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Hair serums are concentrated substances containing beneficial ingredients and differing in high penetrating power. Shampoo, conditioner, balm - maintain the beauty of curls, but if they need special care, the serum will cope with any problem. The main thing is to choose the right means so as not to overload the strands by weighting them.

Types of hair serums

Cosmetic product is distinguished by the spectrum of action and constituent components. There are the following types:

  • Smoothing, contain a complex of liquid keratins. Use this type of serum for dry hair, combined, damaged, weak, brittle, thin and colored.
  • Dandruff removal. Improve the work of the sebaceous glands, act as an antiseptic, eliminating itching, peeling. Apply to the scalp with massaging movements.
  • For the growth of hair-contain elastin, proteins, provitamins and other elements that allow to compensate for the lack of nutrients.


  • From falling out. Strengthen hair follicles. The main purpose - thin, rare strands.
  • Restoring the structure from the inside, return to the curls natural radiance, shine.
  • Against bifurcation of the tips contain silicone substances and biopolymers. They envelop, sticking together a lock from the inside.
  • Moisturizing Hair Serum is an easy-to-use product. Suitable for dry and lifeless strands.

Review of popular caring cosmetic hair serums

Care for the hair is needed for every woman and girl, since the negative impact of the environment adversely affects her general condition, as the curls become:

  • brittle and naughty;
  • dry and thin.

Therefore it is necessary to regularly use concentrated substances for proper care. Consider popular and modern brands.

Serum for hair growth

Contribute to the restoration of the structure of the hair shaft, fill the lack of vitamins and elements in the follicles, so that the curls become strong, healthy, smooth with a natural sheen.

  • "Alerana growth promoter" - suitable for men and women with any type of hair. The composition includes natural ingredients that make the drug safe. With proper and timely care, it has the following effect: it activates the bulbs, restores the rods, adds natural volume and healthy shine to the hair. Real reviews claim that you can get the desired result after the course, using the substance for 4 months in a row.

Ecolab and Biotique

  • Ecolab - acts as a growth stimulator, preventing excessive loss. The presence of anti-aging peptide slows down the aging process of curls.
  • Grandma Agafya's Recipes "Active Plant Serum" strengthens and stimulates growth. The composition includes natural herbs. The substance penetrates deep into the scalp, improves blood flow to the bulbs, thereby increasing the number of newly emerging strands.


  • Azumi is a caring and healing drug. Activates dormant curls, improving growth. Cosmetic product starts with the first use - decreases the loss, and after 3 weeks noticeable results in increasing the length of the strands.

Hair Loss Serum

Regular stressful situations, improper nutrition and poor ecology adversely affect not only human health, but also the state of hair that begins to fall. Common remedies to fight baldness:

  • "Andrea" - contains natural ingredients that nourish and moisturize. Effectively acts on the bulb and stem. When properly applied, it reduces prolapse, improves growth, makes it obedient and smooth.


  • Aging serum for baldness "Serum"manufactured by Schwarzkopf Professional. Treats a number of professional cosmetics, does not render medical effect at pathological baldness. The minimum course of application is 6 days. In the box there are only 7 ampoules in each of 10 ml of activator. Per day takes 1 ampoule. Main advantages: it does not get fat, does not tangle curls, it is well applied, it has a slight drying effect at the roots.


  • "Revivor" includes more than 20 active substances: essential oils, camphor, amino acids, vitamins, menthol. Possesses good absorbency, protecting each strand. It is recommended to use in combination with vitamins and medicinal shampoos. The result of the application will be seen in 2 months.


  • "Belita" from Vitex - a popular cosmetic product. Awakens the bulbs, reduces the risk of hair loss, improves growth, regulates the production of subcutaneous fat. Food, strengthening occurs due to incoming vegetable oils. To obtain the result of the composition is recommended to use 2-3 months.

Regenerating, nourishing, moisturizing serums

Means provide a local effect, are able to actively penetrate the scalp, providing positive changes at the cellular level. The correct choice of serum for hair restoration will not only improve their appearance, but also the structure, having a therapeutic effect.

  • "Instant Recovery 7" from Avon - a popular and effective oily substance with a pleasant strawberry flavor. When used regularly, it does not weigh or become greasy. The result of the product is noticeable after 1 procedure: it compensates for the lack of moisture in the cells, prevents fragility, makes the hair silky and shiny.


  • Serum spray "Kapous Dual Renascence" - restores color, making it persistent and saturated. The product has a nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating and therapeutic effect. Proper use allows you to give the curls volume, protect from the negative effects of the environment.
  • Serum filler for hair from Gliss Kur - restores and strengthens the structure from the inside, gives elasticity and additional volume. Ease of use is in the presence of a pipette. Included in the keratin fill the damaged areas of the hair shaft, a positive effect on its surface.

Gliss Kur and Estel

  • For shine and hydration "Estel Otium Aqua" used for dry, brittle, dull strands. Performs protective functions from aggressive environmental influences, acts as an antistatic agent. The result of the use of Estelle products is smoothness, obedience, brilliance and well-groomed appearance.
  • Biphasic serum "Avon Advance Techniques: precious oils" Suitable for all types of hair. It has a complex effect on curls - it nourishes with useful substances, compensates for the lack of moisture in the cells, protects, gives softness and silkiness, natural radiance. To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to use the entire product line - shampoo, rinse, mask, spray.

Hair care

  • "Merging with nature" from Pantene Pro-v. Does not weigh strands and does not require rinsing. Suitable for all hair types. Not able to cope with the problem alone. Eliminates "dandelion effect". Helps to easily comb and lay strands.
  • For split ends from the company Fructis. Glues the dissected tips, smoothes the scales on the surface of the hair shaft, eliminating the fluffiness after washing. In case of severe damage to the structure of the curl, the tool will not have the desired effect, it is recommended to use it at the initial stages.

Milk serum

Whey is obtained after cooking cheese. It has a lot of useful properties. Used in dietary nutrition due to the rapid absorption of the body, saturating it with amino acids and vitamins. Also, the product is used for the beauty of the hair, as it contains a huge amount of building material for the strands - protein.

Milk serum

Whey for hair has the following positive effects:

  • eliminates weakness, increased fragility and cross-section;
  • vitamin complex makes curls stronger, resilient with a natural healthy sheen;
  • cleans away dirt and dead cells;
  • protects against negative environmental effects;
  • strengthens, normalizes metabolism at the cellular level, reduces the risk of baldness.

It is used for prevention and for the treatment of lifeless, loose strands.

Stages of using hair serum

To get a good result, it is important to know how to use hair serum. Consider the basic rules:

  • Apply to dry or wet clean strands depending on the action of the product. Means to take in small quantities, because of the abundance of curls will look oily.
  • For dry tips - the substance is used only for tips, for growth and strengthening - rubbed into the scalp and root portion of the strands.


  • Perform massage movements during the distribution of funds, to improve blood circulation.
  • It is recommended to dry curls in a natural way, but if it is not possible, then it is necessary to use a hairdryer 5-7 minutes after application.

Where to buy hair serum

You can buy a cosmetic product in a pharmacy, in specialized or professional stores. Product price is different depending on the manufacturer. The cost varies from 150 rubles to 4000, professional and medicinal products to 10,000 rubles.

Healthy strands

Hair serum is an effective and necessary care product. With the right choice and application, the curls will look healthy, beautiful with a natural sheen. Providing timely and proper care for the strands, you can prevent many problems: loss, cross-section, dandruff.

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