Hairbrush tangle teezer- bestseller from britain

Tangle-teaser in gold color

If you hear that there is a comb that does not tear out the hair, will you believe it? The legendary Tangle Teezer comb, which has become a couple of months, has forced out plastic, silicone combs, hairbrushes with bamboo teeth, artificial and natural bristles. She is used by Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Elle Macpherson and Kate Middleton. It is designed to tame even the most disobedient curls up to very curly and extended. Is it possible or does Tangle-teaser refer to the things they are talking about "much ado about nothing"? Let's find out!

Comb Tangle-teaser: a success story

Comb Tangle Teaser, which for a short period of time began to rule the head of hair in almost every house in Britain, the project of the English stylist and hairdresser Shona P. , he saw women's heads leaving the hairs when combing.

Tangle-teaser original

From the moment of inception of the idea to the release of the first Tangle-teaser, as many as 4 years passed. The creator had to work hard for the consumer to believe that "something" The indefinite shape of plastic with short teeth can cope with hair of any type and condition, without harming it at all.

Tangle Teaser also failed without failures: trying to present his idea on a popular TV show "Shark business", Shaun P was a fiasco. Investors who have not appreciated the idea of ​​a hairdresser will surely bite their elbows to this day, because today the Tangle Teaser comb beats all records of popularity. Tangle Teezer hairbrush has won awards such as "Top product of 2008", "Innovation 2008", "Best Comb 2011" and "Best Buy 2011".

bright brush design

What is special about Tangle Teaser?

If you have not got this beauty device yet, most likely you are wondering why the Tangle Teezer hair brush causes the female population of the planet to be completely delighted? The whole secret in the design:

  • Tangle Teaser is made from materials that do not electrify hair.
  • The teeth of the comb are thin and arranged like waves: short and long bristles alternate. They are elastic and provide high-quality head massage.
  • Its shape is streamlined, the Tangle Teezer brush as if it grows together with a hand thanks to the protrusions and smooth rises.
  • The dimensions of the brush allow you to carry it even in a small purse, and for miniature clutches there is a special model - Tangle Teezer compact.
  • The variety of shades of a beauty device is so great that even the most capricious beauty can choose a comb for eye color or lipstick. In addition, Sean P did not leave without attention and men: there are models in "male" colors, for example, black and blue.
  • A distinctive feature of the brush is the absence of a handle. Because of this, it is compact, but it does not affect the convenience in its operation.

combing hair

The elasticity of the bristles allows unraveling "knots" in the hair: soft and at the same time strong teeth when combing easily overcome obstacles in their path, without tearing hairs. Features of the design allow you to use a comb on wet strands, while not injuring the hair itself and not tearing it out, as well as apply masks and balms with a brush, because Tangle Teaser is easy to wash and dry.

A variety of brushes Tangle Teaser

The enterprising hairdresser, Sean P, continues to develop his brainchild, delighting Tangle Teezer’s fans with new shapes and colors.

different models of brushes

To date, the official site offers several types of combs:

  • Tangle Teezer original. Reviews say that this model is the most convenient, ideal for home use. It is slightly larger than all the other Tangle teasers and does not have a protective cap. Tangle Teezer original is available in 6 shades from sweet-caramel to stylish black. The price on the official website is 10 pounds, which at the current rate is about 1000 rubles.
  • Tangle Teezer compact. By purchasing the Original model for home use, you will certainly want to purchase the Tangle Teaser Compact, which is designed specifically for women's handbags. Tangle Teezer compact styler has a miniature size and a protective cap so that the teeth of the comb do not bend. Sean P took care of the safety of the brush in the women's bag, in which there is nothing. Compared to the Original model, washing it is a little more difficult: water gets into the hole in the center of the brush. You can choose from 8 unusual colors, including leopard print and gold. The cost of this model is 12 pounds, which is 1,200 rubles.
  • Tangle teezer elite. This model is intended for professional use. It has a curved shape. Tangle Teezer salon elite is presented in 6 colorful hues from juicy mango to sweet cotton. Buy Tangle Teezer elite can be approximately 11 pounds in British, that is, for 1100 rubles.
  • Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot. The model has an unusual shape in the form of a flower pot, presented in 2 color variations. It is intended for the youngest beauties. Little cap "pot"- This is the Tangle Teezer comb itself, and in a pot you can fold hairpins and hair ties. The cost of the model is 11 pounds, which is 1100 rubles.
  • Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash. The model is designed specifically for wet hair. It looks not quite familiar: it has a vertical position and is hollow inside. Externally, the model resembles a glass, this feature has caused the use of a comb for inappropriate purposes: some use it as a cup for toothbrushes. It is easy to apply masks and conditioners with a brush, and its rubberized lower part does not allow it to slide in your hand. You can buy it for 13 pounds (about 1300 rubles), choosing one of 3 colors.
  • Tangle Teezer Blow-styling. The only drawback of all previous variations of the brushes was that with their help it is impossible to make a hairdryer. The latest development of Sean P solved this problem. Model Blow-styling has a handle and teeth of atypical shape, going in 2 rows at intervals. It is designed to give you the most beautiful styling. The cost is 18 British pounds, that is 1,800 rubles.

Blow-styling model

How to buy the original Tangle-teaser?

The success that the Tangle Teezer brush has brought about the appearance of fakes, and in unprecedented quantities. As a rule, those who are looking for the original, immediately go to the official website, and those who want to save money are looking for an alternative "Maid Ying China". If you want to buy an original product, but are not ready to wait until the package wrapped with the cherished cargo makes a long way from England, you can buy a comb at Russian online stores. But here it is important not to run into an unscrupulous seller.

compact tangle teaser

To do this, you should know how to distinguish, a fake in front of you or an original product:

  • Country of origin - only the United Kingdom.
  • The package with the photo from which Sean P is smiling at you is made of flexible plastic. As a rule, even during long transportation, it does not bend or crack.
  • Brand logo impressed, not convex.
  • There should be no traces of glue, notches and other defects on the seams.
  • All bristles should be neat and level.

brush Tangle teaser

The price is lower than on the manufacturer's website, it should definitely alert you except for a separate case with Avon. Starting in the April 2015 catalog, the legendary Tangle Teaser can be ordered from Avon. The companies entered into a long-term cooperation agreement and now Tangle Teezer Avon can be purchased at a very attractive price, 590 rubles. So far, not all models and colors are presented in the catalog, but the Avon marketing department is encouraging customers to expand its product range.

Print Tangle Teaser

It would seem that such a popularity as a Tangle teaser would be difficult to achieve with any other beauty product. But today the interest of girls to the tool for the beauty of hair has faded a little, perhaps because many have already bought a comb, and "power changed". The best-selling device was a simulator for increasing lips Fullips and now all the beauty reviews of fashion bloggers are devoted to wonder-suckers. If you are crazy about Tangl-teaser or having tried it in action did not swell the ranks of fans, share your opinion about the brush in the comments in the after article.

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