Haircut shag-learn all about fashionable shaggy hair cut

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Shag haircut is the main trend of 2015, this is what many eminent stylists of the fashion world say. Hairstyle shag (shaggy) - for those who love originality. Shagged shag haircut, made with high professionalism, looks very harmonious and attractive, and regardless of the length of the hair. However, to perform it professionally, you must master certain techniques and techniques, in addition, you will need to take into account that it is just one step from glamorous negligence to natural shaggy.

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Haircut in the style of shag can be created both throughout the volume of hair, and on individual strands or bangs. The shaggy shaggy hairstyle is performed as follows: the hair is cut in separate sections with a maximum delay and stride, in a careless, chaotic manner. Thanks to this original technique, shaggy haircut looks quite extravagant and expressive. When creating your image, keep in mind that there are several unusual styling options for this type of haircut:

  • Lift strands up and lock.
  • Comb curls on one side.
  • Lay strands in separate curls.

In addition, the shaggy hairstyle has one feature - the designation of individual strands, which are either cut or carefully milled. And also, for perfect shaggy styling, stylists recommend using modeling hair wax on their own.

Shaggy haircut for medium length hair

To myself, a shaggy haircut for medium-length hair is clipped hard enough. Here you can miss a few important features - hair can change the shape of the head, face, as well as adjust the growth of the woman and the proportions of the figure, and this omission when trimming will play a cruel joke with you. Therefore, no experiments at home with such a hairstyle, the most correct decision is to immediately contact the stylist for help and advice.

By the way, stylists say that chubby women who have medium-length hair, will fit shag with bangs on both sides of their faces. Such a technique will visually hide this flaw, add femininity and coquetry to the image.

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Hairstyle shaggy for long hair

On long hair, you can conduct experiments as much as you like, making all the time new adjustments to your own image. A woman can create a shag haircut in the style of shag, having certain skills in handling her hair and hairdressing scissors. Fashionable shag haircut is cut in almost the same way as any cascading haircut for long hair, but that's just the length of the tiers being more pronounced, because you want a shaggy effect in the hair.

By the way, if you are confident in your hairdressing abilities and your hands do not shake in the process of cutting, then for a more effective cutting, use a razor to create separate interesting strands.

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Daring shag haircut for short hair

Hairstyle shaggy on short hair and its main distinguishing feature is the absence of sharp lines and clear forms. Haircut shaggy has several different variations: rock, punk rock, glamorous gothic, retro, ethno and it looks quite lively and very interesting.

The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it gives the hair movement and dynamics, and also creates a full volume. Such effects are created with a special technique of cutting hair and with the help of deep thinning, which is done step by step, zone by zone, on the principle of washing my head, drying and going. All this you can do on your own by watching a good video instruction at the end of the article.

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Any hair tends to grow, and gradually shaggy hairstyle will lose its appearance. Therefore, it must be constantly adjusted, so do not forget about it!

Video: creating a shaggy hairstyle on short hair

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