Hair reconstruction - the procedure of medical restoration

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Hair reconstruction is a treatment and restoration procedure using a variety of different cosmetic products. As a result, it, first of all, significantly improves the appearance of the hair. Strands become more shiny, resilient and serviceable, as well as more healthy.

The essence of hair reconstruction

If you examine the reviews of hair reconstruction, it immediately becomes clear that this procedure has become very popular with the fair sex recently.

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Active protein complexes, which are contained in special means for reconstruction, help restore damaged curls. Ceramides and minerals are also integral components of such products, and have a very beneficial effect on the state of hair. So that the means for hair reconstruction does not injure the scalp, they must contain all the necessary chemical components.

Professional cosmetics for this procedure should include:

  • Panthenol. Well moisturizes and restores the hair, which is not just yielding staining. Is a provitamin B5.
  • Keratin. Natural protein. It improves growth "manes", restores the structure, thereby helping to eliminate fragility and cross-section.
  • Proteins. They perform a protective function for the head of hair. Envelop them with a special shell, while regulating the internal humidity.

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Indications for hair restoration

This procedure is shown to people who have the following problems:

  • Split ends;
  • Severe breakage;
  • Dry hair;
  • Increased fluffiness and curvature;
  • Dullness;
  • Strong tangle during combing;
  • The lack of a positive result from the usual hair care;
  • All kinds of destruction of the hair structure.

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Hair reconstruction as a salon procedure

Scheme of "activity" extremely simple. The main thing to do everything in stages.

  1. Preparation of hair for the procedure. This stage is a cleansing "manes" and scalp with the help of a special shampoo, which is enriched with herbal ingredients;
  2. Recovery. A special mask based on wax is applied to the already cleaned, wet curls. It is designed to restore the hair structure, smooth all scales and glue the split ends;
  3. Regeneration. After the mask, a reconstructive cream is applied to the strands. It contains collagen, tocopherol and a concentrate of plant extracts;
  4. Spraying This procedure is done with the help of a special restorative spray that protects the hair from external influences and prolongs the result of the procedure. Also, this tool is responsible for the volume, gloss and silkiness of the curls.

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At the present time, the cost of this procedure in the salons ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 thousand rubles. It all depends on the length of the curls and brand of cosmetics, with which a session of hair restoration is held. This price is quite democratic compared to other salon procedures for hair.

Variety of hair restoration procedures

  • There are many different types of this procedure. One of them is lipid hair reconstruction. This technique is still considered innovative in the world of beauty. It is presented by the famous brand L’oreal Paris. Lipid hair reconstruction allows you to restore each hair from the root to the very tip.
  • Another not-well-known brand that also released its system to restore hair is JOICO K-PAK. JOICO Hair Reconstruction includes Quadramine Complex, which was developed specifically for this brand. Also their composition is rich in amino acids. Thanks to this, even the most delicate curls are restored both outside and inside. The reconstruction of JOICO makes the locks stronger and more hydrated and reliably protects them from the negative impact of the environment.
  • Keratin hair reconstruction is designed for deep recovery. Suitable for strands affected by perm or bleaching hair. One of the representatives of this technique is Renee Blanche raving. Deep hair reconstruction can be carried out a week after painting. For very exhausted curls, this procedure should be done in a course of 10 sessions. The first 4 times every week, the rest once a month. It is very important that the keratin reconstruction of the hair of this company does not include parabens.
  • If necessary, hair can be partially restored, for this reconstruction of the tips of the hair is suitable. This technique will allow to fasten the cut ends, as well as to protect them from further exposure to hot styling devices. Reconstruction tips should be updated about once a month.

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Home hair remodeling

Many are concerned about the issue "Is it possible to make a hair reconstruction at home by yourself?" Since this procedure is not difficult, it is quite possible. Only you must first consult with a specialist, or at least study the relevant material. It is also necessary to remember that the instructions are attached to the cosmetic products with the help of which this manipulation is carried out. There it is described step by step how to do this procedure. Therefore, having all the necessary materials, this event can be easily made at home itself.

How to care for hair after reconstruction?

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If you decide and carried out this procedure, then you should know all about caring for hair after it.

  • You need to wash your hair with softer shampoos that do not contain parabens and lauryl sulfates;
  • Be sure to moisturize the hair with the help of masks containing the necessary vitamins and minerals;
  • Whenever possible, use packing tools less often or select proven manufacturers;
  • In the summer, it is necessary to protect the curls from ultraviolet rays, using special tools or headgear;
  • When using hot devices to process strands of thermal protection;
  • Avoid chlorinated and seawater.

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If you follow all these recommendations, the effect on the hair will last 4-6 weeks on average. After this period, the procedure can be repeated.

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