Hair wax - stylish hairstyle and gentle care

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Hair wax is currently one of the best cosmetics that can give a wide variety of hair styles. It perfectly fixes the curls in the desired position, while leaving them supple and smooth.

Dignity wax hair

Due to its fat content, hair styling wax is suitable for most women and perfectly cares for dry or curly locks. Its use at home makes dry hair shiny. This cosmetic straightens curly and thick curls, and thin and smooth allows you to save volume for a long time.

After using hair wax, you will find that they have acquired a significantly better look, since this means:

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the hair;
  • Covers hair;
  • Protects from street dust and burning;
  • Protects from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Easy to rinse with warm water.

The use of wax for hair and its varieties

Phased use of the agent to achieve different effects:

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  • Wax for hair styling is applied to the hair with his own hands. It is scooped and ground in the palms until it becomes warmer;
  • The tool is evenly distributed over the entire length of the locks, while using a comb to improve the result;
  • It is advisable to moisturize the curls before using hair wax - then during the subsequent drying with a hair dryer, it will be easier to lay the hair;
  • If modeling of steep curls is required, then the agent is applied on dry strands, after which they are wound on curlers and dried with a hairdryer. After removing the curlers, the shape of the hairstyle is immediately adjusted with your fingers.
  • When styling with wax, you can not only twist the hair into curls, but also straighten it or give it a different shape. After drying, the curls are securely fixed in position.

Liquid spray wax

Liquid spray wax is used when working with very hard or highly curly strands, as it softens the hair and is easier to distribute over them. This tool is considered optimal for thin hair. Step by step with the spray work as follows:

  1. Liquid hair wax is evenly sprayed onto dry or wet curls. The bottle should be from them at a distance of about 20 cm;
  2. The strands are given the desired shape;
  3. Curls are dried with a hairdryer;
  4. If it is necessary to change the styling during the course of the day, it is not necessary to wash the head, as this means is easy.

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Features and types of solid waxes

Solid wax for styling hair has the following practical qualities:

  • It gives plasticity and malleability to a head of hair due to the content of resins, paraffin and waxes;
  • Locally places accents, separating the strands, emphasizing the clarity of layered haircuts;
  • Convenient for modeling and fixing a variety of styling elements: twisted strands, braids, braids, curls;
  • Different types of products add extra shine or matte effect to the hair;
  • Add moisturizing, rejuvenating, protective, sometimes disinfectant components.

Hard waxes are glossy and matting. Glossy products add shine and shine to curls by polishing and leveling the hair surface. They are well suited, both for creating a wet effect, and for smooth styling. Matting wax for hair, as a rule, is used when performing extremely extreme styling, when they are given the effect of "ruffled". They are convenient when working with haircuts of short and medium length.

Cooking wax at home

Smoothing and regenerating agents can be prepared at home, which will require:

  • Avocado oil;
  • Celery juice;
  • Dry extract of amla;
  • Almond, sesame or castor essential oil;
  • Beeswax.

homemade product

Natural beeswax should have a yellow or grayish tint. In it, previously melted in a water bath, it is necessary to add all the components, mix well, heat the composition until it is homogeneous, then place it in the refrigerator. To use the product is ready a day after it cools down.

Nuances of applying wax for hair

Before you put hair wax, you need to decide what effect you want to achieve. On wet curls usually means is used as a fixing gel, and on dry ones - to isolate the strands. There is also a gel wax that easily creates a smooth texture and gives you the opportunity to change the shape of the styling in the future. This tool is intended for curls of various lengths, but it is especially effective on short and medium haircuts. Applying hair wax to the roots, you can increase the amount of medium-thick strands.

Curly and disobedient curls often, scattering like a fan in the lower part, cannot be laid completely. Before using wax for hair of this type, they must first be moistened with fixing fluid. Then the strands are laid using a comb, put a small amount of funds on the ends and spray varnish. Typically, these clamps are used to create very smooth hairstyles to give them a strong shine or for processing individual strands and then fixing them for stylish styling.

For high-quality and quick flushing of a large amount of funds from the head of hair, you need:

  • Apply shampoo to dry hair;
  • Massage thoroughly;
  • Rinse with water;
  • Wash head again.

use of styling

Before applying this cosmetic product on a dry head of hair, the instructions on the packaging must be studied, because some of these products are intended solely for laying wet curls. But, as a rule, these tools are universal.

Regardless of changes in fashion trends, long curls are always relevant. They enable stylists to create a variety of weaving, and thrash, and classic hairstyles. Whatever the scheme and style of hairstyle, modern styling can not do without the use of a reliable fixing means, of which various types of wax are most convenient.

Video: Preparation of a revitalizing hair wax

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