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Heard such a comic phrase: "A woman, if she wants to, takes everything away from a man, and even her last name."? Jokes jokes, and women got to men's haircuts. Haircut box, referring to the classic male models, is very popular among the representatives of the weaker sex. Today we will tell you about the features of this model and show in the photo how men's haircut half boxes look on women's heads.

Features haircut box

Short haircut has a number of features that allow girls to try it on themselves, without losing femininity and elegance in the image, namely:

  • The haircut scheme of a half-box involves an ultra-short nape and whiskey practically "under zero", and on the top of the strands are left elongated. This difference in length makes the hair stylish and allows you to experiment with styling.
  • Haircut for semi-boxes in women can be combined with an elongated asymmetric bang. This will highlight the personality and, if necessary, adjust the shape of the face.
  • Interesting silhouette haircut makes it a great field for experimentation. With this hairstyle all kinds of creative dyeing will look great.
  • Strands on the top in the female variation of this model are often trimmed with feathers. This allows you to give the hair volume and makes it popular among girls with thin hair.
  • Since the haircut box refers to ultrashort, making it, you simplify your hair care and shorten the time of styling.

hair with a lilac shade

Who would be a halfbox?

Girls who are short hair length can safely try on this model. She goes to almost everyone. Even women with a round face should not be afraid of this hairstyle, since the voluminous top of the head visually makes the face longer and longer, visually correcting the shape. On the wavy and straight strands male hair cut half box looks equally good.

The only thing, if you have an elongated face shape, cutting under half-boxes will only enhance this effect. However, this point can be corrected with an elongated bang, covering part of the forehead with strands. Well, like many short hairstyles, difficulties in styling will arise in women with very curly locks.

How to perform a haircut box

The scheme of cutting a half-box in its classic version looks like this:

  • From above the longest strands reach a length of 5-7 cm.
  • The transition from the upper strands to the lower at the temples and the nape smooth.
  • Length gradually coming off "to no".
  • A short haircut of half-boxes has 2 edging: the first is done along the edge of hair growth on the neck and temples, and the second is on the temporal line.

The technology of hair cutting is a delicate box, but it requires professional skills. The performance on the female head can greatly depart from the classics. The master takes as a basis only the principle of double edging and the difference in lengths, and the rest depends on the type and structure of a woman's hair, her features and face shape.

blonde hair girls

The technology of cutting boxed boxes involves the use of typewriter, scissors and a comb. It is performed on dry hair. Step-by-step haircut semi boxing machine and scissors performed as follows:

  1. Work of the master begins from the back of the head. On the machine set the shortest nozzle. Cutting the strands, the master moves the machine from bottom to top from the neck to the back of the head approximately to the ear line.
  2. In the same way, strands on the temples are cut with the same nozzle. The length of the temples and the back of the head should be the same.
  3. A control strand of the chosen length is cut on the crown. The minimum length is 5 cm, the maximum can reach 15 cm.
  4. Focusing on the control strand, scissors cut the hair at the top of the head. If you want extra volume at the top of the head, the wizard may suggest that you trim the strands with feathers.
  5. The transition between long and short strands is done by a machine, strands are picked up by a comb. Usually the transition is made smooth. The transition strip for dark-haired girls should be slightly wider than for fair-haired ones. For creative variations, the transition can be abrupt.
  6. The last step is shaping the bangs.

smooth and sharp strand transition

Differences of a semi-box from boxing

The hairstyle of semi-boxes appeared relatively recently. Its progenitor is the male model box. Haircut boxing and semi-boxes are similar in appearance and the technique of their implementation is similar. A different haircuts boxing and semi-box length of the upper strands. In boxing, they are ultrashort, they can reach a maximum of 4 cm, whereas in the second variant their minimum length is 5 cm. Their second difference is the location of the length transition line. In boxing, this border is located on the line of the temples and above, and in an elongated version, the line of transition can pass below.

differences ultrashort models

Hairstyle tips

Haircuts for boys boxed in styling do not require special skill, but the girls who have chosen them for themselves will not be deprived of room for imagination.

If you chose this model, styling products such as gel and wax will come in handy for your everyday styling.

Haircuts for boys boxed with strands or bangs elongated at the crown, at first glance, do not have a variety of styling. But it is not. You can easily change your hairstyle depending on your style of dress and occasion:

  • Comb back the top strands, after applying a mousse or styling foam on your hair. Such a licked hairstyle will look appropriate with a business suit business woman or elegantly complement the evening look.
  • Roll up all the elongated locks from the roots to the middle of the length. This will allow you to reincarnate as a rocker girl with a crazy Mohawk.
  • Comb the long curls to one side and fix with strong hold hairspray. This option is suitable for everyday wear.
  • Screw the elongated strands with a curling or ironing styler, making a light wave, and then take a little wax and fingers "whisk" curls. This style will give the image of romance and sophistication.

Take an example when creating styling can be a celebrity. Recently, more and more Hollywood stars say goodbye to long curls, changing them to practical and stylish short hairstyles. And this model is definitely in favor of the most courageous singers and actresses, such as Pink, Rihanna and Mayla Cyrus.

Pink, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus

Do you like short hairstyles? Would you dare to have such a not entirely feminine model? Leave your feedback after the article. Your opinion is very interesting to us.

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