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One of the popular ideas for haircuts of girls and women of different ages, who have short hair - haircut cap for short hair. This female hairstyle is in demand for quite a long time.

Nice hat for women who have a spongy hair. Elegant haircut cap for short hair looks on straight strands. To straighten curls, use the iron, and gel-foam will help keep the shape of hair. A cap of hair is elementary in styling and if you decide to make it, most likely, you will not refuse it in the future. This is one of the haircuts that will make you a fashionable and stylish personality. The styling is amazingly simple to perform, but the result is amazing! The essential habit that you should have is to visit a hairdresser in a timely manner so that your hairstyle does not lose its original shape and well-groomed appearance. Professionals recommend visiting the salon every 5 weeks, if finances allow, then every three weeks. Consider your hair growth activity. If they do not grow very fast - it will be enough to go back to the hairdresser and once every 5-6 weeks.

brown-haired model and brunette model

Who exactly should abandon the haircut cap!

  • This hairstyle will be difficult to style if you have curly locks.
  • If you have a round face - a short haircut cap only emphasizes this.
  • A slightly round face can be slightly altered if you make a short cap with hair thinning - this will give the hairstyle a smooth shape, distract from the flaws.
  • A short haircut looks good for a pear-shaped face, making the upper part of the head smoother.

black and white strand trimming scheme

In 2014-2015, stylists will not dwell on the usual variants of hats, because creativity and light shocking are in fashion. We can see a variety of hairstyles based on haircuts. "Cap". The asymmetry, smooth strands, toning of the color of the hair, texture texture of the haircut with a smooth transition, with bangs and without bangs, looks unusual.

Perform a haircut

varieties of styling on a haircut cap

In our article we will share with you the technique that you will need when creating a haircut. You will be offered a detailed scheme - haircut cap for short hair. You can make a haircut yourself! Before proceeding to the procedure, be sure to check the availability of the necessary parts - straight scissors, scribing scissors and a comb. Very important - curls should be wet! We propose to disassemble everything step by step.

  1. Comb the hair, starting from the top of the head, gradually moving down.
  2. After that, you need to separate the strands of the temporal-lateral zones. With the help of horizontal parting, you must divide the temple into two parts - upper and lower.
  3. Remove the last strand by the ear, making a slanting line of cut on the temple.
  4. Trim the other strands and comb them to the already clipped, trimming the hair along the soft vertical line.
  5. Now you can separate the lower occipital part. At the level of the temples make a horizontal cut. Do not forget to cut the strands on the back of your head to the part that separates your hair, milling it all.
  6. After all done, you should comb the hair of the front-parietal and upper occipital zones. Making a smooth rounded cut, finish off unnecessary hair. Move from the center of the forehead to the middle of the head, first in one direction and then in the opposite. The approximate length of the hair should match the strand that is above your ear.
  7. The line of the tips of the hair runs clearly or with a smooth transition. Also, this haircut can be performed with bangs.
  8. Now comb the strands and check that nothing sticks out. Look carefully if you did everything right and everything suits you. If necessary, eliminate the shortcomings that seem inappropriate to you and profile bangs at will.

blonde model in different looks

Styling haircut cap

If you decide on a haircut and created it, let's analyze step by step what to do next and how to cope with the styling at home so that you have a wonderful hairstyle. We can immediately convince you that the cap of hair will work out, the main thing is not to neglect the rules of styling!

smooth and curly styling

The instruction is simple - you will need a hair dryer and an iron with a nozzle for straightening hair.

  1. Drying. Begin to dry the hair. When you do this, lift the strands at the roots, so you will make an extra amount of your hair and your hairstyle will look even better.
  2. Straightening. When the strands become not wet, but wet, begin to straighten them. Pay special attention to "complex strands", which tend to curl. They need to be aligned immediately!
  3. Final step. Now that you have managed to complete such a difficult alignment with your own hands, fix everything with lacquer. Voila - your hairstyle is commendable!

We hope you like our scheme, and the women's haircut cap will be your favorite!

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