Hair carving - features of the procedure

Under such an incomprehensible and unknown to many girls the word “carving” hides styling that is of a long-term character. For carrying out such a procedure, special formulations and means for fixing are used, as well as special curlers.

Some people call such packing a kind of curling, but at the same time its advantage over the usual chemical wave is obvious. It lies in the fact that the impact of the used tool is only on the surface of the hair shaft, not penetrating into its depth and not violating its holistic and healthy structure.

The resulting effect from carving is maintained from one to six months. After this period, the curls begin to fall off a little. But to repeat this procedure will be possible after three months.

The difference of carving from another type of curling

Hair carving - features of the procedure

Perm, biowave and carving - all these hairdressing procedures create the effect of long-term styling, but each of them has its own characteristics and differences:

one. Carving compares favorably with a perm by its more gentle effect on the hair, especially if it is naturally fragile and thin. When carving aggressive substances only envelop the core, without violating its integrity and not penetrating inside.

2 When conducting biowave used composition, one of the components of which is a biological protein, resembling human structure. When chemical perming or carving this composition is not used.

3 Despite the fact that the result obtained after carving keeps less than after chemical or bio-wave, it still looks more natural and natural.

Types of carving

Thanks to the existing types of this procedure, a woman gets a wide choice of the styling and the curls she only dreamed about. Carving is:

1. Large. During the wave are created large, but not very pronounced waves. The image is gentle, soft and feminine. And during the procedure only large diameter curlers are used.

Hair carving - features of the procedure

2. Average. The resulting hairstyle looks airy and weightless, but without excessive fluffiness. For this purpose, bobbins and hair curlers average circle.

Hair carving - features of the procedure

3. Small. Achieved through the use of the smallest bobbins. Spinning starts to look volumetric, playful and miniature.

Hair carving - features of the procedure

4. Textured. Suitable for women who want to hide the disadvantages of unsuccessful staining. As a result, the styling turns out to be quite interesting and for this purpose hair curlers are used in different shapes and sizes. This carving can be chosen for those girls whose haircut is performed in a cascade.

5. Vertical. The procedure is done for the entire length of the hair, so it is most suitable for those who have a luxurious and long hair. For curling taken vertical bobbins.

6. Local, it is also called basal. With this carving, only the root area is processed, without affecting the rest of the hair shaft. But sometimes the local perm of this type implies the creation of strands in the bottom or only in the middle zone of the head.

Carving Curlers

Hair carving - features of the procedure

Since the curl itself when carving is of several kinds, then the curlers in this procedure are also used different. It:

1. Rollers (boomerangs), made of foam rubber. Most often used for small or large curls.

2. Spirals. Recreate the effect of hair twisted in a spiral. This is the kind of carving that most girls prefer. Laying in this case looks quite neat, but it keeps for a very long time.3. Bulk curlers. They are used when a woman has a rare head of hair and she needs to get extra volume near the base of the roots. And it is these curlers with large diameter that cope with this task.

4. Koklushki. Thanks to these devices you can make "African" hair. The output is very fine and funny curls.

In fact, choose a curler, too, must be thoughtful. So, if a girl with thin hair prefers to make a carving with bobbins, the result may not meet her expectations. Since the hair will look very volumetric and shapeless. With this type of hair is better to opt for rollers for large curls.

Advantages and disadvantages of carving

Hair carving - features of the procedure

What and any procedure during which the effect on the hair occurs, carving also has its advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantages of this type of wave are the following advantages:

- has a sparing effect on the hair; - during this procedure, the curls themselves are more natural and natural, but with a perm, they look like tight and lifeless curls; - on regular hair, carving lasts up to three months, and if it is done on colored hair then the effect will please the woman for half a year; - due to the diversity of the types of such a procedure, each person will be able to pick up her curls (large, medium, small) according to the shape of the face and the type of hair; - carving d There is a unique opportunity to make any hairstyle long-term, whether using ironing or embossed strands.

But the disadvantages of this procedure include such moments as:

- hair can begin to be strongly split, because in any case it is the chemical composition that damages the hair; - carving does not give the effect of strongly pronounced curls, in this case it is better to refer to the biowave; the smell, which is then trapped for some time and felt on the surface of the hair (especially after washing the head); - some people after carving note the loss of strands; - the master can never exactly guess exactly how After the expiration of such a procedure, curls will come out, they will simply unwind, or grow;

Contraindications for carving

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the presented procedure, it has its own contraindications.

? Avoid carving should be during pregnancy or during lactation. Composition, which is applied to the hair shaft, can not be called absolutely safe. Therefore, it is better for girls in the position to abstain from the procedure and wait for a more suitable period.

? It is also undesirable to do such a procedure in the period of menstruation or after suffering severe stress. In such cases, the hair will be difficult to style.

? It is not necessary to carry out carving immediately after dyeing the hair. Strands and so at this point are badly damaged, so they should be given time to recover.

? The body of some women may have individual intolerance used in the procedure of the composition, causing the appearance of allergic reactions. And if a girl knows about her such features, she needs to inform the master about this in order to preliminarily make a test for possible allergies.

? Another contraindication to the use of carving is the use of strong drugs, especially if they are hormonal. It is better to wait until the course of treatment is over and then resort to this type of curling.

How is the carving procedure

Carving can be obtained not only within the walls of a beauty salon, but you can try to reproduce this procedure at home. To do this, you need to follow all the recommendations, purchase a special kit with the necessary composition and within two hours a woman can be content with the result. The scheme of carving is as follows:

one. First, the head is washed, and the hair is slightly dried with a towel.

2 Next, you need to divide the hair into strands and wind each of them into pre-selected curlers or bobbins.

3 Then the applicator is lowered into the composition of a special tool from the carving kit and it processes each strand separately.

four. After that, you should put a plastic cap on your head and wrap it with a towel on top. To sustain that time which is specified by the producer on packaging with chemical solution.

five. When the allotted time has expired, the head is washed with water without using shampoo and without removing the bobbin from the hair.

6 At the end, a retainer is applied to the entire surface of the hair (it is also included in the set), it waits for some more time and the curlers unwind.

7 At the very end, the curls are again washed with water without shampoo and dried using a hair dryer.

In conclusion

Such a procedure as carving can be an excellent alternative to chemical and biowave. It does not have too harmful effects on the hair structure and recreates the effect of natural and natural curls. You can carry out such a procedure on curls of different lengths. In this case, it is not necessary to visit a professional master, as it is quite possible to repeat the carving at home. The only thing that difficulties may arise with the choice of used bobbins, as it is on their diameter and size will depend on the resulting curls and the appearance of the styling.

Video procedure carving hair

Carving photo before and after

Hair carving - features of the procedure
Hair carving - features of the procedure
Hair carving - features of the procedure
Hair carving - features of the procedure
Hair carving - features of the procedure
Hair carving - features of the procedure
Hair carving - features of the procedure
Hair carving - features of the procedure

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