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Nowadays, many men want to have a comfortable, perfect and universal hairstyle for all occasions. These include haircut Canadian, which for many decades, leading among the most popular and well-known hairstyles. It is proudly worn by ordinary people as well as famous artists, singers, athletes, and musicians. Men's Canadian haircut looks very original and this suggests that its owner has impeccable taste.

This hairstyle is suitable for business negotiations in the office, for meeting in an informal setting, for dinner with your girlfriend, for playing sports. It will look equally good on sparse and thick hair, combined with almost any oval face. The hair is great fit and looks very stylish and beautiful.

History of appearance and distinctive features

Fancy Hairstyle

The Canadian haircut became very popular in the seventies of the last century, when the Canadian national hockey team arrived in the USSR. Our fans and spectators really liked the hairs of athletes and since that time hockey fans have made themselves the same hairstyles, calling them "Canadian". Before that, there was another name - “Cable Car”, because the hair was trimmed like a rope and had even edges. The sports version has won great appreciation in our country.

The main feature is the largest amount of hair left on the forehead and crown, while the top of the head, the occipital region and the temples are cut very short. It also makes a smooth transition from long strands on the crown of the head to minimally trimmed hairs on the temples and the nape.

On different hair

The main advantages of Canadian haircuts:

  • She is so simple to perform that even a beginner in hairdressing can handle it;
  • The speed of the process itself: it takes 10-15 minutes to complete;
  • It does not need to constantly lay;
  • Effectively looks on any hair, especially curly and wavy.

For different ages

To suit:

  • People of different age categories and social statuses: from a teen bully to a wealthy businessman;
  • Men who have a round or oval type of face. Any execution of this hairstyle is permissible. And for a round-shaped face, the option with an extended oblique bang is perfect. You can also lay the curls on the crown and lift them with a gel of strong fixation. With this styling, the face will visually lengthen;
  • To soften the angular shape of the face will be able to model with short strands and bangs, slightly covering the face;

Canadian celebrities

  • If you look at the hairstyle photo, you can understand that young men often choose an asymmetrical version with very long curls on the crown and very, very short strands on the temporal and occipital regions;
  • Elegant and pretty adult men love the classic model of hair, when there is a smooth transition to short strands from elongated curls (the difference in length is small).
  • But it should be noted that for holders of people with rectangular features, it is better to choose a haircut with a long bang, because the extended strands on the crown of the crown will further lengthen the elongated shape of the face, and the bang will make the face visually shorter.

The scheme of the classic version

Technology haircuts

Technique haircut Canadian is very simple and involves a minimum of tools: the hairdresser uses a comb in his work, scissors (thinning and simple), a machine with a nozzle No. 2. The following technologies are used: shading, clipping machine, cutting "on the fingers." You can do it at home by yourself. Instructions for creating a haircut in stages as follows:

  1. First you need to wash your hair, dry the strands a little, but leave them slightly moist;
  2. Next, you need to comb the hair and divided into three partings: the first is horizontal, directed from one ear to the other along the top of the head. The second and third - vertical, go from the temples to the first horizontal parting;
  3. On the forehead is the border of hair growth. Here, the master separates the small check strand (its width is 5 mm), then pulls it at a right angle and cuts off, keeping the length of the curls at 3 cm. Similarly, all hairs are clipped to the crown. The length of the strands is regulated by the previously cut control specimen;
  4. The temporal portions are trimmed in the same manner, then a fringing above the ears and in the area of ​​the temples is carefully created;
  5. At the end of the treatment of the parietal and temporal areas, the remaining hair should be divided into two by creating a horizontal parting;
  6. Next, the control strand is separated in the center of the union of two partings of the horizontal direction, located in the upper part of the occiput, and cut with an oblique cut;
  7. The hairs on the very top of the neck are followed by shaving, as well as on the parietal and temporal parts: the strands are pulled off at an angle of 90 degrees and cut off depending on the control curl;
  8. The lower occipital part is done with very short hairs. Then the machine makes a smooth transition from this zone to the top of the nape, where longer hair is left. When lifting the hair, it is necessary to increase the angle of the device;
  9. At the final stage, trimmed head of hair is combed, thinning is carried out, some places are corrected if necessary.

Female version

Although Canadian and is considered a true male haircut, it was adopted by many ladies with a bold and independent lifestyle. She will bring a certain zest to the image and emphasize elegance and will look great on slender girls with expressive features. It is not suitable for women with plump cheeks, square face, short neck, massive chin. The execution scheme is similar to the above.

Instructions for the implementation of the sports option

Sports Canadian is famous for its practicality and impact, so it is especially popular among young people leading an active lifestyle. The technology of its creation is very simple and fast, practically does not differ from the previous version. But there are some differences:

Execution scheme

  • Whiskey vystrivayutsya nozzle 3 mm, and the final adjustment is made "edinichkoy";
  • The back of the head passes from top to bottom to the parietal area using different nozzles. It is necessary to observe a smooth transition from the hair on the crown to the temples, the back of the head and the hairs near the ears;
  • Edging is made with scissors or a machine at the request of the client.

Styling options "Canadians"


"Cable car" has a wide variety of styling, which will allow each time to create a new image.

  • "Classic" can and does not stack. It is only necessary to keep the hair clean;
  • Disheveled Apply a little gel on the comb, and comb the strands on the crown, pulling them up. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve the most natural look of the hair, and not to try with all our strength to reel them so that they stick with a stake. You can also lay them sideways, giving the fixation gel, then dry with a hairdryer;
  • Elegance. Dropping a little bit of the gel on the bang, gently comb it back, not much licked. This will help create the image of a solid elegant man. Too much pomp is not welcome;

Simple but stylish

  • Maximum naturalness. A foam is applied on the hair, then it is dried with a hair dryer. Parting is allowed on the side;
  • Retro. Differs in volume, which is created with the help of folded back bangs with a light pile, fixed by gel;
  • For curls. The curls are dried with a hairdryer, slightly “whipped” with palms coated with a drop of gel. Wave-like bangs combed back, it is created fixing varnish. This option is also suitable for girls;

Feminine styling

  • Also, young ladies can put on mousse or gel on the hair, then dry with a hairdryer. You get a stylish voluminous hairstyle, which can be complemented by an elegant Mohawk.

New design of the legendary hairstyle

In 2016, the Canadian remains in the ranking of the most popular and favorite haircuts. It will not lose its position in 2017, because there are several new modern versions of its design:

With a bang

  • Increasingly, asymmetric or elongated curls can be found on the parietal part of the head;
  • Whiskey left elongated, or vice versa completely shave off "to no";
  • Asymmetry has become especially popular, where the hair on one side of the head is left long and on the other, short;
  • Three-layered hairstyles are made on curly strands;
  • Practiced by the new patterned design of the temples.

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