Haircut box - choice of brave girls

Dasha Astafieva with a short haircut

In the age of feminism, do you still think that cutting boxing is possible only on a man's head? Once a haircut, boxing was popular only among athletes, but other men quickly appreciated its convenience and versatility, and in recent years, some of the weaker sex have also chosen this non-female model. We will tell you what features men's haircut boxing has and show photos of women who tried it on themselves. So if you are looking for fresh ideas for changing your image, we will try to surprise you.

Features haircuts boxing

It seems that the haircut under the box in men will never go out of fashion. She is versatile and equally harmonious with a sporty look and classic suit. This model is a choice of conservatives who prefer restraint and conciseness in everything. And what about women? Ultrashort models are able to try on only the most daring beauties. But such a hairstyle with skillful performance will look very stylish. To give femininity to your hairstyle, ask the master to leave the maximum possible length of the strands on the crown or make a slanting bang, and make the transitions very soft and smooth to make it like in the next photo.

short hair girls

The features of this model are as follows:

  • The minimum length at the temples and in the occipital zone make this ultrashort model practical, the hair always lies neatly.
  • The strands on the crown are slightly longer than on the temples, thanks to which the hairstyle does not visually round the face.
  • The hairstyle will not require styling, in any weather it will look perfect even if the hair was unruly before the visit to the hairdresser.
  • Haircut box fully opens the face of his mistress, focusing on his features: eyes, lips.

Men's haircut box has one more feature - girls can do it on their own at home, with the availability of a typewriter and elementary skills in owning this hairdressing tool.

Who is haircut boxing for?

Haircut under the box fits almost all the representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of the age and shape of the face. It can be done to young gentlemen, as it meets all the criteria for children's models. But girls with ultrashort models more difficult. Definitely, the hairstyle will not go to those beauties whose hair is too curly. Laying take a lot of trouble and can look ridiculous. It is also not recommended if there are defects in the scalp, as the ultrashort length will expose these flaws.

bold hairstyle Dasha Astafieva

If you like short hair, you should try this classic in person, and even more so in the hot season. Most likely, you will appreciate its practicality and take a break from daily styling. Especially good with this hairstyle will be girls with soft brown hair. Brunettes, too, will not regret choosing this hairstyle, the only moment, the scalp will be more visible through the short hairs.

Differences between boxing and semi-boxing

There are two similar models: haircuts, boxing and boxing. Not knowing the differences between them, you can easily confuse them. However, the haircuts of boxing and semi-boxes do not differ fundamentally: in the half-box, the length transition border is at the back of the head or lower; "fellow"- above the head. In the semi-box strands on the top is longer than in the second model. This distinctive feature allows you to experiment with styling, making the bouffant, tuft, pinning the curls up or to the side, so the half-box is much more popular among women than its ultrashort variation.

differences ultrashort models

How is haircut boxed?

If you entrust the execution of a haircut to a boxing professional, you will most likely be satisfied with the result. The master will be able to smooth out sharp transitions and make the edging hairstyle neat.

However, the simple technology of shearing box, with certain skills, allows you to execute it yourself with a machine and scissors. Pre-wash and dry your head, the work will be done on dry curls. Step-by-step haircut boxing scheme is as follows:

  1. Visualize yourself visually the line of transition from short strands to longer ones approximately along the temples.
  2. Place a nozzle with a length of 3-4 cm on the machine and cut the strands above this line.
  3. Then change the nozzle to a length of 1 cm and walk the machine along the strands below the line.
  4. The length of the transition length must be profiled with scissors or use a special nozzle for a typewriter. The width of the length of the transition strip will depend on the hair color, - brunettes need to make it wider than the fair-haired girls.
  5. Bangs need to be profiled with scissors or, if desired, cut "to no".
  6. Machine traverse the contour of the hair, making the edging.
  7. Comb the hair and eliminate the shortcomings of work in the form of loose hair, if any.

blonde girls

This simple boxing haircut scheme will allow you to maintain your hair style without resorting to the services of a hairdresser.

And what about the stars?

Singer Slava has long refuted the view that this is an exclusively male model, flaunting in the image of a rebel with an ultrashort hairstyle. Undoubtedly, such a hair-experiment is a radical and very rare among the star beauties, but the hairstyle fit harmoniously into the general concept of celebrity style, and the proportions of the singer’s face allow her to take such a bold step. The soloist of the group picked up the baton "Nikita"- Dasha Astafyeva. Her sexy image is not destroyed by the brutal male hairstyle.

singer Slava

Among Hollywood stars, Emma Watson and Natalie Portman became bold experimenters. The fragile physique of both actresses harmoniously complemented the ultrashort length.

Emma Watson and Natalie Portman

Do you think haircutting technology is a box for home use? Would you decide on such an experiment? Leave your opinion about this hairstyle in the comments below.

Video: Haircut Execution "boxing" a professional

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