Haircut hitler - fritz hairstyle is back in fashion


Fashion never stands still. Something new is constantly appearing in it, or something already forgotten is gaining a wave of popularity. This happens with hairstyles. One of them is the haircut of the Hitler Youth, which, after many years of oblivion, again won its place on the heads of many people.

A bit of history

The hairstyle originates from the 20s – 30s of the last century, where it was popular among the young Nazis from the organization of the same name. At these times, the haircut was considered to be just male, as its owners were soldiers who wanted to serve their Fuhrer without question.

But it was also worn by representatives of wealthy wealthy families of America, who independently achieved success in life. That is why the stylists gave it three times the name - preppy, which means "diligent student."

On the head of a guy and a girl

The next peak of the popularity of haircuts under the "Fritz" was already in the 80s. Then there were several modifications that made it famous among almost all social groups around the world. Despite its repulsive name, the hair of the Hitler youth is today considered one of the most beloved and equally suitable for both boys and girls.

The distinctive features of a haircut and to whom it fits

The main feature of hitlerjugend is the most shaved, almost “under zero” occipital part, as well as the sides and temples, where the hair should be even with the same length. But on the top they should start from 5 cm. The most optimal length is about 10 cm. Between the long and minimum part there is a gap that looks like a volume “visor”. The result is an image where the face remains open and slightly modified due to the lack of hair on the sides of the head.

From different angles

Wearing this styling can be different. There are several options:

  • With a direct part;
  • Comb the bangs in advance;
  • Create asymmetrical parting on the side;
  • Lay the bangs back using a styling cosmetic;
  • Slightly lift hair and fix them.
  • The unique memorable effect can create a two-color highlighting, thanks to which hair of different lengths will differ in different shades;
  • The haircut is ideally combined with shaved on the sides of the head with ornaments or various geometric shapes.

Hitlerjugend is suitable for any type of hair, from straight to curly. But not quite neatly, it will turn out on very curly or too tight hair. Well, too short hair, she also will not go.

Combination with strict style

On different types of people and the Hitler will look the same in different ways. Men's haircut can give the image of brutality, and add to the appearance of grace. Therefore, it is suitable for representatives of a strong half of different ages and professions, for example, young cheeky guys who follow fashion trends or business respectable men.

Gareth Beil and Zachary Quinto

Modern girls also began to choose this hairstyle. Basically, it is made by young, self-confident women of the fair sex, who are distinguished by their love of freedom and rebellious temperament.

Popular Hitler and among the stars. It can be seen in such foreign actors as Brad Pitt and Zachary Quinto. Also, this variation give their preference and some players. Among them - Gareth Bale, David Beckham, Marco Royce.

Brad Pitt and Rihanna with the hair of the Hitler Youth

There are fans of this haircut and among the stars of domestic show business. The brightest representative - Garik Sukachev. Hitlerjugend allows you to emphasize its expressive image created for the scene.

Of celebrity girls, this haircut is often chosen by Rihanna.

Hitlerjugend haircut technique and care tips

In business style

It is better not to try to make this hairstyle at home, because it should have even clear lines. Therefore, it is worth contacting a professional hair stylist. Consider how to do this step by step haircut. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Initially, whiskey is cut out with a machine using a nozzle of the minimum size;
  2. The back of the head is shaved with the same cap;
  3. The longest hair left on top. Next of them bangs will be made;
  4. In front of the shag gently trimmed slightly. Its length should be slightly less than on top of the head at the crown;
  5. If necessary, at the request of the client, an adjustment is made, then blow-drying and styling are performed.

Beautiful and stylish

The Hitler Youth is universal, and therefore suitable for girls, but it does not enjoy particular popularity among them. The female variety has such advantages as:

  • It is easy to lay;
  • It does not need to be carefully monitored, because it is unpretentious in care;
  • You can select the drops with the help of different colors;
  • It has many types of styling, for example: create a pile and distribute the curls in different directions, form a mohawk out of the hair using an ironing machine, twist the strands with a curling iron, etc.

Female version

Hair will look great on the hair of any length and shade. She will emphasize femininity and grace, as well as highlight the freedom-loving nature. But, unfortunately, it does not fit girls with tight curly hair.

Back in fashion

To make the haircut image perfect, and not to spoil it, you need to constantly look after her, because the untidy hair looks disgusting. In winter, it is better to leave the hair longer and shave the temples minimally. In the summer, on the contrary, the length of the strands should be reduced as much as possible, carefully shaving the temples and the back of the head. Also strands must be periodically trimmed so that they fit perfectly, and the clarity of the lines is not lost.

Popular hairstyles among the stars

The appearance of the hair depends on the styling, so it is better to get quality tools for fixing. For proper installation, use the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Apply mousse to slightly damp hair to get the necessary degree of fixation;
  • Dry hair with a hair dryer, directing it from the face. Pay special attention to the frontal area;
  • When the strands are dry, apply wax or styling paste. It is these tools that give the best fixation. Do not try to lay a hair to a hair. Easy negligence is welcome;
  • At the final stage fix the result with lacquer to fix. This technology will help to hold the hair throughout the day.

Differences from Undercut

Side view

Many believe that these are two identical haircuts. The difference is very hard to catch. But still, the Hitler Youth differs from the undercat:

  • Hitlerjugend is more difficult to perform;
  • In the Hitler Youth one can notice a kind of “visor” - a smooth transition between short and long strands;
  • In the first haircut, the hair on the back of the head has almost the same length, while in the second, a gradual increase is made from the head to the forehead;
  • Anderkat does not need to be laid too carefully.

The girl with the hair of the Hitler Youth

The Hitler Youth will help make the image more vivid and expressive. It will help highlight your character traits, show your life position and preferences.

Video: Haircut Hitlerjugend (Preppy) in the salon

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