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Magic Leverag for smokers

There are plenty of ways and tools for creating curls. One of them is the Magic Leverage curler. We will tell you what these wonderful spirals have won the recognition of beautiful women, how to use them correctly, what types are there and where to buy Magic Leverage original magic curlers.

What are Magic Leverage curlers?

What are the requirements of the girl to the tools for creating curls? First of all, they should provide a decent result: natural curls without creases. It is important that the hair during the winding suffered minimally, and the time spent on the process of creating curls took a little. And of course, the installation should last as long as possible. Magic Leverage hair curlers correspond to all these criteria and numerous positive reviews of beauties confirm this.

Wide Magic Leverag

These wonderful spirals of bright colors are made of thin silicone, they are hollow inside. In addition to the curlers, the set includes a special magic hook, with which you need to pick up and fill the strand. The manufacturer offers the girls different in diameter, length and twist curlers. Depending on how long your hair and exactly which curls you want to get, you can choose wide or thin, long or short spirals, rollers or hair curlers.

curly rollers

What is Magic Leverage Curler Magic?

Why are these curlers so good and how do they differ from their "fellow"? We studied the reviews of experienced and hurry to highlight the advantages of this new hair-industry:

  • Curlers Magic Leverag easy to use on their own. Prilovchivshis, you pretty quickly be able to screw the entire hair in minutes.
  • When winding hair injured minimally, since you do not have to clamp them with special clamps, as it happens with ordinary curlers, what to speak about the detrimental effect of stylers.
  • Unlike hair curlers, boomerangs, Magic Leverag securely fixed, do not unwind and do not slip from the strands.
  • Wonderful spirals do not leave wrinkles on the hair, as is the case with the alternative of foam rubber.
  • Spectacular curls will delight you all day without the use of additional styling tools.

Magic Leverag in a beautician

Special attention is given to the quality of the materials from which the product is made. But we are talking only about the original spiral. Fakes of this device divorced abound, we will tell about it a little later.

Lacks Magic Leverag

The fact that Magic Leverag absolutely does not injure hair can not be said: threading hair through a narrow tube of curlers with a special hook, stretching them in a slightly wet state, yet strands are exposed to a certain negative impact. This is especially true of the first trial markups. But in comparison with alternative methods and tools, Magic Leverag is certain leaders on safety. Another minor drawback is that it will be rather inconvenient to sleep with them, since the spirals are in a free-hanging state.

How to use magic leverage

Instructions for creating perfect curls with the help of the miracle spiralk are simple, holding this set in your hands, you will probably guess what's what. But for greater certainty, step by step instructions on how to use Magic Leverage curlers for you:

  1. The manufacturer recommends to wind up 70% dry hair. Dry strands after washing with a towel to the state "another 15 minutes and you can leave the house".
  2. If you want to extend the life of your styling, apply foam or mousse on slightly damp hair, distribute the product over the entire length.
  3. Take a wonderful hook, pass it into a spiral. Pay attention to which side curls are twisted. To curls turned out the same, spirals must "watch" one way.
  4. Separate the strand. Hook a strand at the base and thread into the curler.
  5. Screw all the hair and wait a couple of hours until the hair is completely dry.
  6. Remove the curlers by gently pulling them down.

strand wrap scheme

Curls separate a little fingers and fix the result of varnish. The styling looks like you’ve just left the cabin.

Where to buy Magic Leverage?

You can buy original Magic Leverage on the official website of the manufacturer. The cost of a set with a minimum number of short spirals is about 400 rubles. Hair curlers to create large Hollywood curls of Premium class will cost you 1,200 rubles, and the price of a standard set for an average hair length is about 700 rubles.

magic spirals

Alternative to Magic Leverage

By alternative, we mean cheap counterparts of the miracle spiral. You can buy them at popular Chinese online stores like eBay and AliExpress. The cost of a set of Chinese-made about 150 rubles. Chinese curlers provide the same magical effect as the original Magic Leverage, as confirmed by the reviews. But the quality of performance, of course, corresponds to the price. The alternative from China does not have a variety of widths, lengths and types of twist; 18 spirals of medium length and a wand are included in the kit.

How to distinguish a fake

In addition to the official site, Magic Leverage is sold on many Russian sites, the cost is different everywhere. Most often it is a product from Aliexpress, but they sell it under the guise of the original Magic Leverag. In order not to overpay for a product of low quality, pay attention to the features of the original Magic Leverage:

  • Original packaging to choose from: box, cosmetic bag or zip package.
  • The photo of the original spiral can be seen that their edges are smooth, and the texture of the material is uniform.
  • All spirals neatly twisted, and the hook is made of plastic blue or pink.

original and fake

Holding a poor quality product in your hands, you will see roughness and unevenness, you will feel a sharp smell.

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