Hair straightening folk remedies

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It's no news that the owners of curly curls often try to straighten them in all possible ways. Many devices, invented today, spoil the hair and create a large number of dry tips, as they have a thermal and physical effects. Their regular use can cause great harm. In order to preserve the health of the hair, you need to use hair straightening folk remedies.

How to straighten hair with improvised natural products

In this article you will learn how to straighten hair at home using folk remedies. This method will not be the easiest, but safe and useful.

Masks using natural oils

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Masks for straightening hair at home are very diverse. They will help you find the answer to how to straighten your hair for a long time. Mask for hair straightening in most cases contains a variety of oils. Masks of burdock, castor and olive oil should be periodically applied to the hair to straighten it. The question of how to straighten the bangs is solved in the same way. All these oils are rich in vitamins of group B, so there is not only straightening hair at home, but also feeding the strands with useful substances. After using the oils, the curls will become obedient and will go to bed beautifully.

Mask of cognac and vinegar

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How to straighten hair without ironing, you can find out by reading the information below. The mask for straightening hair with the help of cognac and vinegar is capable of being able not only to straighten, but also to benefit your hair. Homemade products like apple cider vinegar and brandy know how to straighten hair without a straightener. Cognac should be lubricated hair along their entire length, while not touching the skin. Apple cider vinegar must be diluted 50% with water. These masks must be kept on the curls for 20-30 minutes, after which the curls will not only straighten, but will also be easy to comb.

Popular method of hair straightening using colorless henna

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Straighten curly hair can be another folk remedy - colorless henna. Colorless henna perfectly cares for the condition of the hair. Each hair after the use of colorless henna will become harder, its structure will recover, a healthy luster will appear. It is possible to straighten hair for a long time using henna supplements, namely natural oils. Oils such as: orange or grape seed oil.

The regularity and correctness of the procedures is the key to successful straightening of curls. Procedures should be carried out at least two or three times a week.

Mix from natural oils - means for straightening of curls

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To straighten hair for a long time, you can create a mixture of natural oils. This will require olive, castor and burdock oil.

  • Take the container and add one large spoonful of olive oil.
  • Then three small spoons of castor oil and two large spoons of burdock. Mix the oil with a wooden stick or spoon.
  • Next, the mixture should be slightly warmed. To do this, put it in warm water along with the tank.
  • Heated mixture should be rubbed into the curls. To create a greenhouse effect, you must wear a hat.
  • Wrap in a hat for an hour, and then wash the oil with warm water and shampoo.

The mask is very effective, however, if some of the oils do not, then it can be deleted. Only one oil can be used. The effect is sure to be, but not so great anymore. In order to straighten the curls, it is necessary to make this mask as often as possible, at least twice a week.

Rinser for straightening curls with your own hands

Apple vinegar

Another great way to do homemade hair straightening is to create a rinse. The recipe for homemade hair rinse includes the following ingredients: lemon, apple cider vinegar, alcohol, squeezed apple juice, mineral water.

  • One large spoonful of lemon juice should be put in a container.
  • Then add half a spoonful of apple cider vinegar.
  • Next, pour in a small spoon of alcohol.
  • Then, half a large spoonful of real fresh apple juice.
  • All this pour mineral water. Approximately 0.5 liters. Mix the contents well.
  • After washing the head, we rinse with rinse and let them dry their hair on their own.

The hair will be shiny and straight if you use this mixture often. Rinse can not be washed off, otherwise there will be no effect.

Hair straightening tea

Tea in the kettle

Effective home straightening curls is done using tea. This is especially true for dry hair. Sweet tea can help straighten even curls.

  • Brewed a glass of tea. It is best to use tea not from a bag, but loose.
  • One small spoonful of sugar is carefully dissolved in this tea.
  • Apply this tea to wet strands. Do not try to put sugar more than expected. In this case, the strands will stick together and look awful.

Beer as a means of getting rid of curls

Beer in a glass

Another interesting way that you should definitely try is straightening with beer. Just washed strands must be dipped a couple of times with a towel to remove excess moisture. Beer can be poured on the head of hair, but it is better to apply it with a sponge. This should be done from the roots to the tips. When you finish applying the beer to the curls, take them to comb. This should be done until the strands are straight.

Powerful and effective folk remedies for straightening hair are able to cope even with afro curls.

Hair straightening shampoos and supplements

Vitamins in capsules

You can use shampoo to straighten curls, this is the most gentle way. The composition of special shampoos are ingredients that do not allow curls curl. You can add in shampoos vitamins of group B, which are sold in pharmacies in ampoules. Buy shampoos with additives of oils, they promote straightening.

Gelatin - an effective means of straightening curly locks

Gelatin in a bowl

Another way to straighten hair folk remedies - gelatin. The nutrients in the gelatin feed the hair and give it vitality. The most important thing is high protein content. After straightening gelatin, strands cease to curl and push. Gelatin is also able to add additional volume to the hair. Each hair covered with gelatin becomes shiny, healthy, obedient and incredibly beautiful.

The effect of straightening gelatin lasts until washing the head, so it is best to use gelatin constantly. Gelatin is used not only for long-lasting effect in straightening curls to the following hygienic procedures, but also to get rid of split ends. Gelatin in this fight is a great helper.

  • Gelatin is diluted in warm water until completely dissolved. You can add to the solution vitamins that are sold in pharmacies.
  • The tool must be applied to the curls and hold for half an hour.
  • Then rinse with warm water without using shampoo.
  • The hair should be carefully and carefully combed.

All these tools will help you to cope with curly curls, get rid of curls and straighten your curls. You can use folk remedies to straighten hair in the complex, and you can choose the right one for yourself. Do not forget about the regularity of procedures, do not be lazy to carry them out because the beauty is worth a lot.

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