Hair shielding - procedure for giving shine to hair

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Our hair is daily exposed to various factors that spoil their structure and reduce shine. These include styling with irons, drying with a hairdryer, and the sun's rays, and washing with shampoo, combing, tight hair, hard tap water and many other factors. And how you want to protect your hair, wrap it with an invisible film, creating a barrier to aggressive factors. And this is possible thanks to an innovative procedure called hair shielding.

What is shielding?

Hair shielding is a therapeutic cosmetic procedure aimed at their nutrition from the inside. If you have had experience lamination, then you can imagine the result of the screening. Only in the latter case, the strands will be incredibly brilliant. This effect is noticed by all the girls who have used this service. Therefore, the shielding is often called “shining”, which translates as “shining”. The hair is affected from the inside by various nutrients that make the strands strong. Your curls will shine health, and not just shine from a large number of applied oils and emulsions. Penetrating into the depths, the active components restore the hair structure from the inside along its entire length.

box with the necessary means for the session

The composition of drugs for shielding

Typically, screening agents have a composition that includes amino acids, soy protein, vegetable components, and ceramides.

  • Amino acids provide your hair with a glossy shine and high elasticity.
  • Soy protein actively restores the structural damage to the hair.
  • Various herbal ingredients nourish the hair with vitamins and minerals.
  • And ceramides promote the absorption of these substances and their penetration into the depths.

What will please the procedure?

After completion of the manipulation of the hair, the change of state will be impossible not to notice. You'll get:

  • visible increase in volume;
  • incredible shine of hair;
  • reduction of split ends and lack of "fluffiness" in length;
  • obedient hair that can be stacked;
  • protection from the harmful effects of various factors;
  • color saturation of colored strands.

All these advantages of hair shielding are noticed by about 90% of girls, what their reviews indicate.

What can upset shielding

Most beauties like this procedure, they come to the salon again and again for a re-session. But there are cases when the result is either obscure or not noticeable at all. Most often this is due to the manipulation, despite contraindications.

Shining may have the following disadvantages:

  • increased static electrification;
  • excessive moisture leads to heavier hair;
  • The effect for healthy hair is almost nil;
  • the result is not long term.

long hair after shane session

Who would be suitable for such care?

Shielding will have the greatest effect if you have dry and brittle hair. Healthy and strong curls also need additional nutrition, which this procedure provides, but you may not notice such a vivid effect. But on the dim strands strand the result will be maximum.

For girls with hair prone to fat, this procedure may not be very suitable. After all, curls can be heavily weighted and will look unnatural.

In general, this procedure is safe and can be repeated an infinite number of times. As soon as you notice that the effect is waning, you can re-screen it. The regularity of such a caring procedure will only benefit your hair.

Who should not do screening

strong blonde

The procedure has some limitations:

  • If your hair is prone to hair loss and this is not a seasonal manifestation, then you better not use this method. Oils weight strands, increasing loss.
  • Too greasy hair and scalp. Escaping will exacerbate this picture.
  • Skin diseases such as lichen, sores and abrasions.
  • Individual intolerance to the components.
  • Recent dyeing or perm.

Estel hair shielding

Most often in the professional salons of the master prefer such a brand as Estelle. She has earned prestige among professional hairdressing thanks to many years of market retention and a positive experience of use. The range of this manufacturer is very wide and allows you to select products for all types of hair for various manipulations.

Estel for many years in its range has a set for shielding. It is available for purchase not only to professional hairdressers. Shops with the products of this manufacturer are often in large shopping centers, and the price is quite affordable, as for professional cosmetics. So Estel hair shielding makes available for every girl.

Q3 technology from Estelle

The estel standard shielding kit includes air conditioning and oils. In the box there is also an instruction on how to stage a shining step by step.

Innovative q3 shielding

Estel presents a unique q3 screening system. It includes funds that act step by step on your curls. Buy this set of q3 therapy can every girl. The high cost of such a set will be compensated by an excellent result. Means of this complex work to achieve the following results:

  • moisturizing;
  • pH recovery;
  • shine.

To use the tools from the kit, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions that the instruction contains, then apply the funds step by step. This series aims to quickly restore hair and give it a glossy shine. The composition of this product contains one of the most valuable oils in the world - argan. Professionals recommend this series to girls who often brighten the strands.


Estel q3 therapy is screened according to the standard scheme. It takes up to 15 minutes of time and is impressive with the effect immediately after the procedure. The set includes such products:

  • Air conditioning Q3. It should be sprayed on the curls. It provides hydration and pH recovery.
  • Q3 oil. It is applied along the entire length, receding from the roots from 2 cm. The oil moisturizes, nourishes and increases the density of the strands.
  • Oil gloss Q3. Creates a protective film, adds shine and silkiness.

Home screening

This simple recovery procedure can be done independently at home and it does not require special skills and devices. It is enough to have special means for shielding presented on the cosmetic market, for example from the brand estel or Redken. The scheme is very simple, gradually perform standard manipulations, which consist in the distribution of funds along the entire length of your curls and subsequent drying.

Instructions for applying funds with their own hands:

  1. Start by washing your head. Apply oil only to clean hair, because at the very end of the procedure, washing is not carried out.
  2. On wet hair, you must apply the composition for shielding, distributing the entire length of the strands. The instruction will indicate the exact time of the mixture on your curls.
  3. Rinse the hair thoroughly. Use a hairdryer for drying.
  4. Apply fixing agent evenly to the tips.
  5. In the end, use the hairdryer again. The process is complete. Now you can admire the result.

shining shine of hair

The procedure in the cabin differs only in the method of drying. When shielding it is not recommended to dry the hair very quickly, the heating should be uniform. Hairdressers have the opportunity to do this in dryers or klimamonah. At home, most often used a hair dryer. The basis of success in shielding strands itself is to buy the right tools, you should not save on this. In the specific case, Estel shielding is an indicator of the quality of the procedure. Cheaper counterparts do not always give the desired result, and may even adversely affect your hair.

In the reliable hands of the master

If you are afraid to take risks while conducting this procedure yourself, trust a professional. After all, it is their calling to make your hair luxurious. Then the result will be as positive as possible. And with your own hands, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve the same indicator as the master’s hands.

The cost of salon services, of course, will be more expensive. The average price for shoulder-length hair will be 500 rubles. Large beauty salons often arrange various actions, then the price of screening can be much less.

Video: hair shielding session in the salon

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