Hair dyeing in two colors

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Recently, hair dyeing in two colors has become very fashionable, it is popular both among adult women and among young girls. With this solution you can easily achieve the effect of naturalness in the style of "naturel" or create an unforgettable elegant image for a party. Of course, it is best to carry out the staining not independently, but by trusting an experienced master. To date, there are several options for such hair coloring.

Types of hair coloring in two colors


coloring with transition from light to dark shade

To apply this method of coloring, you need to divide the hair into thin strands and dye them in several shades with a smooth transition or vice versa, emphasizing the contrast. It is very difficult to make such coloring with your own hands, as the paint on the strands must be applied carefully.


Booking is one of the varieties of coloring. Although it is particularly popular, it is difficult to make it, because the technology of execution is complex - you need to choose several shades that are combined both with each other and with the natural color of the hair. The name comes from the words “brunet” and “blond,” that is, these two colors should blend most naturally in a hairstyle with a transition without bright contrast. Usually golden brown and beige are the main range.

Kim Kardashan and Jennifer Aniston after bronding

Ombre (degrade)

Ombre, it is also called degrade, shatush, balayazh, Venetian and Californian highlighting - this is a “shadow” hair dyeing in two colors, also called transverse or horizontal coloring. It creates the natural effect of regrown hair with dark roots and lighter tips. The transition can be made both smooth and sharp, it already depends on the desire of the owner of the hair. The technology of such staining is simple, the process is carried out in stages, so that you can try to do it at home.

ombre bicolor coloring

3D coloring

A very complex technical process that creates a natural volumetric hairstyle from several shades of one scale. The technology of its creation implies the use of only dark or only light shades.

h d two color staining


In this case, hair dyeing in two colors is carried out with the aim of creating the natural effect of blond hair with dark locks with the help of selective bleaching of the strands. If the hair is dark in nature, only straightening can be carried out; if the shade inherent in the curls does not please the owner, then dyutonal dyeing of the hair can be carried out - both in a light and a dark tone. Since highlighting is usually chosen to create the effect of a natural blond, there are several variations of it:


  • Mazhimesh. Instructions for modeling hairstyles in this case imply the use of dye on a cream base, which does not hurt the curls, in addition, wax is added to it. The composition of such paint does not include perhydrol, so you can get only honey and gold shades, but not platinum.
  • Balayazh. The scheme of this method is a combination of both coloring and highlighting. That is, the hair is brightened, and the coloring is carried out only on the tips.
  • Shatush. It is an imitation of natural burning due to straightening. To do this, several strands are stained in random order, indented two to three centimeters from the roots. To smooth the borders of coloring, we recommend combing the strands.

Hair coloring in two colors at home

girl with two-color hair dye

It is worth noting that hair dyeing in two colors is a complex process that requires certain skills and experience. Therefore, it is still better to trust him to a professional colorist. However, in some cases, such painting is possible at home, especially if you want something simple and uncomplicated. In this case, you need to stock up on certain materials and step by step to follow the instructions described below. From the materials you need to prepare brushes (for each shade is separate), foil (10x20 cm pieces), a comb with sparse teeth, containers for mixing paints, paint directly, old clothes and towels.

Dual-tone hair coloring can be carried out independently selected shades or purchase a ready-made set for coloring. For such painting is recommended to choose darker or lighter than the natural shade of color, but not more than three tones. Before dyeing, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the instructions attached to the paint, and conduct an allergy test (put a little paint on an imperceptible area of ​​skin).

Staining technology

how is staining at home

  1. First of all it is necessary to mix the paint as it is written on its packaging.
  2. Next you need to select strands for dyeing and secure them with hairpins. Their width should not exceed 0.5 cm, otherwise the hairstyle will have an untidy look.
  3. After that, under the strand you need to put a foil (the edge of the foil at the roots need to be bent down), carefully apply paint on it and wrap the foil around. The foil should be well secured so that it does not move out of the strand. In the same way all the selected strands are stained, from bangs to the back of the head.
  4. Applying the paint, you need to endure a certain time according to the instructions, then wash your hair with shampoo.
  5. To neutralize the aggressive effects of dye on hair, after washing it is recommended to use a restoring hair mask or balm. Often a suitable tool is attached to the paint or it can be purchased additionally from the line of the same manufacturer as the paint.
  6. Having arranged water procedures for freshly dyed hair, they should be carefully dried with a towel and allowed to dry on their own, without using a hair dryer or ironing.

Why should you turn to a professional colorist

paint on strands

To use the services of a professional hairdresser, specializing in dyeing, it is worth getting a stylish, fashionable and beautiful hairstyle. Only a professional knows what shades are in fashion now, and how to apply them correctly so that the hair looks as natural and effective as possible. In addition, he will be able to advise whether it is necessary to pre-align the color of the hair or if you can work with a natural tint without preparation.

Video: Ombre dyeing technique in two colors

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