Hair glazing

Hair glazing

Hair glazing - hairdresser's service, during which the hair is covered with a thin layer of a substance called icing.

The glaze gives the hair shine, they become silky, the tips do not split, and the roots acquire a small amount at the roots.

Hair glazing can be colored or transparent (colorless). Glazing adds shine to both natural and colored hair. Also using glazing, you can change the tone of the hair in a lighter or darker side.

At the same time, glazing agents do not harm the hair, since, unlike paints, they do not contain ammonia. The color of the glaze can be changed every time during the new procedure and it will give the hair a new shade.

Glaze contains ceramides that give hair elasticity. In addition, the glaze envelops the hair, and they become a little thicker, in this glazing is similar to the procedure for lamination of hair.

This procedure is harmless to the hair, but it does not carry the healing properties.

The main purpose of the glaze rather decorative: giving shine, volume and new shade. But icing will protect your hair from drying out in the sun and from hot air, and the tips from delamination. For thin and dry hair, this procedure will benefit. Glazing can be done on all hair or separately on damaged tips.

Before glazing, the master cleanses your hair with shampoo. Then the hair is dried a little and icing is applied on it. Master can glaze hair several times, it is absolutely safe.

Your hair will absorb as much makeup as needed. On average, the procedure takes a little more than an hour, but time depends on the length and thickness of the hair, glazing is done much faster on short hair. Popular means for glazing: Vibrans, Matrix Color Sunk, Color Synk.

The icing keeps on the hair not too long, in a couple of weeks it will wash off, and the procedure, if desired, will need to be repeated again. Although the durability of the glaze film depends on the condition of your hair, as well as on the frequency of washing the head.

Price glazing depends on the length of your hair, as well as on their condition (for porous hair will require more money).

Interesting fact: in the circle of hairdressers, the term “glazing” means coloring the tips of the hair, so if you decide on this procedure, specify in advance what you want: to dye only the tips, or to make the procedure for the entire length of hair.

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