Graduated bangs are looking for a suitable option.

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Graduated bangs go to almost everyone, the variety of their shape and length allows you to choose such an element of hair for any type of person. For square-faced girls, graded bangs will soften clear lines, she will visually stretch her face to chubby beauties, ripped strands to girls with a triangular shape will add femininity and balance the upper and lower parts of the face. With this haircut element you can adjust the shape of your face and change your image.

Benefits of Graduated Bangs


Graduated bangs or as it is called “torn” is a popular element of hair for several years in a row and its relevance does not lose its speed. And all because the girls managed to appreciate this model for the following benefits:

  • Easy installation. Daily styling does not give you trouble, it is enough to dry the strands with a hair dryer and, if you wish, make them waxy.
  • Torn strands will make you younger by a few years.
  • With this element you can create the most creative and bold image.
  • Such model is well combined with a hairstyle of any length. The most common "duets" - short graduated bangs and pixies, long graduated bangs and a cascade for long strands.
  • With this element you can bring the shape of the face to the ideal oval.

How to choose the appropriate option

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If you want to change your image, but have not yet decided on the shape and length of the graded bangs, you can use the basic recommendations:

  • If you have a round face, give preference to a torn model to the eyebrows, laid on its side. It will stretch your face, it may be longer options, the maximum length to the cheekbones, but not a short graduated bang. It will make your face even more puffy.
  • Owners of the perfect oval will fit almost any shape, but the best option would be a torn model to the middle of the forehead. In order not to disturb the harmony, ultrashort, graded bangs in combination with long curls are not recommended for girls with an oval face.
  • An elongated (rectangular) face will fit a long graduated bang, which can be laid both on one side and on two on a parted part. You can give preference to the model with a smooth graduation. It will help to visually reduce the vertical face. Avoid ultrashort torn options that will increase the shape's elongation.
  • A square-shaped face will suit a graduated model with a length slightly below the eyebrows. The softer the bang line, the smoother the facial lines will be. Avoid models with smooth graduations.

Make a self-graded bang or trust the master?

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If you are thinking of cutting your fringe at home, weigh the risks. Although the ragged edge creates the impression of ease of execution, only a professional can actually beautifully and properly cut. The scheme “looked at the pictures, took the scissors, cut it” can be a complete fiasco. If you are determined, read the step-by-step instructions and a few tips:

  1. Prepare the tool. You need to cut hair with special scissors. Ordinary dressmakers, and even more so manicure, is a guaranteed failure of the operation.
  2. Provide good lighting. If it is not possible to cut your bangs in daylight, turn on a powerful lamp.
  3. Separate the desired amount of hair, remove the bulk and tuck with clamps.
  4. Lightly wet your hair, a ragged edge can be cut into wet strands to facilitate the process. Keep in mind that when the curls are dry, the bangs "jump up" up. If you hold the scissors in your hands for the first time, it’s better to cut your hair dry.
  5. Comb the strands with a comb, select one curl, pull it forward, pinching between the index finger and middle finger and trim it, leaving the length you need by the “pile” method: move the scissors up and down the curl, as if combing it, and then cut off the tip. So you get hairs of different lengths.
  6. Repeat this strand by strand. If you want to make the contour even softer, pull the strand forward and up.

The right choice of graded bangs will make your image individual, balance your face and focus on your beautiful features. That is why it is better to trust a professional who not only successfully selects your shape and length, but also does the job perfectly.

Video: how to cut women's fringe

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