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In order to look beautiful and well-groomed, you need a properly chosen hairstyle. The original styling is not very difficult to do with your own hands at home, while you will have to visit a specialized salon to create a suitable haircut. In modern times there are a lot of different images, having studied that, tireless women of fashion will find something for themselves. One of the winning options is the Rhapsody haircut.

Cutting technology is quite simple, but not enough to create it yourself. You should not risk your beautiful head of hair if you do not have the skills of hairdressing. Scissors work is carried out in stages, processing strand by strand.

Rhapsody varieties on different hair lengths

Hair Rhapsody will look equally good on strands of any length, it has a lot of positive moments:

  • Easy installation. If you cut your hair with this technology, you are very lucky, thanks to it you can save time on laying. It is enough just to wash and dry the strands with a hair dryer. They themselves fall as it should, this is a definite plus.
  • All to face. The uniqueness of the considered approach consists in the fact that any bang and its absence will be combined with it. Also perfect any color mane.
  • Diverse structure. Looks good on curly or straight. "manes". Thanks to unevenly trimmed strands, they do not stick out in different directions, and curls do not pull out.
  • Hides flaws. Owners of thin hair, this variation fits perfectly. It will add extra volume to rare Lokans, and if it is excessively thick, it will loosen the strands and free the hair from “massiveness”.


Long hair

Rapsody haircut for long hair is very common for the simple reason that long curls always require much more care and attention. If you cut your hair in this way, your hair will always look well-groomed, as if you had just come out of the salon. The cutting instruction is known to every master stylist or hairdresser.

  1. Strands are cut arcuate from the temple to the temple, due to this, the lower edge is obtained symmetrically directed upwards. Due to the uneven lines and selected strands, this hairstyle will give the head of hair an extra volume and an interesting flowing look.
  2. If you have curly curls, unruly curls will shorten and they will become more submissive, lying one on another, the strands will look harmonious and beautiful.

two pretty models

Haircut Rhapsody for long hair will become your calling card, it is with her that you will get the maximum benefit by putting a minimum of effort into creating hair styling.

Semi-long strands

Quite often, girls with a standard length curls prefer a hairstyle such as hairy rhapsody for medium hair. And they are not a bit mistaken in their choice. When it is created, the strands on the crown are cut off more shortly, which gives a dizzying volume and lightness.

cute blonde and brown hair

Rapsody haircut for medium hair is the most popular among all the other options for a similar length. She has long been fond of brilliant fashionistas who want to attract male attention.

Short hair

For the smallest length caps there are two options for trimming: bold and strict.

girl in silver dress

  1. Haircut Rhapsody for short hair in a strict style is performed by the same technology as for long and medium length. Neat strands are created that give emphasis to certain areas, the front part of the hair is trimmed with a “ladder” and directed towards the face.
  2. In the same daring style is performed more shortly. A rather short “tuft” on the crown is clipped, bringing its own flavor and giving the “hooligan” look of its owner.

Rhapsody Laying

And so, you have become a happy owner of a great haircut, the next question arises - what is the styling scheme? In this case, the flight of your imagination has no limits. You can do whatever you want with your hair.

light pigtails

  • If your hair is perfectly straight, try creating a light curl or elastic curls, and if the curls are naturally curly, experiment with forceps to straighten them.
  • You can also weave braids, decorating them with necessary accessories. This hairstyle will be a great addition to the evening dress.
  • Instructions for creating styling for short hair has some limitations. Of them not to make a long braid or tail, but you can create randomly sticking beautiful strands, emphasizing the volume. Having decorated such laying with a beautiful rim, you will always be the center of attention.

Rhapsody hairstyle will always and everywhere become your business card - in a festive atmosphere or in the workplace, at home or in nature, you will always look elegant and attract admiring glances.

Video: the process of creating a haircut Rhapsody for long hair

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