Hair powder is a new trend in cosmetology to create a bright

Variety of products

Most modern girls carefully look after themselves and try to know about all the new products in the cosmetic industry. One of the modern innovative products that will help you quickly and easily change the image is hair powder.

Consider in detail what types it is, how to use it correctly, and what the most popular brands of this product can be found.

For volume

Powder for the volume of hair is a novelty in the world of beauty and serves as a kind of substitute for lacquer. When laying on the final stage, you can fix your hair instead of lacquer with this very tool and give it the necessary volumetric shape. Previously, the basal styling to create volume was done with the help of mousse or foam, as well as special rounded brushes were used. Thanks to a new cosmetic product, these outdated methods are a thing of the past.

Powder Effect

The composition includes:

  • Vitamins;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Water;
  • Natural oils complex;
  • Components of viscose and others.

It looks like ordinary friable powder or talc. But do not confuse it with a dry shampoo. It is suitable for different shades of hair and, especially for owners of thin strands. Such girls very often suffer from the inability to make bulk styling for the whole day.

But if your strands are heavy, hard and thick, you can not wait for a good effect.

The most important advantages:

  • It thickens and lifts the hair;
  • Persistent fixation;
  • There is no sharp smell that can kill your perfume.

Before and after

Different manufacturers may have different products from each other, but the scheme of application is step by step the same:

  1. We make your usual styling with a hairdryer, a round comb, a straightener, etc;
  2. In a place where we want to make a volume, we divide the hair in half or just parting it between the strands;
  3. Apply the product shaking cautious movements on the roots. Some girls impose it first on the hands, and then on the curls themselves, but then there will be an uneconomical consumption of the product, as part of it will remain on your fingers;
  4. We do the same with other partings. Sculpting hair powder will be used on the area of ​​your crown, forehead, crown;
  5. When you apply at home the product on all desired curls, gently whip the hair with your fingers with massaging light movements.

The most famous brand is without a doubt Taft. This styling powder provides durable volume and mega-fixation in a few minutes, thanks to its light texture. Hair does not become heavier and free from root fat. The average price is 250 rubles per bottle of 10 g.

Taft and Matrix Tools

Also popular is the Matrix Height Riser texturizing powder. It creates an instant mega-volume without gluing and weighting with a strong degree of fixation, which remains even the next day after application. The cost of a bottle of 7 g is about 1000 rubles.

Both products can be purchased at specialized cosmetic or online stores. Feedback on both products is positive in most cases, and customers are satisfied with the result.

To lighten

It is a common powder that is mixed with special oxidizing agents. The resulting composition is applied to the strands, and it immediately begins to act. The more he holds on to his hair, the more they will become discolored. It is impossible to apply such coloring to owners of the damaged, weakened hair.

The composition of the powder for lightening hair include:

  • Alkaline substances;
  • Caring supplements and extracts;
  • Sulphates;
  • Hydrogen peroxide.


Advantages of the means:

  • Lightening strands up to 8 tones in one staining session;
  • Suitable for new styling techniques such as shatusha, highlighting, balayazha.

When used, it is mixed with an oxidizing agent, which varies from 3% to 12%. Try to use oxidizer and powder from the same manufacturer.

When lightening the hair roots, you must:

  1. Put on old clothes and cover the shoulders with an unnecessary cloth;
  2. Be sure to use gloves for hands;
  3. Lubricate the skin in the root area with a fat cream;
  4. Use a handy comb with sparse teeth, plastic clips;
  5. Mix the powder and the oxidizing compound in a separate container, following the instructions. Do everything as accurately as possible. If the product is used in large quantities, arm yourself with a measuring spoon and electronic scales;
  6. Apply the mixture on the strands itself must be very quickly with a brush. The clarification process is just as fast. If you do not have experience in painting, it is better not to do this procedure yourself and contact a proven salon to consult a professional.

Essex Princess and Blonde Studio

  • One of the most popular and budgetary options is Essex Princess bleaching powder from the well-known brand Estel. The almond oil contained in the composition protects the hairs and scalp during lightening, while dust formation during the procedure is practically absent. This Estel product can make the shade of the hair lighter up to seven tones. A jar of 750 g will cost about 650 rubles.
  • Also Blonde Studio lightening powder from L'Oreal is in demand. It is suitable for any techniques of clarification, contains keratin and hair can become lighter by 8 tones. Does not destroy the structure of hairs during the procedure and allows you to achieve even shades. The price for a jar of 400 g is about 1,500 rubles.


This is a real find for a regular change of image. She quickly helps to change the color of the entire head of hair completely or a few strands without harm to them. And you can wash off the selected shade, just by washing your head with shampoo.

Colored hair

Among the advantages you can also highlight:

  • Professional skills and special devices for drawing are not required;
  • Suitable for owners of any hair (red, blonde, brunette);

How to use powder for hair? Everything is very simple. It does not need to mix with something and wait a certain time. The technology of application differs depending on the form of production. If the colored powder is pressed and looks like chalk, it is usually sold in special plastic cases, which makes use as convenient and comfortable as possible. In this case, you just need to hold on individual curls translational circular movements.

Here is a quick guide on how to apply colored powder in powder form in stages:

  1. Before the procedure it is recommended to slightly moisten the curls in order to achieve the most saturated and bright shade;
  2. Carefully separate the strand from the bulk of the hair;
  3. Take a small amount of product on the fingers. If you take too much, you can accidentally spill everything, and thereby hurt the main part of the hair;
  4. Gently slowly rub the powder into the strand that you want to hold with your other hand.

Hot huez

Here one of the most popular is the powder from Hot huez. It is presented in a pressed state. Allows you to instantly dye strands and adjust the degree of brightness on their own. Packaging with crayons of 4 colors will cost an average of 350 rubles.

For styling

It has another name: styling hair powder. Unlike the first option, it is applied at the very beginning of the laying process, and not at the end. The tool is ideal for fine hairs, as well as cascading or short haircuts. But on the thick, heavy and long hair it is better not to apply it.


  • Efficiency;
  • Lack of pasting of hairs;
  • Absorption of excess sebum from the scalp;
  • Easy to use.

Osis and Got2B

Hair styling powder is used as follows:

  1. The product is applied to dry combed hair in one of the following ways, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations: directly on the parting or on the head with preliminary rubbing with your fingers;
  2. First pour a little, then you can add, because an oversupply of funds will look sloppy.

The most popular manufacturer of these products is Schwarzkopf. Powder Dust It OSiS + is one of the most popular on the market of cosmetology. It creates a special matte effect both on individual strands and on the hairstyle as a whole and allows you to independently control the fixation effect.

Video: Comparison of powder for the volume of hair Osis + and Got2B

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