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Hair treatment - a revolutionary hair care service appeared in the salons relatively recently and immediately gained popularity. Several of these procedures will bring more benefits than the most expensive balms and hair masks. After a session of kuraplastiki, the hair will become more shiny and elastic, take on a youthful and healthy look. Also, now there is an opportunity to carry out self-care at home.

What is keraplasty

This is the newest recovery procedure that allows you to heal the hair from the inside, saturating it with keratin proteins, which are similar in molecular composition to the proteins contained in human hair.

At the moment, only two manufacturers offer materials for keraplastics: Keraplastic and Paul Mitchell. Both of these systems are based on the gradual saturation of natural keratin and its retention in the hair structure.

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Keratin protein is one of the most important elements for strength and health of hair. Therefore, all components for this procedure have a molecular weight, which ensures the penetration of active substances into the very center of the hair, and also seals the hair cuticle, which repeatedly extends the visible effect of the procedure.

Also, hair teraplasty is a medical procedure that allows restoring lost shine and elasticity of hair. During the procedure, its tips are also sealed, preventing their cross-section and breakage. Effective keratin treatment restores health and beauty.

In addition to the necessary proteins, Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi system contains many beneficial microelements: wild ginger extract gives the curls extraordinary softness, and the avapui extract from the Hawaiian plant regulates the moisture balance of the hair, moisturizing dry and lifeless tips.

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The components for keraplasty from Keraplastic include additional beneficial substances, such as vitamins A, E, essential oils of lemongrass and mandarin, as well as other minerals and amino acids that help to improve the hair and strengthen its bulb. Mandarin oil increases the tone and restores the sebaceous secretion of skin cells, while lemongrass tones and moisturizes the scalp.

Hair treatment is recommended.

  • For the rehabilitation of chemically treated and painted strands;
  • To fully restore the structure of each hair;
  • For the hair that is damaged by the sun, hair dryer or iron;
  • To moisturize and enhance thin, fragile and brittle hair;
  • For long-term preservation of color saturation of colored strands;
  • To add shine to dull and lifeless curls;
  • To protect the hair from the harmful effects of the environment;
  • For the prevention of aging and return of youth to hair;
  • To give volume to the hairstyle;
  • In the preventive purposes.

What is keraplasty for?

The main goal of keraplasty is to restore the necessary balance of keratin in the hair structure, to add shine, health and well-groomed appearance to the curls. Liquid curaplasty will put in order the lifeless tired hair, restore it after chemical treatment, cure bleached and brittle curls.

application of the composition on the strand

Aggressive effects of the environment, the sun and all sorts of chemicals over time changes the structure of the hair. Molecules of natural keratin are significantly compressed, from which the hair is thinning, and as a result they become fragile and brittle, devoid of elasticity and luster. Saturation with natural proteins helps to avoid all these symptoms and prevent further loss of your keratin.

How is the procedure of keraplasty

More recently, this procedure was carried out only in beauty salons. Today, the hair teraplasty has become quite affordable at home, which is very convenient. Moreover, the cost of a session of a kuraplasty to itself will be significantly less than that of a salon analogue. The scheme of action is quite simple, you only need to purchase a kit for carrying out the procedure and follow the enclosed instructions step by step.

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How to hold a handicraft?

  1. First you need to carefully clean the hair from the remnants of styling products and grease with a shampoo, which is included in the set. This is a special shampoo that should be used only before the regenerative procedures.
  2. Next, the strands need to be dried with a towel and you can proceed to the most important stage - the application of keratin. It is necessary to open the ampoule and apply the contents to the hair along its entire length, starting from the tips, since they are most often damaged more. Active keratin penetrates the hair scales and restores its structure from the inside, filling all gaps and voids. Leave the keratin on the hair for 10 minutes. Do not flush!
  3. The next stage of the treatment will be the application of a mask, which promotes the fixation of keratin in the hair structure. Apply it to the entire length, then you should wear a hat for a hairdryer and warm the hair for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. At the conclusion of the procedure, a Keratin Cream Rinse Paul Mitchell conditioner is applied for a couple of minutes to consolidate the effect.

Care after keraplasty

After this event, it is advisable to use non-sulfate shampoos, which act more gently and almost do not wash out keratin. It is better to dye the hair before the procedure, it will allow for a long time to maintain color saturation and reduce the harmful effects on reconstructed hair.

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Reviews of the procedure of kuraplastiki only positive. After all, the only drawback is the rather high price for a hair recovery session. But the effect surpasses all expectations, the hair becomes smooth, shiny and shines with health and youth.

Video: Paul Mitchell's hair treatment

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