Hair polishing is a solution to the problem of the split

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The problem of the split ends is familiar to many girls. As a rule, cosmetics designed to combat this problem do not give a noticeable result, it remains only to go to the master and cut off the damaged ends, but then the length will suffer. However, today there is a worthy alternative that allows you to remove more than 90% of the split ends in half an hour and at the same time your hair will remain at the same level, a polisher will help you with this. What is hair polishing with a HG Polishen nozzle, what reviews does the procedure have and how much does it cost, read on.

Features of the procedure for polishing the hair

The unique device polisher HG Polishen has become a real salvation for many girls with damaged curls. "Event" It quickly became popular and in demand, the service is provided in almost every city in Russia, as it does not require expensive equipment. The hair is polished with a machine, on which a special polisher attachment is put on. It can be bought on the Internet, the estimated price is about 1500 rubles. Nozzle for polishing hair can be chosen for almost any model of the machine.

polishing head HG Polishen

By treating the strands with a nozzle, almost every tip is trimmed. Its edge turns out equal, unlike a hairstyle with scissors when a cut more friable. Polishing the hair with a HG Polishen head allows you to trim the split ends even if they are shorter than the main length, which is not possible with regular scissors. This allows you to remove "fluffiness" shag and make drip smooth over the entire length. Curls become soft, obedient, alive. A hair polishing machine can be an alternative to regular haircuts or can be performed as an additional procedure after keratin straightening or lamination.

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The benefits of polishing strands

The service quickly gained recognition from girls with different types and lengths of hair. The result is not just noticeable, it radically changes the look of your hair. The procedure has the following advantages:

  • Hair polishing in the salon is available to everyone, its cost slightly exceeds the price of a standard haircut ends. The cost of services from 300 to 900 rubles, depending on the prestige of the salon and the region.
  • In contrast to alternative methods of cutting with hot scissors or a hot razor, the hair polisher does not have a thermal effect on them, which, as is well known, leads to even greater destruction of the tip and does not solve the problem of pinching.
  • The entire session takes no more than half an hour, even on a very long mane, while working with scissors will take about an hour.
  • Nozzle for polishing hair does not cut more than 1 cm, and therefore you can be calm - the length will not suffer. This is a particularly important advantage for girls who grow curls.
  • The effect persists for at least 4 months.

HG Polishen result

How is polishing done

As we have said, the manipulation is carried out using a special nozzle on the machine. Step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  1. You get comfortable in the chair.
  2. The master straightens all strands with the help of an ironing iron, or will use a hair dryer and brushing for this, pulling the strands.
  3. The master will divide all the hair into zones, as it usually happens when shearing.
  4. After that, the master will put the hair polisher HG Polishen on the machine and proceed to the session.
  5. If you wear a graduated haircut, that is, the curls have different lengths, the master must pull the strand down and hold the machine along its entire length.
  6. If all your curls are the same length, strand you need to pull up, thus asking her the maximum graduation.
  7. In the end, the master can trim the tips, giving them the same length.

work as a polisher

A hair polisher is capable of changing your hair cut. Your strands will look well-groomed and healthy. The technology allows you to facilitate the work of the master and reduce the time of your stay in the cabin, taking care of the hair to a new level. Of course, the HG Polyshen cannot solve the problem of the split ends once and for all, since the damage to the strands provoke many factors, including the environmental impact and the lack of vitamins, but the technology is able to improve the condition of the curls several times.

Customer reviews about polishing with HG Polishen

Having passed not long training, the master can master this technology and render service to the clients. Such courses are conducted by the beauty studio PaulMitchell, but some masters prefer to master the technology on training videos on YouTube, which often becomes the reason for the appearance of dissatisfied customers who leave negative reviews about it. But the majority of reviews about the session are positive, and photos of happy girls confirm this before and after the procedure.

effect after polisher

If you dream of healthy shiny hair, you will love this service. Well, if you have already used it, leave your opinion in the comments below, it will surely be useful to other girls struggling with the split ends.

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