Haircut cascade and its varieties

Haircut cascade and its varieties

The hairstyle creates just wonders with our appearance - it can make a woman irresistible, and with an unsuccessful choice can turn a beauty into a gray mouse.

Fashionable haircut will make you younger and make you stand out from the crowd. A healthy and well-groomed hair is one of the components of female beauty. And the choice of haircut becomes an important thing.

One of the most fashionable and convenient haircuts today is haircut cascade. It is used by many foreign and domestic stars, whose appearance is always perfect.

A huge plus haircut cascade is that it is universal and easy to do on hair of almost any length. The essence of this haircut is reflected in its name, the hair is cut with a cascading cascade from shorter strands in the upper part of the head with an increase in the length of the hair below.

Variety haircut cascade

Often, this people haircut is also called the “ladder” because of transitions in the length of the strands. And it is from the intensity of the “steps” of transitions that several types of cascade are distinguished. It could be a haircut by type. "Square", only instead of a clear cut, a more blurred cut line is obtained. This option, in contrast to the strict car makes hair more natural.

Haircut cascade by type "caret"

Haircut cascade and its varieties
The following type of haircut cascade can be attributed to romantic direction. In this case, the transitions begin from the very top of the head and the ends of the individual strands are not collected in the zone of a common slice, as in the case of four, and evenly distributed throughout the hairstyle.

From such a haircut, you can easily make a shaggy styling now fashionable.

Another feature of this haircut is that the cascade can be made on hair of different lengths. Haircut cascade for long hair looks romantic and gentle, If you are the owner of long hair of the same length and want to change something in appearance, but do not want to lose length, then the cascade would be an excellent option.

Haircut cascade on medium hair occurs most often, on the hair of medium length cascade always looks appropriate. Lately and short haircut cascade gaining positions, brave girls are not afraid to take a risk and make yourself an unusual short haircut!

As you already understood this haircut look great on hair of any length, as well as suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Haircut cascade with bangs

As stated above, haircut cascade It is a universal haircut and can be combined with almost any face shape, suitable for any length. Such an element of haircuts as bangs as well combined with this interesting haircut.

Bangs and shearing cascade are able to adjust the shape of the face, for example, for a round face shape a cascade with oblique bangs is perfect. This option will visually lengthen and narrow your face. A straight fringe with a haircut cascade perfectly fit the owners of an elongated face. But in each case, you need to approach individually when choosing a bang for a haircut cascade, the wizard will help you decide on such a difficult choice.

In general, for a haircut cascade will fit almost any bang, it can be straight bangs, oblique bangs, asymmetrical bangs, bangs smoothly flowing into a haircut or clearly delineated.

Haircut cascade with straight bangs photo

Haircut cascade and its varieties
Haircut cascade and its varieties

Haircut cascade with oblique bangs photo

Haircut cascade and its varieties
Haircut cascade and its varieties

How to put a cascade

From the haircut cascade you can build several options for an elegant hairstyle.

You can use a hair dryer, a large brush or curling iron to twist the tips of the strands in different directions. For example, inward, if you want to hide a massive chin or outward, if you have a narrow face.

Original will look on the hair with a haircut cascade hairstyle with a side parting.

Strict hairstyle can be done if you use a styler for smoothing hair. Recently in fashion strict graphics contours haircut cascade. And if you want to give your hair volume, then be sure to dry your hair, head down.

It is also possible to twist hair for volume on hair curlers of a large size. Then, with the help of the fingers, slightly disarray the strands.

Another original styling option for a haircut is a cascade: the hair that frames the face is twisted inward, and the long strands below are vice versa - outward. The unique hairstyle can give additional coloring or highlighting strands.

In addition, such a simple technique will visually add additional volume to the hairstyle.

Pros and cons haircuts cascade

The advantages of haircut cascade:• The cascade is universal and will suit almost everyone, because depending on the performance and styling, such a haircut can hide some of the shortcomings of the face; • Even in the case of thin hair, haircut cascade will give the hairstyle the necessary volume; • Easy to care, a plurality of styling options; • The cascade on long hair gives the hairstyle a beautiful smooth shape and well-groomed appearance.

Disadvantages of a haircut cascade:• Such a haircut can push hair, making the short hairstyle inaccurate when the hairs are knocked out of the hairstyle, which happens on weak and thin hair; • If you have weak, brittle and split hair, then before doing the haircut cascade, you need to perform a recovery procedure, Until then, use the option of cutting without transitions.

Photo haircuts cascade

Haircut cascade and its varieties
Haircut cascade and its varieties
Haircut cascade and its varieties
Haircut cascade and its varieties
Haircut cascade and its varieties
Haircut cascade and its varieties

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