Hair care during pregnancy

Hair care during pregnancy

Pregnancy - the time of hormonal changes in the woman’s body, as a result of which the condition of the nails, skin and hair is significantly improved. Even broken and loose curls are transformed.

In normal condition, the hair consistently passes through the stages of growth, rest and loss. However, during pregnancy, the hair shafts are practically only in the growth phase: curls almost do not fall out.

However, you should prepare for the fact that after the birth of the child most of the hair will move into the next phase and the strands will begin to fall out intensively. Faced with this situation, you should not worry - the curls will gradually recover.

The condition of the hair is influenced not only by hormonal shaking, but also by the fact that a pregnant woman begins to more carefully monitor her health: she allocates enough hours for sleep, eats properly, avoids stressful situations, takes vitamin complexes. These circumstances can not affect positively on the hair structure.

Hair Care Features

The motto of pregnant women is to use only natural products. This of course does not mean that only yolk is allowed to wash hair. It is possible and necessary to use shampoo, but of high quality and containing natural ingredients.

With regard to the laying means, it is preferable to use the foam and discard varnishes, since the vaporized vapor enters the respiratory tract. Balsams, nourishing masks are applied only to the length of the hair and are not rubbed into the skin - after all, through the blood components of cosmetic products are spread throughout the body. For this reason, it is better to use self-made masks from natural products or herbal decoctions.

Can I dye my hair?

This question worries many pregnant women. On the one hand, I want to be beautiful, but on the other hand, it is scary that the coloring may cause harm to the baby. Ideal option - refusal of coloring. In extreme cases, you should stop the choice on benign drugs that have a low degree of penetration deep into the hair shaft.

You can use natural dyes that are safe for the hair and health of pregnant women, which also strengthen the strands. Henna is perfect for oily hair - it not only stimulates their growth, but also slightly dries them.

About ultraviolet

All experts are of the same opinion: the shorter the time of being pregnant in direct sunlight, the better. Exposure to ultraviolet rays leads to disruption of cell structure and the formation of free radicals. Penetrating deep into the skin, the sun can cause photoallergy, and the hair under the influence of sunlight becomes dry.

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