Haircut cap on medium hair

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How difficult it is in our time to be able to be different from everything, to be able to find oneself among so many styles and possibilities of self-expression. Constant searches of oneself nevertheless come to the end with a new stage. This is expressed, above all, in the state of the inner world, it is always new clothes, wardrobe updates, new hairstyle, and possibly new people. Often the female half of humanity complains about the lack of volume in the hair. This is not surprising, because where does the volume come from on straight and even hair? Haircut cap on medium hair - that's your way out! This hairstyle can somehow remind you of a classic style. The only difference is that if you have a haircut cap on hair of medium length, your neck will be open and voluminous hair will be on top.

Asymmetric version can be divided into types:

  • various lengths;
  • geometrically uneven clipping areas;
  • the so-called “cap in the cap”, where the length of the first covers the whole ear completely, and the second - just up to the lobe. You can lengthen everything. This option is especially gorgeous when it comes to non-standard color coloring.


Haircut cap for medium hair is a female hairstyle, according to the instructions in which the upper part of the head of hair should be trimmed, and the lower strands should be cut in layers or on a flat line, as has already been said.

Haircut hair cap can also be complemented by bangs. The type of which has yet to be chosen, based on the shape, as well as the features of your face, without losing sight of the type and structure of hair. A cap of hair can absolutely change the appearance, emphasize and highlight facial features, smooth out imperfections, or vice versa. Having traced the types and features of such haircuts with bangs, we conclude that all bangs can be divided into groups. There are three of them:

  • Oblique. Advise women with wide chins and large cheekbones. The slanting line softens the angularity of the face and makes the hair visually thicker. There is a choice - short or long bangs, "arched" or oblique.
  • Ripped. Most of all, they are suitable for people who have an oval face. Uneven ends create the effect of facial elongation. Such bangs are made slowly, step by step working through strand by strand.
  • Long As an option, suitable for girls and women who have a high forehead or a round face. Long bangs create the effect of youthful face. This bang is recommended to do with a smooth transition.

varieties haircut cap on medium hair

Of course, in addition to the above types of bangs, there are other options, in each case it will look new.

How to make your own haircut styling cap

Haircut cap on the hair of medium length most often just fit in the home with your own hands. For this process you will need a hair dryer and a brush. The layout of this installation is provided below. Do it step by step so that everything is done without problems!

girls with a haircut cap

  1. Drying hair. When dry hair, dry them completely. Always leave them undressed - slightly moist.
  2. When drying the strands, it is very important to massage the hair roots - in this way, you make an extra volume of your hair.
  3. Now you can align strands of hair with a flat iron. It will look very impressive - at the top of a stunning volume. Another option is when you make a volume of strands that are shorter than the others, you can leave the lower ones straight or curl them inside.

smooth styling haircuts

Haircut cap on medium hair does not exclude various variations of hairstyles and weaving.

  • With such a haircut it is appropriate to weave braids, starting from the top of the hairstyle. An ordinary everyday tail or bundle at the top of the head can be attractive due to the volume on your short hair. This is a very convenient hairstyle - because you can create ideas yourself and bring them to life!
  • Also with this hairstyle you can make curls. Then strands that are shorter will be different, and give a delightful volume of hair. And to create a romantic image, curls can be collected at the crown.
  • Also, for a change, it would be nice to try styling with the help of ironing. Hair will appear straight, creating a hairstyle effect with a smooth transition, which is still relevant.
  • If you want your hairstyle to look quite unusual, try to make it not just with bangs, but also play with colors. For example, you can make the top of your head white, the bangs a little cream, and the tips light brown. Or if you want outrageous, you can make a smooth transition of colors of red. Then the crown can be fiery red and, the closer to the tips, the dimmer the color. This option will look especially fascinating.

three girls with a smooth styling

The cap of the hair, of course, is done in the salon and in the proven stylists, hairdressers. Since this is a complicated haircut and the “new master” will not do this to you at the highest level. As the precious experience shows, it is better to pay good money and get what you want than to spare the money and walk with a terrible haircut.

Video: technique of creating a haircut cap on the average length of hair

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