Hair care at sea

Hair care at sea

So the long-awaited vacation has come, and you have already chosen a place of rest, and there is a sea of ​​sunshine, beaches and you can not think about anything! Stop! That's just the sea about your body you need to think especially.

Preparing for a trip to the sea, we take a lot of body products, for tanning or sunbathing, we buy a swimsuit and so on. But often completely forget about our hair. But it is the hair on vacation that needs to pay maximum attention, because from the sun and from salt water, they suffer the most.

Yes, the sun as a whole is necessary for our body, but in large quantities it is harmful to hair. The sun's rays dry out your hair, make it exhausted, dry and brittle.

The sun also has a negative effect on the roots - the blood supply to the roots is deteriorating and the hair may start to fall out.

Interesting fact: blondes and redheads can stay in the sun for no more than 7 minutes without harm to their hair, brunettes - up to 10 minutes, if you have blond or brown hair, you can stay in the open sun without harm to hair for up to 14 minutes. And the brown-haired women are most fortunate, their time in the sun is 17 minutes. That is, during this time the sun will give your hair a beneficial effect, but if you spend much more time in the sun, the effect will be negative.

Hair care before rest:

Some time before the rest, you need to take care of your hair. Make nourishing masks, use hair oils. Buy products that help protect your hair on vacation. It can be shampoos, masks, sprays that protect from sea salt and sun. It is best to buy indelible care. It will create a protective film on your hair, and they will not suffer.

Be sure to buy a pair of beautiful hats. Bring along emollient oils (almond, olive, etc.) and put them on the tips of your hair overnight.

One of the best ways is to make hair lamination before rest. With lamination you need to be careful, it can make your hair heavier, and this will be an additional stress for the roots, which can lead to loss. Therefore, this procedure can be safely done by someone who has done it more than once and the effect was positive. Consult with a specialist if you can do it, what kind of care products you can use for your hair type.

Hair care at sea

Hair care while relaxing:

The easiest and most effective way to preserve the beauty of hair is to wear a hat. If you do not want to hide your hair under panama, then get ready for enhanced care.

While washing in shampoo add a couple of drops of almond oil, it will soften the hair and give it shine. After a long day in the sun and swimming, wash your hair well and make a nourishing mask. If you grab a spray from the house to protect it from the sun and water, then carry it with you and periodically apply it to your hair after bathing or long exposure to the sun.

Remember that even if there is no sun outside, the rays penetrate even through the clouds, and the wind is also capable of drying them out, so that hair care is needed even not in sunny weather.

Care after rest:

Even if you actively nourish and moisturize your hair while resting, do not forget to care for them as carefully after your arrival. Climate change can adversely affect hair and they can start to fall out. Continue to strengthen the mask for some time.

Well, perhaps all the basic rules of care, I wish you a pleasant stay and healthy hair!

Hair care at sea

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