Hair styling with a perm

Regular styling (everyday)

one. Washing hair First, wash my hair with a permed hair shampoo. Next, use the air conditioner from the same series and other nutritional or therapeutic agents. Well washed with water. Remember that medical masks can be done after 4 washing the hair with a perm. After you dry your hair, you can apply an indelible product on the ends of the hair.

2 In order to get clearer curls, apply a suitable styling agent to your hair before styling. This may be a foam for the volume, gel for clear curls, mousses and other means. The choice of means depends on what kind of styling you want to do.

3 Next, proceed to drying the hair. We do this with a hair dryer with a diffuser. You can dry your hair in the usual position, or tilted your head down or sideways. In the salon, after you do the “chemistry”, the master must explain how to properly form the curls when drying.

four. After drying your hair, your hairstyle is almost ready, if you wish, you can separate the curls with your fingers to add more volume. Then spray curls with hairspray. But do not abuse the varnish, as during sleep, curls can stick together or deform.

Laying with brushing

This styling is suitable if you want to make soft large curls. It is quite simple to make it, after washing the head, we comb the hair and, if desired, apply styling products and begin to dry using a hair dryer with a round brush (brushing).

Split the hair into small strands and dry, slightly twisting with a brush. Thanks to this method, the curls will be light and voluminous.

Styling "wet hair effect"

This method of installation is also very simple. As in other versions, wash the head with selected means, then apply gel or spray on wet hair to give the hair a wet effect. Dry naturally.

Styling with curlers

Dried hair cheat hair curlers, hold for 20-30 minutes. If necessary, dry the hair dryer, then remove the curlers, the curls can be separated with your fingers, then they will be more elastic and crisp, or you can comb it with a comb to get the waves.

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