Gray hair coloring

Gray hair coloring
No matter how wonderful and healthy your hair is, but over time, it changes its structure, volume and color.

Natural aging is most often the main cause of these changes, and, as a rule, gray hair appears on the hair. Sometimes the cause of sitting hair can be some kind of strong psychological trauma or heredity.

For many people, gray strands mean that youth is over, and you want to feel young and young. Therefore, they resort to the only way that helps hide this gray hair“Painting.

Gray hair care

Every girl who has gray hair, should know that care for them is also necessary. First, when you dye your hair, it will become “natural color”, but it will look sick. Therefore, take care of them, even if they are gray. Secondly, after staining, they will become even weaker and will be doubly in need of care and care.

Gray hair coloring

Today, each company that produces hair dye, has in its arsenal a great selection of shampoos, balms and hair masks. It will be better if you choose one series and use it: paint, balm and shampoo. The choice of a series of dyes is very important, because not every dye dyes gray hair properly.

Regular shampoos or soft colors will not hide all gray hair or hair will look unnatural. Therefore, you can achieve excellent results only by “aggressive” staining.

As a rule, ammonia is usually included in these paints. It will help you paint your hair so that gray hair is not visible, but also so that the yellowness does not appear. Remember the main thing: only healthy hair (albeit gray) gives every woman a mysterious charm and beauty.

Gray hair coloring
Worth knowing about some coloring features gray hair. It will be better to go through this procedure at the hairdresser. However, if you want to save money, you can do it at home. But you need to choose the right color.

You can dye your hair with the help of infusion of chamomile or broth of onion peel only if you are blonde. If you are brown-haired or brunette, try using henna with basma. They perfectly color gray hair and give the hair a natural color.

Shades for gray hair

Speaking of these colors, if you have blond hair, then you will be fine paint ashy shades. They perfectly hide gray hair and will mask the regrown roots. For those whose hair is darker shades of coffee, indigofer and sesame oil will do.

During the initial dyeing, it is recommended to select colors that are lighter in color than your natural color in order to hide wrinkles on the face and to evenly color the hair. Paint is recommended to be applied with a small brush, strictly starting from the roots. Dyeing time depends on how saturated you want the color to be as a result.

If you need to tint only the roots, then apply paint exclusively on the roots so as not to injure the hair.

Before starting staining, pass an allergy test to the components that contain these drugs.

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