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hair megasprey

Speaking about advertising on the Internet, it is impossible not to mention various means for hair growth. What kind of tales do not whisper marketers in ears to their customers! Here to spray, to anoint there, to rinse, and voila! Your hair is thick and silky! Among these funds, the popularity began to gain another - Hair megaspray. What is this? Another way to throw money away or is it still an effective drug? Divorce or truth - read further in the article.

What is hair megaspray?

Hairair megaspray is a tool in the form of a hair mask, which is positioned as a magical way to stop hair loss, give it a healthy, radiant look, gain density and strength of hair.

Advertising on official websites claims that after a two-week course of application, the result will already be obvious: the curls will become more lush, and lost hair will grow back. Is this a fairy tale? Let's look further.

hair spray

Price hair megaspray

Before considering the drug in more detail, it is necessary to discuss its cost. Perhaps after its publicity, the desire to buy a hair megaspray for hair will disappear before you learn anything else about it. The average price of this spray is 1500 to 2000 rubles. Acquire it mainly on official sites. If you try, you can find it also in pharmacies and large cosmetic stores.

Hair megaspray composition

We must pay tribute to the manufacturer: the composition of this spray for the hair (with the condition that the components on the label correspond to the contents of the bottle) is extremely good. It includes components such as:

  • Burr oil;
  • Argan oil;
  • Coconut oil;
  • Cinnamon oil;
  • Chili pepper extract;
  • Chamomile extract;
  • Vitamins A and E.

Thus, the hair megaspray for the hair is a pretty good health "cocktail" for the hair. But where is the divorce then, you ask? Does the use of this tool really solve the problem of brittleness and baldness? Well, let's continue the debriefing.

composition Hair Megaspray

Divorce or the truth?

Unlike many other magical drugs, advertised on the Internet as manna from heaven, heir megaspray really has some positive qualities.

Advantages of hair megaspray for hair:

  • It has a natural composition. The components that make up this drug, in fact, have a positive effect on curls. In fact, many of them are long-known folk remedies, with the help of which more than one generation treated hair at home. So, it is quite possible to expect strengthening and shine of hair, stopping their loss and neutralizing fragility;
  • Easy to use. No step-by-step schemes and step-by-step instructions are a simple procedure for yourself and that's it;
  • Short course application. Manufacturers do not persuade to use hair megaspray spray for six months. They promise results after a two-week course.

But nevertheless, Internet advertising almost never can offer the perfect product, in which there would be no drop of divorce. Sweet reviews, catchy slogans, vivid pictures can not hide that the description of heir megaspray is much better than its real action.

Disadvantages of hair megaspray spray:

  • Will not bring the results promised by manufacturers. Yes, of course, without a dose of care your hair will not remain - as a part of all the same useful vegetable oils. Curls will become less brittle, more shiny, hair loss may decrease. But your new hair will not suddenly grow back, as many exaggerated reviews claim. Neither spray hair megaspray, nor any other treatment product can restart hair growth. Deal with it;
  • The price does not match the quality. Think about whether it makes sense to buy a product for 2000 rubles via the Internet, when you can buy several oils in pharmacies for 50 rubles each? Yes, Heir megasprey is not so bad, but this is not a magic wand, and obviously not worth the money that is asked for it;
  • Difficulty in acquiring. Although they say that this hair spray can be found in pharmacies and stores, but still it is very difficult. Only single and very large institutions purchase this tool. The easiest way to buy it on official sites. But then you will have to wait a long time for it and, perhaps, still have to pay extra for the delivery;
  • Can not check the quality. Due to the fact that the purchase of goods occurs through the Internet, you are, in fact, buying a cat in a bag. No testimonials and vendor statements can guarantee you that the package will receive exactly what you were expecting.

healthy and beautiful spray hair?

Reviews from the forum about the preparation for hair growth hair megaspray

Well, in general terms, we figured out what the heir megaspray is. But in order to finally understand everything, you should read customer reviews. And not from official sites, where all of them are fabricated, but from the forum, where there is a lively exchange of impressions. If you read reviews from manufacturers' advertising sites, it seems that this hair spray is, in fact, an extraterrestrial miracle. But by climbing to the forum, you can, fortunately, find negative reviews, which is more like the truth.

“Well, I don’t know, I read the line-up and decided not to take it at all. What is the point if I pepper and burdock oil myself have long been rubbing my hair? In my opinion, another divorce in order to earn some money ... "

“Immediately embarrassed by the lack of negative reviews on the site, so for a long time did not dare to take. But, after reading the composition, I still bought it. And you know, there is an effect! Hair became less brittle, healthier. Of course, maybe this is because I still drink the vitamin complex. But, in general, I do not consider money thrown to the wind. ”

“Lord, what kind of nonsense! My husband asked me to buy this super-duper hair spray. He, you see, bald spots are starting to appear. Well, we bought it, hoped for a miracle. What, did his new hair grow? Hell no! With the same success could spell over his bald head to whisper, but it would have been cheaper. Divorce is everything. ”

innovative formula

As a conclusion, we can say that it is better to use proven and familiar methods for strengthening hair: they are cheaper and you will know for sure that they will not harm you. And to grow new is impossible, no matter how hard you try. So, it is better to leave out of dreams. And if you have tried on your hair megaspray, then leave your impression of him in the reviews after the article. Be confident and remember that you are as beautiful as you are!

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