Hair extension technology

Long healthy hair always attracted attention, every girl dreams that everyone admired her hair. But not everyone can grow hair for different reasons. And someone just wants a voluminous head of hair.

There is a solution - hair extensions, because modern technology does not stand still. Good hair is difficult to distinguish from this. Actually real hair and is building. They are Asian (Chinese), South Russian and Slavic.

For hair extensions, there are various technologies, let's see what. Capacity happens:- ribbon-on barrettes-on tresses-on rings-building up individual strands.

We will talk about the latter. Technologies of such extension are divided into 2 groups - hotter and cold. In turn, hot buildup can be of three types: - French; - English; - Italian;A cold build occurs on the Spanish technology.

French hair extension technology

Hair extension technology
The hairs are attached using protein capsules, they are heated with a special apparatus and glued to the roots of their own hair with the help of three-component glue. The maximum length is 60 cm. The length of one's own hair should be at least 20 cm. The capsules are very small and invisible.

When you perform all the recommendations for the care of hair extensions, you pass with a smart head of hair up to six months. The main advantage of the French extension is that a tinting agent is added to the adhesive, with its help it is possible to choose the appropriate tone of glue, so girls with any hair color can increase the hair using this technology

English extension technology

Hair extension technology
Hair extensions using a special glue gun and keratin gum. That is, the capsule is molded with resin from a pistol and can contain from 35 to 60 hairs.

The length of donor hair is from 30 to 70 cm. The minimum length of one's own hair, which will be glued to 6 cm. After about 3 months, it is necessary to make a correction. It is worth noting that with this technology, your hair practically does not deteriorate.

Italian hair extensions

Hair extension technology
As with the French technology, ready-made capsules are used, which are attached using a special electrical apparatus at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.

The difference is that keratin is attached to the strands, which ensures fixation for a long time.

Keratin melts and becomes liquid, and it is clamped together with its own strand of hair with the help of special tweezers. This method of extension can be applied to hair length from 8 cm, elongation is possible up to 70 cm.

Spanish hair extension technology

Hair extension technology
It is believed that this is the most gentle way for your hair extensions. Native hair is not heat treated. The master himself forms the capsule with the help of high-quality surgical glue. But there is one drawback - when dried, the glue acquires a white tint. That is, such an extension is suitable only for blondes.

You can also hold the building with the help of special metal beads, which are threaded into their own hair and clamped with tweezers. But these beads, there are only 4 shades. Worn hair up to 6 months.

Master class on hair extensions

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