Graduated haircut

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The world of modern fashion is constantly changing, this process is active day and night. There are more and more new hairstyles, haircuts, styling, painting as important. And now the once fashionable filing confidently losing ground, giving way to graduation. A good volume and visual grooming hair provides graduated haircut, as well as various options and interesting implementation schemes.

Haircuts with graduation can be supplemented with various bangs, both straight and asymmetrical. They are known for different lengths and shapes, depending on the desire of the fashionista and how this or that bang is suitable for her, decorating the type of face.

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Graduated haircut with bangs is very easy to clean. When styling using a natural hair texture, or accented with a simple modeling gel. Straight bangs are irresistible. Women with an elongated or heart-shaped type of face can safely try straight bangs, which visually make the face wider and shorter. Another positive quality of bangs during graduation is that it hides a high and wide forehead. But there is also a caution: women who have very curly and furrowed curls should refrain from such an experiment. For the result will be something that is definitely not pleasing to the eye and provoking negative criticism.

Consider some of the features of this haircut.

  • With a haircut with a graduation, the tips of the hair are placed one above the other, the length increases in certain places.
  • Graduation is suitable for all hair types. But on very thin hair, you need to monitor the degree of graduation, so as not to damage the ends and preserve the natural look. We can be sure that the haircut is done by a professional, if we do not visually detect sharp transitions of hair length, as it should be smooth.

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  • This haircut emphasizes the facial features with graduated layers of hair much better than with one-line trimming.
  • Since thick bangs have the property of reducing the length of the face, you need to think about whether to do it at all.
  • If you crave more effect, you can make highlights or discoloration. But this reception also has its own nuances. Do not overdo it and do not make mistakes.

Graduation at different hair lengths

Quite important, for lovers of long mane hair, is the fact that the hairdresser may well leave any length you want, since absolutely different suits for a graduated hairstyle. Next, we propose to examine in detail the graduation, taking into account the different lengths of curls.

Long hair

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Ladies with long hair often attract attention, but, unfortunately, a considerable number of them do not cope with the simplest styling hairstyle. A horsetail with whipped hair does not look very nice. Beauties are looking for options, and, ultimately, just trimmed. But as always, if you wish, you can find a way out without losing anything. We keep the length of the hair and time dedicated to the installation of their own hands. What are we talking about? All this is a graduated haircut for long hair. It has similarities with the cascade, but has great advantages. Long graduated haircut has a larger volume, healthy, not split ends, active attention from the male sex.

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Such a haircut for long hair will help you lengthen the neck and add elegance. The selected option, graduation for long hair, exactly change you and your life for the better.

Medium hair

Today, a graduated haircut for medium hair is especially popular. These haircuts are well known on the catwalks. they are worn by many singers and Hollywood stars such as Avril Laving, Jennifer Aniston, Milla Yolovich.

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Graduation on medium hair decently adds volume of hair, corrects flaws in curls, skin and face shape. In addition, this hairstyle for medium length is a choice of advanced, modern girls, because her styling is easy at home, it revives your curls.

Short hair

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A graduated haircut for short hair in most of its versions resembles a bob - it is a haircut for short hair, where it is short on the back of the head, and the face gradually becomes longer. Length of graduation for short hair - to the chin. The same type of haircut is a bob with extra long strands and bob with a leg. Short graduated haircut can please a variety of options, it does not go out of fashion due to its classic look. But, like everything else in the world, this graduation has its drawbacks: it is completely unsuitable for curly hair, it requires everyday regular styling. This square is suitable for anyone who wants to look attractive and more feminine. Hairstyle perfectly hides the true age of a woman.

How to make a graded quads

Perform this type of haircut yourself very easy, if you clearly follow the step by step instructions.

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  1. Haircut graded car, like any other haircut, performed on wet hair. The best option would be if you wash your head first, then use the balm. Throughout the work, the curls should always be wet.
  2. Head tilted forward. This technique is necessary to create "beveled" layers of hair. Further, the hair is divided into five sectors, ranging from ear to ear all over the head. We fasten all the strands with special forceps.
  3. We create a graduation, starting to cut hairstyles from the edge, gradually moving from the back of the head to the sides.
  4. Strands on the sides should be longer than at the back of the head. At the back of the head begin to create graded levels. Each part of the hair is cut at an angle, with a movement upwards. Each level ends in the region of the occipital bone.
  5. Independently check whether the hair is moving smoothly, starting with those that are shorter and ending with longer ones. All remaining hairs are trimmed. Carefully level both sides of the hair.

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This haircut has its advantage: it is multivariate (you can curl curls, and apply mousse to give volume). Technique graduation is in great demand among the female. Every girl or woman will be able to find an interesting and suitable solution for her hair that suits her best. The effect is always very individual and unexpected.

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