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What is a haircut sesson for short hair? And what is sesson at all? Many, having seen a similar haircut on another person, claim that this is page or bob. But between haircuts page, bob and sesson (or as it is also called sessun or sesson) there are differences.

The history of sessuna

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In the sixties, British barber Vidal Sassoon figured out how to cut clients in an unusual way. The master attached a strict geometric shape and a round contour to his hair. Lush smooth bangs at the same time was required. So it turned out a new style of haircut, which was later called by the name of the person who invented it - Cessun. Later there were variations: sesson or, as they often call it now, sesson.

Who will suit sessun

It is believed that the hair sesson is absolutely everything. She can afford a girl with any color, length and density of hair. Although, as for the length, it is limited to the shoulder blades. If the hair is lower, you have to shorten it a bit to get a real quality sesson.

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The popularity of this hairstyle is that due to the selection of the length of the hair, you can vary the size and shape of the face. That is, if the face has the shape of a triangle with an angle down, then the fringe should be extended to the sides. If the face seems too square, it is enough to give the haircut a round outline. For a very wide forehead, you just need to make the bangs longer. In short, this is a universal way of hair styling.

Features of the haircut sesun

How is it that haircut sesson for long hair perfectly keeps its shape? Why are the ends not looking anywhere, but neatly twisted inside? The whole secret in particular the implementation of this haircut. Consider the step-by-step approximate scheme so that you can be exactly sure that the master makes you sesson:

  • Hair should be moisturized during the entire haircut procedure;
  • The entire amount of hair is divided into at least three parts: the front and two rear. All of them are fixed with hairpins-clips;
  • Haircut starts from the rear. The wizard works with thin strands, leveling their length with scissors. The last hair to be shaved at the top;
  • At the end of the haircut, the hair is combed forward to make sure that the sheared strands are even, then the hair is evenly distributed throughout the head.


Of course, one cannot do without nuances, and each master works in his technique. But the main principle is the same: combing back and stripping one at a time.

Laying sessuna at home

Cesson is just popular because with this haircut care is extremely simple. No need to sleep on a curler or a long time to wind your hair in the morning on the curling. With our own hands, we can hardly make such a haircut: you will still have to turn to a good hairdresser. But to maintain the styling every day will have their own. Consider in stages how this is done.

On short hair

If you have a female haircut for short hair, then the care, respectively, is simplified and accelerated. Short for sesson is such a length of hair, when the ears are open fully or half (visible lobes).

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When you have just done a cesson in the cabin, you spend the rest of the day with your head held high. The styling is perfect and flawless. But what to do when you woke up in the morning, and strands stick out in all directions? Instructions for beginners "sessonontsev":

  1. Wash your hair;
  2. Slightly dry the roots with a towel;
  3. While the curls are still a little wet, we place them with my fingers into the sesson;
  4. Now you can finally finish your hair dryer styling.

Cutting short hair for short hair is not recommended for plump girls. Too rounded face requires hair to fall over cheekbones. And open ears will make the face even more visually complete.

Medium length hair

Female hair cesson on medium hair implies that the ears are completely hidden. Also curled back of the neck. The stages of care for such styling is almost the same as those discussed in the previous paragraph. The only addition: when drying a hair dryer, you can use a round comb, twisting the ends of the hair inward. It is also necessary for unruly hair that do not want to take the desired shape.

two beautiful models

It looks very elegant haircut sesson on medium hair, when the fringe reaches almost to the eyes, covering his eyebrows. The look becomes more intriguing and mysterious.

Long hair

Haircut sesson for long hair - this is a great opportunity for those who do not want to part with the fact that grew a few years. If you want diversity, you can completely try sesson, and then continue to grow hair.

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Women's haircut sesson for long hair can be done so that you can make a tail. But still, separate strands will fall out of it. It is possible to decorate and supplement such styling with various hairpins, headbands and headbands.

Advantages and disadvantages

So that you can decide for sure whether you are doing a sesson or not, we suggest considering all the advantages of this haircut.

  • Stylish, feminine, volume;
  • Hairstyle easily takes the same form after a strong wind or a sharp turn of the head to the side;
  • Quick and easy to lay;
  • The possibility of correcting the flaws of the face.

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Disadvantages allocate only three.

  • Complicated execution technique. Make a haircut can only master who specifically studied this;
  • The impossibility of braiding braids, tail making and high hairstyles;
  • The need for frequent adjustment of sesson to maintain a spectacular look.


Therefore, if you are not going to somehow get stuck and you have a master who is ready to correct sesson every month, you can safely try yourself in a new image. Haircut sesson on medium hair is rarely done, so you can be sure of their originality. Of the media faces, haircut Cesson is the news presenter on the NTV channel Lilia Gildeeva. Hairstyle is very her, thanks to the splendor of hair and their rich dark color. Another carrier of such styling is the character of the actress Alessandra Martinez: a girl named Fantagiro. Such a haircut gave her image a certain militancy, not interfering with easy shooting with a bow and riding a horse, but at the same time retaining the femininity of the heroine.

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