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brunette with interesting styling

Modern women of fashion will not miss the chance to try some new styling to diversify their everyday look. For such lovers to experiment with their appearance, today we will look at how to make a bow out of your own hair.

Hair bow from the hair, in spite of the apparent complexity of styling, is quite simple in independent execution. It allows you to give carelessness and youthful spontaneity to your image. Perfect for both everyday and festive events.

Step by step dismantle the technique of creating styling

Bow of hair has a great variety of options for execution. A variety of techniques allows you to practice it on the curls of various lengths, textures and thicknesses, remove all the hair in a bow, or just some part of them, do symmetrical or asymmetric styling. The bow of long hair looks most impressive, allowing you to create voluminous hairstyles.

Consider a phased scheme of the classic performance, how to make a bow hair-do with fully trimmed hair.

simple styling technique

  1. Comb your hair well and collect it in a high tail on the top of your head.
  2. With the last turn of the gum, attach the tip of the tail towards the face so that a voluminous cocoon forms on the nape.
  3. The resulting bundle in the middle is divided into two parts, pulling the halves in opposite directions to make a bow.
  4. Flip the loose tips of the tail over the middle of the bow and secure it with stealth.
  5. Fix hair with lacquer.

Hairstyle bow of medium length hair allows you to create quickly and simply original styling at home.

bright photo scheme to create a bow

  1. You can add some zest to the bow with the help of originally dressed hair in a high tail. To do this, lower the head down and in the parietal-occipital part of the head, braid the curls into a classic spikelet.
  2. Finish weaving at the back of the head and secure the braid with a rubber band in a high tail.
  3. Further steps on the formation of hairstyles correspond to the step by step instructions presented above.

Hairstyles on hair of different lengths

Hairstyle bow for long hair allows you to create at least the original styling based on the hairstyle Malvinka. To do this, you will need to collect not all the hair in the tail, but only the back of her head. The execution instruction is as follows.

  1. We remove the head of hair from the occipital part into malvinka, fasten it with an elastic band that matches the color of your curls.
  2. As in the previous version, the last round of hair is not pulled out completely from the elastic, forming a bundle with free ends directed upwards.
  3. Tighten the bow turns in opposite directions and fix each of them with invisibles, fixing it securely in the desired position.
  4. To keep the bow as long as possible, take for fixing corrugated stealth with balls at the ends. This trick will allow you to securely fix the styling and will not allow the invisible women to slip out of the bow during the day.
  5. Next, we straighten the coils, fix it with lacquer, and transfer the free end of the Malvinki to the opposite side, forming the center of the bow. We fasten invisible.
  6. If you tie a bundle with the ends directed downwards, then at the end of the hairstyle they should be thrown over the middle, making ends under the bow. If the ends are long enough, then they can be wound and smoothed fixing mousse so that they fit perfectly into the overall hairstyle.
  7. The location of the bow at the side of the head or in the occipital-parietal zone will add some novelty to this image.

malvinki creation scheme

Hair bow for long hair looks great on an ordinary horse's tail, as a decorative element. To do this, tie an ordinary tail, and in the upper part of it, form a bow, as indicated above. Such a manipulation will create a spectacular image of a romantic and immediate person.

In order to give the hair volume and pomp, it is recommended to pre-lay it with the help of corrugated styling. Having decorated the hair with bright stealth, pearl hairpins, you can make the solemnity of everyday styling.

Hair bow on short hair is possible in styling using overhead strands or chignon in the form of a bow. If the length of the strands allows you to form a bow of short hair, then you can easily use one of the above styling options.

Alternative method of laying

This method of styling hair bow from the hair more firmly fixes it, which prevents it from fraying throughout the day. The technology of creation allows it to be performed on a head of hair of different lengths, and the standard malvinka is taken as the basis.

  1. We start laying with the fact that well combing clean curls and divide them into two zones: the top - will serve as the basis for our bow, and the bottom, which will remain uncool.
  2. The upper part is divided by a perpendicular part into two parts and we form two identical tails behind the ears at a distance of five centimeters from each other. Selecting gum, try to make them as much as possible match the natural color of your hair. This technique will help to hide some of the possible blemishes hairstyles.
  3. Each tail in the middle is again divided into two parts with rubber bands. Thus, we obtain four equal shares of the strands collected in the tails.
  4. We wrap the tail so that the lower gum coincides with the top, forming a round of bow. Turn the tail must be inside, perpendicular to the head.
  5. Similar actions are repeated with the second tail. We fix the entire structure with stealth and hairpin. Fix styling varnish. In this way, you get an original bow of hair.

hairstyle idea from lady gaga

Very effectively, it looks with curled loose curls, which creates the look of doll laying and is perfect for a festive event or a romantic date. Such original ideas will allow you to create an inimitable image and uniquely distinguish you from the crowd, attract the attention of others, and you deservedly get the title of style icon for an extraordinary approach to hair styling.

Video: master class on creating hair bow of hair

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