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In the modern world, none of the young ladies are surprised by such an invention as a curling iron or a hair straightener. For many, straightening hair with an iron has become almost an everyday procedure that eliminates curls or wavy strands. But it often happens that the curling hair straightener leads the hair to a completely indecent look, the hair becomes lifeless, dry and brittle. But to avoid such deplorable consequences, you need to know just a few simple nuances. Let's look at the question of how to straighten hair irons.

Choosing a good iron

In today's market, the choice of straightening irons is very wide. Many offers are attractive for the price, which do not hit the pocket, the simplest iron can be bought for 700 rubles. The difference in the price of the iron depends on the type of work coverage. The irons differ, in which the working coating is made of metal, ceramic, ion-ceramic and tourmaline coatings.

Metallic coating

Iron with a metallic coating from BaByliss

The iron for straightening hair with a metallic coating has the lowest price. Its use can bring great damage to your hair. Even if you use this device 2-3 times a month, your curls will quickly fade, become brittle and split ends will appear.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic straightener

The iron with a ceramic coating has good thermal conductivity. It slips easily through the hair, without overdrying it and without causing harm. Many beauties prefer this tool. But he has his minus, he heats up for a long time.

Ion-ceramic coating

Ion-ceramic coating

This type of coverage usually have professional hair straightening irons. Ion-ceramic coating has negatively charged particles, they have a positive effect on the hair. The girls using this device noticed that their hair had gained shine and recovered slightly, becoming stronger.

Tourmaline coating

Tourmaline coated iron

Such plates consist of a mixture of crystals that produce ions that are beneficial for hair. Such hair straightening irons have a rather high price, so they are not available for every young lady. It often happens that the tourmaline coating in the iron is combined with ceramic, for example, the upper ceramic plate, and the lower tourmaline. Thanks to the combination of these materials, the upper layer heats up quickly, and the lower one absorbs heat.

Nuances when choosing a tool

The procedure for straightening curls curling

Before you go to buy a hair straightener, read our small recommendations to help you make the right choice. The list of the necessary characteristics:

  • Ask the seller class-household or professional. Household long enough heat, but they have a small price. Professional hair straightening curler heats up faster, but also costs more.
  • Is there a temperature controller? This option will help you choose the right temperature mode, as well as help to take into account the individual characteristics of the structure of your hair. The maximum number of degrees in heating should be 210. It is this temperature that will help you straighten curly hair at home in the minimum number of approaches. Tongs with this temperature will help you to keep laying for a longer period. Such a regulator is very necessary for owners of dry ends, otherwise a straightener can turn your hair into a tow.
  • Coating. We described their characteristics above.
  • The shape and width of the working plate. If the working surface is wide enough, then at one time a professional rectifier will straighten a rather dense strand. If you often wonder how to straighten the bangs and your hair is not so thick, then choose tongs with a thin working field. There are models in which the tips on the working plate are slightly rounded. These forceps will allow you to slightly twist the ends of the hair into the inner or outer side.
  • The presence of nozzles in the kit. They will help you create a variety of styling options.

Rules for using the iron at home

Let's take a look at how to use a hair straightener at home:

  1. Wash the hair and then apply special thermal protection agents on it, they will help you to avoid the appearance of dry tips.
  2. Dry the hair with a towel or hair dryer using a brush head, because the straightener can only be used on dry curls. Using a rectifier on wet curls, you risk bringing a lot of time to the state of curls.
  3. Straightening hair at home is impossible without dividing the hair into layers. Pin up or tie up the bulk of the hair, and leave a small part in the back of the head. You will straighten it. Remember that the thinner the strand is, the straighter it will be at the end of the procedure. You need to move the rectifier from the roots to the tips.
  4. When you are done straightening the back of your head, separate the hair at the crown and perform the same manipulation. Never stop for a long time on your own strand. Properly set the temperature ironing straightens hair in one pass.
  5. When your smooth styling is ready, comb it and polish it over it.

Girl with corrugation

Little nuances

  • Straightening hair at home using the ironing should be held no more than twice a week, provided that your iron is of good quality.
  • If you are the owner of hard hair with cool curls, then you should apply heat protection means before and after straightening the hair with a flat iron.
  • If you want to have both smooth and voluminous styling at the same time, do not straighten the lower layers of the hair, straighten only the upper ones that cover the hairstyle.
  • To use the iron only with a clean head of hair, because the remaining styling products and dirt can firmly harden under the influence of high temperature. But if you really need a smooth head of hair, and you are not going to wash it in the near future, then set the minimum temperature on the curling iron.
  • It often happens that strands curl more actively in the temporal part of the head, which means that the temperature for straightening them should be higher than in the back of the head, because more often the hair on the back of the head is more direct.

Choice of thermal protection

In pursuit of smooth styling and straight strands, one should not forget about good protection from high temperatures. In this case, you will help special tools with thermal properties. In any cosmetics store you can find a huge variety of serums, sprays, mousses, waxes, balms and similar products. These tools include their active protection as soon as the heat starts to act on the strands. A protective film is immediately formed on the hair, which ensures the preservation of a healthy shine.

thermal protection kit

The composition of such thermal protective cosmetics includes many valuable vitamins, useful extracts of their plants, as well as proteins. All these components allow you to quickly seal the moisture inside the hair structure and, thus, do not allow drying out. When choosing such cosmetics, carefully read the instructions for use, only in high-quality cosmetics, it will be as clear as possible. Schwarzkopf professional, Revlon professional and Lanza Thermal Defense Heat Styler are among the best brands of such cosmetics.

Restoration of hair after the use of ironing

Having learned all about how to straighten hair for a long time with the help of an ironing, not all young ladies think about the procedure of restoring hair, because from frequent use of a straightening curling iron, the tips become split, and the strands are dry. In order for you not to be tormented by the problem of dry tips, regularly trim them at the hairdresser in the salon. If you see that fdib hair does not shine, become dull and brittle, refuse to use curling for 2-3 weeks, or at least reduce the number of procedures for straightening hair with curling. Do not spare for your hair nourishing masks, shampoos and balms. Such cosmetics will return to your hair the former strength.

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