Hair types

Hair types

Before choosing hair care, you need to determine your hair type. The following hair types are distinguished:- normal; - dry; - fat; - mixed.

Hair is also divided into thin and thick, and healthy and depleted. The skin type also affects the type of hair. Oily hair grows on oily skin; on dry skin, hair is dry. Oily skin is different from dry and normal in that it is covered with thicker scrap of fat, because of this, the hair becomes greasy.

The sebaceous glands influence what the hair will be: fatty normal or dry. The production of sebum depends on the type of food and the amount of food rich in carbohydrates and fats.

Greasy hair

Such hair after a small period of time after washing the head seems dirty, acquire a dull shine and look untidy. Often, oily hair is combined with dandruff of the same type.

Normal hair

This type of hair is different shine, hair shimmers in the sun and this condition of the hair persists for several days. Such hair, as a rule, is easy to comb and not split. Normal hair also has good elasticity.

Dry hair

Dry hair looks dull, poorly reflect light. Such hair is easily confused, they are difficult to comb, they are torn and split. Dry hair is not always from nature, it can become so after dyeing or improper care.

Mixed hair

- fatty on the roots and dry on the tips. Such hair is usually long and sebum does not lubricate the hair to the ends, so the ends begin to split. So hair needs care for both oily hair and moisturizers for the tips.

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Hair thickness

The thickness of the hair depends on the skin of the person, as the hair is an appendage of the skin. If the skin is thin, the hair will be thin. The thinnest hair of blondes and blondes, brunettes and brunettes have rather thick hair, but they have the thickest hair - they are brown-haired and brown-haired. The amount of hair on the head reaches 100-150 thousand. Blondes have the most hair on their heads, but since the hair is thinner than those with dark hair, they don't seem to be that much. The smallest amount of hair in red-haired women. The density of hair is also different, it depends not only on hair color, but also on age, gender and other features. The rate of hair loss - 150 hairs per day.

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