Hair shielding

Hair shielding - The procedure is somewhat similar to the procedure for lamination of hair, but they should not be confused. The essence of shielding is that the hair is covered with a thick layer of a special film, it is transparent and invisible on the hair, however it creates protection from damage, and also keeps the color of dyed hair for a long time. The screening film keeps on average 2-3 weeks.

So what is the difference between screening and lamination?

Hair shielding - is a procedure aimed at feeding the internal structure of the hair, lamination is the procedure of feeding the outside of the hair. These procedures can be done together. In fact, the differences between lamination, biolamination, shielding, eluting, glazing are not great, all these procedures have the same direction, only the composition of agents and the effect are different.

Hair shielding
Screening - a hair care procedure that protects the hair from the external environment, as well as nourishes and moisturizes the hair.

The shielding procedure can be transparent or colored.

The palette is quite diverse and you can pick up a shade close to your hair color or drastically change the hair color, and this is done in an absolutely safe manner, since the screening means does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. And the color lasts longer, due to a special film that covers the hair during shielding.

Ceramides that are contained in the means for shielding can deeply penetrate deep into the hair at the same time nourishing and coloring it. One of the most popular screening tools now is Paul Mitchell (USA). You can buy Paul Mitchell products yourself and do the hair shielding procedure at home.

During this procedure, a special compound is applied to the hair, which is rich in proteins and other nutrients. These substances penetrate inside the hair and begin to restore it from the inside, as a result of this, the damaged areas become smaller, the hair scales smooth out and the hair looks healthier and shinier.

The shielding effect lasts 2-4 weeks, after which the procedure can be repeated, it will not bring harm, because during this procedure there is no oversaturation of hair with nutrients.

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