Grandma's coloring - the gray-haired trend of this season

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Gray hair dyeing is already becoming mainstream, so if you are one of the first fashionistas and keep an eye on heir trends, you will certainly need to know about this “boom”, which name is granny hair. A search on the hashtag #grannyhair in Instagram will give you an incredible number of photos of girls whose hair is painted in grandma's color! And you still do not know about this trend? Then this article is for you!

New trend in 2015- grandma's coloring

The name of the trend speaks for itself - stylists suggest that you change your hair shade to gray or silver. It can be both uniform monochrome coloring, and change of color of locks in the chaotic order. The time when gray hair caused chagrin and panic in the past. Granny hair in the spring of 2015 is stylish, unusual, original! While in Russia girls have not yet taken this trend into circulation, you have every chance to be the most fashionable.

Who are the grandmother strands?

gray-haired model

Paradoxically, grandma's coloring is suitable just not for grandmothers. Young women of fashion with different lengths of hair dye their strands with silver, ashy, gray shades. And at any length this color looks spectacular and fresh. Stylists argue that dyeing hair in a gray color will suit those beauties to whom everything suits. Gray hair is demanding on the appearance of its mistress. Agree, such a shade can not fail to attract the attention of others! So, having executed grandma's coloring, be prepared for the fact that your choice and your appearance will be criticized repeatedly. Grandmother's hair is chosen by courageous lovers of experiments.

Granny hair alone at home

Girls who brighten the curls at least once know how the chemical composition affects their structure. To get gray hair color, you have to paint them at least in 2 stages, so a beautiful color without damage to the health of the strands is an almost impossible task, especially when doing it yourself. Of course, it is better to trust a professional who not only knows which silver hair dye will best cope with the goal and will give you silver hair, but also correctly neutralizes yellowness or another undesirable shade with the help of mixstones.

If the thirst for independent experimentation has become stronger than the arguments about a professional approach and you still want to get silver hair color at home, the procedure is best carried out on weekends when you have at least 2 free days and you do not have important things to do. Be prepared for the fact that these 2 days you may not be able to leave the house until the experiment is completed and you do not get the desired silver hair. The whole procedure will be held in 2 stages, between which you need to do at least 1 day break.

girl with silver hair

Pre-bleaching curls

First of all, you need to lighten your curls. Here you will need a brightening powder and oxide. You can get a white color without a strange shade by mixing a bag of Estel Essex Super Blond Plus bleaching powder with Estel Essex Oxygents 9% or 12%, the darker the hair color, the higher the percentage (brown-haired 9%, brunettes 12%). To protect the strands during dyeing, add an Estel chromoenergy complex to the vial. Composition for clarification ready. Instructions for use the following:

  1. Wear clothes that do not spoil the paint. It is advisable not to wash your hair for 1-2 days before the manipulation.
  2. Wear protective gloves on your hands.
  3. Starting from the back of the head, gradually apply the bleaching mixture to the strands.
  4. Carefully comb through the curls after applying the dye so that it covers each hair.
  5. Leave the mixture for 30-40 minutes on the head of hair.
  6. After a while, moisten the strands slightly with warm water.
  7. Wash the product with curls with water, you can use shampoo for dyed hair.

artificial gray

The first stage is over! Now you need to wait a couple of days to go to the final step and get gray hair.

We paint strands in silver

Now you can use the gray color you need, perhaps it will be a gray color Koleston Perfect hair color from ashy ash color or the same color from Loreal Preference. To get a rich tone and avoid unpredictable experiments, prepare the following composition for toning:

  1. Buy Palette paint, Pearla Blond shade or Koleston Perfect from Wella ashy. From it you only need paint directly, you do not need paint from Palette or Wella.
  2. Add Estel Essex Oxygent 3% or 6% to paint.
  3. In the composition, add an ampule of the Chromoenergy Complex from Estel.
  4. To neutralize the yellow and orange tint after brightening, you need a blue and purple mikston Estel Essex. Add a pea of ​​each mixton to the mix.
  5. Mix thoroughly and apply to strands in the same way as when bleaching in the first step.
  6. Keep the mixture on your hair for about 20 minutes.
  7. Rinse curls with plenty of water, use shampoo for dyed hair.

gray-haired stars

Hair coloring in gray color is complete! You can admire your new way! Of course, we should not forget that there is a risk of an unsuccessful outcome of the procedure, therefore, better than a professional, no one will do your silver hair.

Disadvantages of granny hair

Gray hair coloring is spectacular and extraordinary, but this heir trend is not without flaws, and it is not only about the perception of your new shade of strands by others.

  • Be prepared for the fact that you will have to repeat the above described coloring scheme at least once every 3 weeks, as the hair will grow back. To paint less often, consider the option of staining with ombra with gray paint.
  • Lightening the hair, you will harm its health, so do not forget about the constant care. Use masks to strengthen the hair, conditioners and special shampoos for colored strands.

grandma's hair

Some will think that it is ridiculous to try on the old woman's hair, others will say: “Wow, I absolutely have to do it!” On the one hand, gray strands of young girls really look frightening, and it would seem that gray hair cannot escape a single beauty with age and without staining. But looking at the question differently, at the age of 50+, you definitely will not dye your hair in such a shade, and in every possible way you will hide gray hairs. So, if you liked this trend, why not try on granny hair personally?

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