Hair masks with kefir

Hair Masks with Kefir
Kefir very useful for growth, treatment and strengthening of hair. For a long time, women used sour milk for their hair. What is it useful for hair?

The fact is that the composition of kefir includes yeast, lactic acid sticks, streptococci, vitamins B and E, proteins, acetic acid bacteria, and all this makes kefir very nutritious for hair.

Many girls use instead of kefir yogurt (spoiled milk). It is also useful for hair. Make it easy. It is enough to put the milk in a warm place and let it sour. Kefir Masks Especially useful for dry and brittle hair. But it is also used in the treatment of oily hair, it helps to cope with dandruff and hair loss, as well as a beneficial effect on growth.

Hair Masks with Kefir

The easiest way is to make a mask of pure kefir, without any additives. To do this, you need kefir, if you wish, you can warm it up a little, the main thing is not to overdo it so that it does not curl. Apply it on the hair and cover the head with polyethylene, and on top with a towel. We keep such a mask for about an hour, and then wash it with water with a small amount of shampoo.

Kefir mask for hair growth

Ingredients: - 1 cup of kefir - olive oil (4 tbsp.) - 1 egg honey (1 tsp.) - Vitamin E in oil (1 tsp.) All the ingredients are mixed and put a mask on your hair for 20 -30 minutes. Then wash off the mask with water with a small amount of shampoo.

Mask of kefir and oils

This mask is especially suitable for dry hair. It is done very simply: add a couple of tablespoons of any base oil (olive, peach, almond, etc.) to a glass of kefir. As well as a couple of drops of essential oil (essential oil will not only benefit the hair, but also remove the smell of kefir). Apply the mixture on the hair, wrap with film and hold for about 30 minutes. Then rinse with shampoo water.

Mask against hair loss with kefir and mustard

Also this mask promotes hair growth. For her, we need dry mustard 1 tbsp. l., a glass of kefir and yolk of one egg. The resulting mask is applied to the scalp slightly massaged. The mask will burn a little. Keep about 20 minutes.

Mask for hair growth with kefir and yeast

Yeast is composed of vitamin B and therefore promotes good hair growth. Take 2 tablespoons of yeast and mix them with kefir (you can put in a warm place for a while). Then apply to the scalp and distribute over the entire length. Keep 1-2 hours.

Mask with kefir and honey

We dissolve 2 teaspoons of honey in kefir, put it on the hair under the cap, heat the head with a towel and leave for an hour and a half.

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