Hair structure

Hair - This is the most beautiful decoration of a woman. Any girl wants to be the owner of thick, long and healthy hair. But it is not always possible, due to poor ecology, stress, unhealthy diet, hair primarily suffers. In addition, women every day resort to such methods: styling a hair dryer, using curling iron and hair curlers to make hair beautiful. Yes, hair gets a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, but they suffer from it, they become thinner, they start to split. To avoid this you need to carefully care for your hair.

Care does not begin with a trip to the store and the choice of expensive cosmetics for hair, but above all with the theory, you need to find out the structure of the hair, determine your hair type, and then choose the means to care. In this article we will talk about this.

Hair structure
The structure of the hair is original and interesting, and nature surprises us here. Hair can be compared to a tree, it has a trunk, or as it is also called a rod, and a root.

The hair root is located inside the scalp, and is not visible to our eyes.

The hair sac is the place where the root of the hair originates, together with the surrounding tissues they form the hair follicle (hair follicle).

Being born into the world, each person has a certain number of such hair bulbs, this value is genetically programmed and cannot be changed in any way. The hair shaft is what is on the surface, namely the hair itself.

Hair growth occurs at the expense of the bulb, it is also responsible for the formation of new hair. Blood vessels are connected to this bulb, through which the hair feeds. The hair follicle is a kind of mini-organ that supports the vital activity of the hair.

In the hair sac, the sebaceous glands secrete something, due to which our hair becomes elastic and flexible. Few people know that the health of your hair depends on the work of the sebaceous glands. But these sebaceous glands often become a problem for a girl. If there is little fat, then the hair is dry and brittle, and if there is a lot of it, it will quickly become dirty and fat.

Let us consider the structure of the hair on the surface. It consists of three layers: cuticle, medulla and cortex (cortical substance).

The cuticle has a protective function. The hair is covered with small scales that cover each other and thereby protect the hair. The appearance of the hair depends on the condition of the cuticle; if the scales are smooth, fit snugly to each other, then such hair will be silky and shiny, if the scales are damaged, then this leads to fragility and loss of gloss.

The second layer of cortex, or cortical substance, consists of cells through which hair acquires strength and elasticity. Also in the cortex contains melanin, which is responsible for hair color.

In the center of the hair is the medulla, which consists of keratin cells, as well as air cavities. Supposedly nutrients are distributed throughout the hair.

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