Hair care in the spring - the path to beautiful hair

Spring is a wonderful time, the time of renewal, flowering, heat and sun! And, of course, in the spring you want to look well-groomed and refined, you can finally take off your hat and show your chic curls to the world, but what if after winter your hair doesn’t look that smart?

Hair care in the spring - the path to beautiful hair

Winter is a real stress for our hair, sudden changes in temperature, lack of vitamins, dry air, constant wearing of headgear makes our hair weak, dull and brittle.

Often, after the winter season, hair starts to fall out, this is due to a number of reasons, firstly, lack of essential trace elements, Secondly, hair follicles weaken because of the headgear, although rejecting them would be even worse.

What to do and how to properly care for hair in the spring?

Spring hair care - where to start?

It is necessary to approach the care of hair in the spring in a complex way, because they are a reflection of our health in general. There are three main components that are necessary for healthy hair:

1. Power. Nutrition is the most important component of healthy hair, and spring is the time to add vitamins to the diet. Do not forget about foods such as legumes, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts. They are literally responsible for building hair. Also take care of the improvement of the digestion, engage in the removal of toxins and toxins, enter the porridge in the diet, give up spicy and fatty foods.

2. Vitamins. Unfortunately, our hair does not always have enough vitamins from food, so in the spring it is better to drink a course of vitamins, especially now there are excellent vitamin complexes that will support your hair for a difficult period of the off season. Pay attention that the vitamin complex contains Biotin, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc, calcium.

3. External hair care. This includes proper shampooing and care with masks. Hair care can be divided into two categories: - professional care (shampoo, balsam, mask). From popular procedures, you can pay attention to Botox for hair or keratin recovery. - home care (oils, home masks, massage, aromatherapy)

If everything is clear with the first two points, then many questions often arise regarding hair care. Let's look at this in more detail.

How to wash your hair in the spring

Of course, shampooing should be correct at any time of the year, but in the spring, you can add a few life hacks to help restore hair.

1. Cool water. Shampooing is best done with warm water and rinsed with cool water. Thanks to cool water, the pores close, the blood flow is stimulated, and the hair scales are smoothed.

2. Do not use aggressive shampoo. It is best to use organic shampoo, it gently cleanses the hair while not disturbing the balance.

3. Be sure to use a hair mask. Since the spring hair is weakened, they need a high-quality makeup, for this it is necessary to use a quality nourishing or moisturizing mask. You can hold it longer on the hair for better effect.

4. Never use a towel to dry hair. And without that weakened hair breaks and splits, and because of the friction with a towel, this process will only get worse. It is better to wait for natural drying and only slightly dry the hair with warm or cold (but not hot!) Air.

Hair cosmetics - what to choose?

Now the shelves are replete with various hair products, but how to choose exactly what you need and not to collect unnecessary tubes?

Hair care in the spring - the path to beautiful hair

So, what you really need to pay attention to:

1. Indelible biphasic hair care. Dry hair will thank you if you are pampered with an indelible moisturizer. It is used on slightly damp or dry hair, facilitates combing and moisturizes the hair. In the spring you can buy products with a UV filter.

2. Thermal protection. Good thermal protection can save your hair, especially if you are a lover of ironing, curling and hair dryer. Moreover, the choice of thermal protection must be approached very responsibly.

3. Hair oil. Of course, it can only be called oil conditionally. In fact, it is a silicone product that can instantly transform hair. In addition to the temporary aesthetic function, these oils perform a protective function. The most popular hair oils are: Kerastase, L’Oreal Mythic oil, Wella Reflections oil and Moroccanoil.

Home hair care

How to help our hair at home? Consider some particularly effective procedures.

Hair care in the spring - the path to beautiful hair

1. Head massage. One of the simplest procedures that we can carry out on our own at home, moreover, it is free, and the effect of it can exceed expectations. And if you carry out massage with the use of hair oils, then it will even be therapeutic. Just dip your fingertips in your favorite base oil and apply it on your head in a circular motion.

2. Aromatherapy - also quite simple procedure. Apply a couple of drops of essential oil on a wooden comb and comb hair in different directions. For example, from hair loss effect, the following oils Rosemary, tea tree, rosewood, sweet flag, petitgrain, coriander, verbena, beat, ylang-ylang.

3. Oily wraps and masks. With regular use, these procedures can restore your hair in the spring, give it shine and smoothness. We will consider them in more detail.

Oil wrap hair

Oil wrap - A real vitamin bomb, this is exactly what our hair lacks in the spring. Any base oils will be suitable for wrapping, you should choose it depending on what problem you want to solve, or even mix a few and make a vitamin cocktail.

The choice of oils is yours, and I will only tell you how to do it correctly.

one. Mix selected oils and heat in a water bath. Do not heat the oil too much, as this may affect their beneficial properties. For my wrap, I chose olive oil, avocado oil, and hemp oil.

2 Liberally apply the oil on the hair and scalp, each strand, each hair should be saturated with oil. Also, do not forget about the scalp.

3 After the hair is completely in the oil, we cover the head with polyethylene.

four. Then you have several options: - just wrap your head with a warm towel to create a bath effect. - Preheat the towel on the battery (instead, you can, for example, wrap a hot pan with it) and then wrap your head. Such a move will allow hair flakes to open up more strongly and oils will penetrate deeper into the structure. After you have wrapped your hair with a towel, warm it up with a hairdryer.

Such a wrap for a short time will help transform your hair and you will shine this spring!

Spring hair masks

Homemade hair masks - Excellent prevention of any problems with hair. In the spring, I prefer a few proven masks that help cope with the main problems, namely: brittleness, dryness, dullness.

No need to think that homemade masks are necessarily long, tedious and difficult, for example, I prefer simple and quick recipes;)

Hair care in the spring - the path to beautiful hair

Moisturizing mask with kefir

I won’t talk again about how our milk is moisturized to fermented milk products, the leader in this category is of course yogurt, but ordinary kefir will do.

Take half a cup of warm kefir and add a tablespoon of oil to it (oil can be chosen at your discretion, I have coconut). Also add a couple of drops of ylang-ylang oil and mix thoroughly. We quickly soak our hair with a cocktail and warm our heads with a bag and a towel. After half an hour you can wash off the mask and rinse hair with lemon juice.

Vitamin mask with yolk

The yolk is a storehouse of useful components, and in combination with oils a super remedy is obtained!

Again, the mask recipe is quick and simple, whip one yolk and add some favorite base oils there, I like to add jojoba oil. Apply the mask on the hair, you can retreat from the roots of 5-7 cm, to make it easier to wash off and leave for 30-60 minutes.

Mask for hair loss with oils

Also in your arsenal should be at least one favorite mask, which aims to reduce hair loss. I like the oil mask because it is easy to apply and quick to do. Also this mask stimulates new hair growth, awakens dormant onions.

1 tablespoon of burdock oil, 0.5 tablespoons of castor oil, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and essential oil. (5-7 drops). Mix all the oil and apply circular movements on the scalp, the effect of the mask from the massage will be even better.

At once I will make a reservation that home remedies help only with REGULAR use, you should not expect that after the first time the hair will immediately stop falling out.

That's the whole spring care! I hope you enjoyed the article, I wish you all wonderful, long and healthy hair!

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