Haircut hedgehog

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Everyone knows that long hair is beautiful and feminine, but in addition to this, long hair length requires careful care and lengthy styling, and in order that the tips do not look dull and lifeless, frequent visits to a hairdresser are necessary. Another thing is short female haircuts. The short length of hair adds to the fair sex elegance and sexuality, without taking away the femininity and tenderness. Women's haircut hedgehog this season has become one of the most popular short model haircuts. Make it at home itself is almost impossible. Despite the apparent simplicity, it requires a truly jewelry work.

Who will suit a short haircut hedgehog

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Choosing a similar haircut, you should carefully examine your proportions of the face and head, they should be perfect. Women's hedgehog creates an emphasis on the eyes, face and head shapes, so if you do not doubt the perfect appearance of these parts, feel free to gather in the salon for a new way. So drastically changing your appearance, you probably also change your style and clothing preferences. So as not to seem too manly, consider the proportions of your figure. Haircut hedgehog for women will look perfect on fragile persons of small stature.

Popular haircut variations

Women's haircut hedgehog has several options for creating.

Classic hedgehog

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The scheme for creating a classic version is the simplest. It can be done on the head with a friend, even with his own hands, at home. To get a classic, evenly covering layer of hair, you need to use scissors or a machine with different nozzles.

This type of hairstyle does not require styling at all, this is its undoubted plus. A girl with a classic hedgehog becomes more sexy and seductive.

Sticking hedgehog

Instructions for creating a sticking type of styling describe the step-by-step clipping of the occipital region and temples, while the top of the head remains longer. Hairstyle hedgehog of this type always requires styling. Chaotic protruding upper strands will give the image of boldness and coquetry.

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Feminine hedgehog

This feminine option is to trim the back of the head and temples with a typewriter. On top of this, hair length of about 7 centimeters is left, which goes into a fringe. Strands while locking one another, creating the effect of several layers. Hairstyle feminine hedgehog looks romantic and seductive, giving a special charm to its owner.

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Free hedgehog

This type of haircut involves the use of scissors. Hair is cut short all over the head, making up about 3 centimeters long. This image fits perfectly girls with curly locks.

Haircut hedgehog

From this haircut, you can create both day and evening images.

Casual style


To create a daytime styling option, it is recommended to use all sorts of styling products. Also perfect will look a variety of hats - hats and scarves.

Evening style

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Despite the fact that the short hairstyle is initially considered a male option, if you wish, you can create a gentle romantic image on your own. To do this, also use the styling tools, and finally add your favorite accessory. This can be a beautiful bezel or bandage of ribbons. The ideal addition would be large earrings or clips.

Well, that's all, follow the fashion trends, change and be perfect!

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