Hair straightening (various methods)

For some reason, it always turns out that we want what we don’t have, and what we don’t appreciate. Here and with hair. Girls who have straight hair are so envious of charming curls, and those with curly hair, they really want to straighten them! Let's talk about how to help them, and specifically about how to straighten hair.

Now there are so many ways to straighten unruly curls, but somehow they can be divided into three groups: thermal methodchemical straightening keratin straightening

Chemical (permanent) hair straightening.

This method is somewhat similar to a perm, only the result is completely opposite. First, a special chemical composition is applied to the hair, then coated with a fixative and conditioned.

When you choose a rectifier, be very careful. First, decide for how long you want to get rid of curls.

If your hair is very tight and hard curled, then choose a means of increased strength, for example hydroxide rectifiers.

There are still rectifiers medium strength - tiovypryamiteli. They are used for hair with a normal texture and slightly curled. It is also suitable for those who are going to turn their small curls into luxurious large curls.

To begin with, you need to straighten hair, then wind it onto coils (the larger the coil, the more curls your curls will have), and then it will be treated with a forming thiol solution.

And finally, there are rectifiers of a weak fortress. They are used for dyed and badly damaged hair, as they are the most benign and do the least damage, but they are not able to straighten tightly curled hair.

The time that the hair will remain smooth depends on the individual properties of the hair, how fast it grows, how tight it is. The average duration of the effect of straight hair with a permanent method of straightening about 2-3 months, but it happens up to six months.

Thermal hair straightening method

In this method, various tongs, hair dryers, irons are used. Before using these tools, you must first wash and dry your hair. Then they are divided into strands and held with forceps, or irons from the roots to the tips. Then you can apply varnish to last longer.

In order to straighten hair with a hair dryer, they also need to be washed, combed well and wet the strands in turn, wound on a round brush, then slowly stretch it over hair growth and blow-dry. With each strand such actions need to be carried out several times. That's all, your hair is straight and fluffy!

Plus thermal method, of course, that it requires a minimum cost, but there are also disadvantages - firstly, the effect lasts until the first washing of the hair, and secondly, such methods of straightening greatly damage the hair and dry it out, so you should not abuse it.

Keratin hair straightening

This is a new way to straighten hair. This method uses products based on natural ingredients that do not harm your hair.

Keratin molecules are able to penetrate deep into the hair structure and protect against the harmful effects of the external environment. In this way, keratin straightening, not only makes your hair straight and beautiful, but also healthy. Also, this system helps to restore hair after dyeing, highlighting, perming.

But along with many advantages, there is also a disadvantage of this method, namely the presence of formaldehyde, as a bactericidal ingredient. It is a carcinogen that can contribute to cancer. But do not worry, it is harmful only for the masters who do not comply with basic safety techniques. Moreover, this component is part of many cosmetics and we are in contact with it daily.

Keratin hair straightening takes place in three stages: cleansing, care (coating with a special protein-keratin composition) and straightening (using a flat iron). With this method, the hair under the influence of the ironing are not damaged, and the protein from the temperature coagulates and closes the damaged scales, the hair becomes straight, smooth and silky!

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