Hair dryer (11 rules)

Hair dryer (11 rules)

Every modern woman uses a hairdryer to make her hair beautiful. But while few people know how to properly use a hairdryer, so as not to harm your hair.

Professional hair stylists advise you to follow a few simple rules that will help you create beautiful styling without harm to your hair.

Correct hair dryer helps you save time and quickly bring hair in order. To make a safe styling is important to choose the right hair dryer, then the styling will take less time, and the hair will not be greatly damaged.

How to style hair with a hairdryer:

one. Remember strictly It is forbidden to dry very wet hair. Blot your hair with a towel, then let it dry for a while and then you can start using the hair dryer. When you wipe your hair with a towel, remember that wet hair is very fragile, so you should not rub or twist them, just blot gently;

2 Before you blow dry your hair, you need to apply a small amount protective emulsion on hair(thermal protection for hair). This emulsion will help relieve static stress, and the hair will not electrify;

3 Before styling it is recommended to apply special styling products to your hair, it is advisable to use a hair spray. The spray penetrates the hair structure most quickly, but you can also use styling gels or foams;

four. Divide hair into even strands and dry each strand separately. In this case, the hair will not be confused, therefore they will not get out during combing;

five. While drying hair, hair dryer must be on top, at the same time, the stream of air must be directed from the top down, so that you close the hair scales and the hairstyle will look neat;

Hair dryer (11 rules)

6Dry your hair with cool, as a last resort, warm air, as hot air will make your hair more brittle and dull;

7 If you want to give your hair a bit of volume, then take round brush, wind hair on it and blow dry;

eight. In order to receive perfect straight hair, you need to wind the hair on a brush, then pull it off and blow-dry (the air jet should be on top). This procedure must be done for all the length of the hair, with special attention should be paid to the tips, so that they do not curl;

9. One of the most important rules is can not use a hair dryer every day, At least once a week, hair should be dried naturally. Even if you dry your hair with cold air, you still subject them to friction, as well as damage. Hair dryer should be made no more often than 4 times a week, while laying should be done with cool air;

ten. After laying Spray your hair with varnish, to hairstyle not disheveled. Thanks to modern styling products, hair is not weighed down, and styling is kept throughout the day;

eleven. Stylists recommend after styling apply shine to hair, so that hair shimmers not only in the sun, but also in cloudy weather. But you need to use glitter with small particles, since large sparkles will look vulgar.

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