Grapefruit essential oil for hair

Grapefruit essential oil for hair
Grapefruit It is famous for its useful qualities as a food product, and the essential oil of grapefruit can become an indispensable assistant in cosmetology. It is used for the face, added when taking a bath, doing wraps with it, and, of course, used for hair.

Grapefruit Essential Oil has antiseptic and anti-infective effects, besides it contains such necessary vitamins as A, B, D, C, R.

Grapefruit Essential Oil irreplaceable for oily hair, it is able to restore the natural secretion of the scalp when it is excessively oily, as well as protect it from excessive pollution and sticking of the hair.

After applying this oil, hair gets shine, becomes stronger and stronger, the volume increases.

You can enrich any ready-made product with grapefruit essential oil, be it a shampoo, mask or conditioner, for 2-3 drops of oil per tablespoon of the finished product.

Hair Mask Recipes with Essential Grapefruit Oil

Regenerating mask

- egg yolk; - olive oil (1 tbsp.); - honey (1 tsp.); - essential oil of grapefruit (3-4 drops).

Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply to the hair. It is advisable to warm the head and leave the mask for half an hour, then rinse hair with shampoo.

Mask strengthens the roots and accelerates hair growth

- rosemary, sage and grapefruit essential oil (3 potassium each); - 2 tbsp. base oil (grape seed, olive, etc.).

The oil mixture should be rubbed into the scalp every three days. We repeat the procedure for a month, then we take a break.

Shampoo with essential oils of grapefruit to strengthen the hair

- we take as a basis 40-50 ml. shampoo (preferably if it is natural, without extra additives) or mild liquid soap; - essential oil of grapefruit, rosemary and mint (5-6 drops each).

This shampoo will gently clean your curls and make them strong and shiny!

Mask with kefir and essential oil

Mix not greasy kefir and essential oil of grapefruit (on the floor of a glass of kefir 5-6 drops of oil). Apply the mask on the hair and leave for 30-50 minutes. This mask is indispensable for oily hair.

Nourishing mask with sour cream and honey

Mix a couple of tablespoons honey with the same amount of sour cream and add 5-7 drops of grapefruit essential oil. Apply to scalp and distribute through hair. The exposure time is 1 hour. After this time, wash off the mask with shampoo.

As you have noticed grapefruit essential oil It combines with almost any component, so you can add it to your favorite masks.

Most often, the basis of the masks with essential oil of grapefruit take:

- Cosmetic clay (regulates the sebaceous glands) - Honey and yolk (nourish and restore hair) - Kefir (moisturizes and gives elasticity) - Aloe juice (heals and nourishes hair).

Rules for the use of masks with grapefruit essential oil:

1. Masks must be used regularly, then your hair will be strong and shiny; 2. The exposure time of the masks should not exceed three hours; 3. Mix essential oil thoroughly with other components of the masks; 4. Before use, the essential oil of grapefruit should be slightly heated in a water bath.

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