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Currently, more and more active women choose for themselves short haircuts, as it is practical, comfortable and beautiful. Garcon's short haircut is very popular among them. Her name translates from French as "boy". Indeed, in the early 20s of the last century, only boys and the bravest women wore such short hair.

For whom the garcon haircut is appropriate

All haircuts for short hair make the facial features more visible, since none of its parts are covered with curls. The existing asymmetries of the shape of the head or chin also instantly become apparent. Therefore, a haircut short garcon suitable only for girls with regular features.

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The shape of the face also plays an important role. It is known that chubby ladies should not choose short haircuts. The square face is also not intended for such bold experiments. However, in the hands of a skilled master, the shape of a girl's face can change beyond recognition with the help of bangs. It is this part of the hair that turns the classic garcon into a modern, stylish haircut. With the help of styling bangs, a beauty can update her hairstyle every day by herself.

The execution scheme haircut garcon

Haircut garcon produced on wet hair "strand on strand". Strands are drawn from the head at different angles. It is better to wash the curls, so that after cutting the hair you can immediately lay down and see the result. The procedure for creating hairstyles is performed in stages:

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  1. Wet curls divided partitions on parietal, occipital and temporal zones. Split the hair from the crown to the neck notch to divide the hair on the back of the head in half, as the shearing of the strands will start from there.
  2. On the lower occipital zone, with a horizontal parting, straighten 1 cm wide and pull it down. Perform edging the desired length. It is important to remember that dry curls will rise at the roots and will look a little shorter. Therefore, the control strand is better to perform a little with a margin. Edging can be made in the form of a crescent or an oval.
  3. From the control strand the entire occipital zone is sheared. First, the cutting of the right side from the vertical parting to the ear is performed, then the left side is formed in the same way.
  4. The angle of pulling strands varies depending on the zone. If the control strand has an angle of 0 °, then towards the mid-occipital zone it gradually increases to 90 °. At the crown, the angle decreases again to 30-45 °.
  5. The temporal zones are clipped by a method of brushing off the hair strands in the ear, parallel to the growth of hair. On the strand brushed down, the edging of the desired length is performed. The remaining strands of the temporal zone are trimmed step by step using an external graduation method. Haircut garcon for short hair is almost ready.
  6. The length of the hair on the parietal zone is measured by the last strand from the temple. At the crown, a 0.5 cm wide strand is separated by an even parting, part of the strands from the temporal zone is also caught in the comb, and the control strand is measured. All hair is cut from it to the hairline on the forehead.
  7. Using the method of pulling the strands from the symmetrical parts of the head, you need to make sure that all the hairs have the same length. If necessary, make adjustments.
  8. If the hair garrison will have a fringe, then you need to take care of its creation in advance, approximately from the second half of the parietal zone. The thicker and voluminous bangs, the more hair it will need. Instructions for bangs are standard for all short haircuts.

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Styling haircut garcon

Daily styling of a haircut can be done with a hair dryer using brushing and foam. Ultrashort hair length may allow some carelessness in styling, but a business woman is best avoided.

Haircut garcon on medium hair can be styled at home in a completely different way. The girl will need for this: hairspray, curling iron, hair dryer, foam and comb. Laying is carried out in stages.

careless styling

  1. First, you should apply the foam on the wet hair with your own hands, then dry everything with a hairdryer, constantly changing the direction of the air stream to give a larger volume to the future hairstyle.
  2. Separate the hair into strands and curl curls.
  3. Tail combs can make smaller curls. The bangs should remain straight.

It is important to remember that the garcon haircut requires constant care in the form of monthly length and shape correction.

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