start with the temple, cutting out strands above the upper end of the ear.
  • Going over the ear, the machine moves to the lower zone of the head.
  • On the crown, the strands are perpendicularly perpendicular on the fingers and cut to a length of 5 cm.
  • The length of the strand at the crown and the cropped strands at the temples and the occipital zone smoothly connect.
  • The better the strands are pulled off, the neater the male tennis cut will be.
  • The back of the head and the little eyes in the ending are equal to the typewriter. The same technique is used when creating the Hitler Youth.

expectation and reality

These are the basic principles on which the model hairstyle is created. Note that both men and women will be able to choose such a look for themselves. Children's haircut for tennis is no different from the usual option for adults. There are several fashionable and stylish variations that differ among themselves. Everyone with their help will be able to diversify their everyday look, more on that below.

The advantages of creating a haircut Tennis

  • Ease of execution. If desired, a similar hairstyle can be created at home. Thus, you will save a lot of money at the salons and hairdressers.
  • Versatility. Fashion trend suitable for men of any age, any structure of hair and any type of person.
  • Comfort. In summer, it will not be hot even in a headdress. In winter, under the cap hair will look neat and well maintained.
  • Elementary care. To give freshness and youthful appearance, you just need to wash your hair and brush your hair a couple of times in any direction.

fashion look

To whom tennis style is recommended - its versions

In order to select a type of hairstyle emphasizes all the beauty of the face and hides possible flaws, there are several important recommendations:

  • "Hedgehog" is suitable if there are obvious bulges visible on the surface of the skull. This option will successfully hide the disadvantages.
  • The kind of "male caret" visually correct irregular skull.
  • "Bobrik" is better to choose men with an oblong head.
  • Best for tennis hairstyles hard and thick hair.

hairstyle for hard hair

Variety haircut "Bobrik"

The creation of this option provides the following features:

  • The back of the head is cut almost to zero.
  • The pad on the top is cut so that the length of the strands is 2-2.5 cm.
  • This type is ideal for men with sophisticated features.
  • Remember that with this option, the head looks visually smaller, so if you have a small head and curls do not curl, it is better to refuse such a haircut.
  • For thin hair, give preference to a flat classic haircut with a regular pad on top.
  • Do not overdo it with leveling transitions, otherwise efforts will turn the hair into halfboxes.

grown-up beaver

"Bobrik" is suitable even if you have initially short hair. Growing up, it will not lose its charm, it is only necessary to shorten the length of the bristles on the back of the head and the temples.

Variation "Hedgehog"

A bold option is more suitable for young people who lead an active lifestyle. Features of the hedgehog - hair bristling on the sides, like needles of a hedgehog. The scheme for the execution of haircuts tennis in this case is as follows:

  • Very strongly cut whiskey.
  • Length pryadok on temechke 3-3.5 cm.
  • It creates a visual effect that the head becomes larger.
  • "Hedgehog" gives a man's face greater maturity and masculinity.
  • Visually lengthens the face, so it looks great on chubby men.
  • Because of the bristling sides, this option is suitable for tight hair.

hedgehog variations - short and laid to the side

You can leave bangs longer. In this case, the emphasis goes to a beautiful forehead, and the strand around it fits nicely on one side. The rest of the curls are cut very short. Such a short variety is suitable for a boy or a young boy. Older men choose more solid options.

Youth hit

If you are young and full of energy for new achievements, stop your choice on a fashionable haircut "Youth Tennis".

  • It creates an image of a dandy.
  • Long strands in the region of the crown, and shorter on the sides and on the back of the head.
  • To give rigor, you can comb back all the hair.
  • For a more free event, add a bang to add volume.
  • On ordinary days, just create a creative mess or slight negligence on your head, highlighting individual strands with foam.

youth tennis

The styling comes out cute and stylish.

Car for men

Classic kare-according to the habit of a primordially female hairstyle, but for men the essence of her creation is different from the generally accepted ladies' version. “Carre” in French means “square”. We have under it "by name" imply a length of curls to the shoulders or a little more, calling the form "elongated square".

  • At the crown, leave a pad of hair 5 cm long.
  • At the temples should be left 1-2 cm in length.
  • Make a smooth transition from longer strands to shorter ones.


This subspecies "tennis" Perfect for men of any age and social status.

Tennis laying features

The technology of this haircut is so versatile that it does not require special styling. It is enough to systematically wash and dry the head. Correction - once a month visit to the hairdresser. The master should only remove the regrown tips a centimeter or two.

difference in the size of the site

  • Using a gel. Apply a small amount of gel on the palm, run through the hair. Highlight a few strands especially carefully. You will get a stylish and trendy "Hedgehog."

manly face

  • Laying bangs. Medium length bangs can be successfully laid forward. Depending on the degree of bouffant, this can be either a daily look or a festive look.
  • Under Elvis. Not only a haircut cook will bring your appearance to the desired Elvis, but also a stylish styling in a retro style. The main snag is a bang of 10 cm. Hang it up and throw it back. Fix the effect of the gel. Remember that all emphasis on volume.

stylish styling

  • Mohawk from strands. Raise the whole mass of curls up the parting. Direct all strands to the center. Fix with gel or mousse strong fixation. In this form, focus on the smoothness of the Mohawk.


Features of the creation of women's tennis

In the female version there is the same gradation of species. It should only determine whether you are a tennis stacking and whether to do it.

Hairstyle recommended for young ladies

  • Without complexes with a certain style and views on life.
  • With thick hair and sufficient hair stiffness. On thin strands, the stylish “tennis” loses its chic.
  • Slender and fit women.
  • With an oval and elongated face.
  • With facial features, different subtlety and sharpness.

Tennis view not recommended

  • Chubby, appetizing ladies. Short calling styling will only add massiveness. In this case, you should choose varieties for plump women.
  • Very thin and tall ladies.
  • With massive features, full chin and wide cheekbones.
  • Women with short necks and irregularly shaped heads.

female version

Feminine styling variations

Pretty ladies have long been successfully choosing male images, like bob-car, boxing, variations with shaved temples. Initially, the haircut belonged to the male species, but gradually moved into the arsenal of the fair sex. Lay female variation of a tennis haircut can be as follows:

  • With the help of mousse and gel. Apply the product on the palm and give the hair the desired shape. The bang is better to lay on its side or ruffle.
  • Enjoy. Means for styling whip strands on top, creating a kind of tuft.
  • Smooth chic. Apply mousse to hair and smooth back. For elegance, add dangling long earrings.

stylish chic

Photos of fans of haircut tennis are found everywhere in the male version, and in the female. Young and brave people prefer this type because of its versatility, ease of execution and basic hair care.

Video: Technique to create a fashionable haircut tennis

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