Hair styling is a fiery novelty in the hair industry

fiery hair

At last, what has been waiting for so long has happened, BES Brunet has come to Russia! And what, strictly speaking, does BEES mean? This phrase, translated from Italian, means nothing more than firing with the fire of your own hair. The fact that fire has a healing effect on the hair, has been known for a long time, since ancient times. Legends say that even in ancient Rome, not only the length of the curls was shortened on the head with the help of fire, but also the beard, in order to be cleansed of negative energy and recharge with positive energy.

Today's modern hair styling is a fusion of such ancient traditions with perfect cosmetic developments. But this procedure is done more beneficial for the body and completely safe for the hair.

Burning with fire - what is the difference from hairdressing tools?

bronely- processing of fires

Unlike hot scissors, ironing and curling, dressing for hair with open fire differs in the temperature of exposure to the hair, size of the covered hair treatment surface and duration of the procedure. The temperature of the open flame in the very center of the spectrum of the fire reaches 1200 degrees, which is absolutely unavailable for hot tools. With such a high temperature on the head, the following processes occur in stages:

  •  Cosmetics applied to the strands begin to melt first under the influence of temperature, and then penetrate deeply into the cuticle layers, filling them with vitamins and beneficial substances. At the same time, the dead, exfoliated scales that were on the hair and made them dull-looking and rough to the touch, instantly melted under the influence of a huge temperature. The inner parts of the hair, ensuring their flexibility and strength, while not even have time to heat up.
  •  After the first stage, when the maximum effect has already been achieved and you are pleasantly pleased with the result, after 2 - 3 months, the dressing for the hair can be repeated. If at home you fully comply with the instructions for proper care for your own hair, received from the master after the first procedure, then a new meeting with him can happen no sooner than after 6 months.

fire processing

Now, as a result of such a fiery procedure, previously dry and brittle hair will once again become shiny and smooth and acquire the ability to absorb and retain moisture. The cuticles will become soldered, which will make the strands invulnerable to the destructive environment.

Cosmetics necessary for the procedure

before and after the procedure

  • Tonus is a liquid reducing agent. It is necessary to strengthen the structure of the hair and improve the cuticle. It contains the complete vitacomplex consisting of fatty amino acids, vitamins of group F and vitamins A, E and B5 that strengthen the hair.
  • Placenta SEB-active hair lotion. It is rich in peptides, mineral salts, amino acids, which makes an extremely beneficial effect of this drug on the main part of the hair, which is responsible for the strength and flexibility of the cortex.
  • Silkat Nutritivo (Silkat Nutritivo) - nourishing cream. It fills the pores resulting from mechanical damage to the scales and fights with the dryness of your hair.
  • Muvi Color is a colorless laminating dye. Self-applied over the entire surface of the hair, this drug itself forms an invisible film to the outside gaze, which additionally protects the strands from the polluted environment.

To the questions of our readers, can the hair catch fire as a result of the use of fire? The answer is never! This is proved by an experiment conducted by an avid admirer of our site and a professional hair stylist Goncharov E.N. from Stavropol. Here is what he writes to us: - "If it is good to moisten with ordinary water and twist any fiber into a tight lash, for example, a hemp rope resembling human hair, and then quickly hold it over a lighted candle flame, then it will naturally not light up".

burning hair
The same will happen with our hair, because they are hygroscopic and tend to absorb water, and the scheme of carrying out the procedure involves twisting the strands into bundles to limit the access of oxygen, because without oxygen it is impossible to burn and then for a short time to act on them flame.

Numerous testimonials of girls who tried bes brunching, caution the risk-takers of the game with fire that it is necessary to choose a salon only after positive recommendations from other clients of this establishment. So that the master of fire had a certificate of such procedures and knew step by step the correct procedure for the actions of vruzhenezh.

Video: BES procedure for hair

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