Goldwell hair illuminating or elumen dyeing

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Every day, beauty salons and hairdressers offer their customers any new procedures that can change a person’s image in a matter of minutes. One of these services in the beauty industry is hair illumination, which is dyeing with a new dye that does not contain ammonia. This method dates back to 1997, when leading experts at Goldwell created the latest hair coloring product, which was later named Elumen. The dye is the first non-ammonia agent in the world, after the application of which, the strands become larger and stronger, which is why it was based on cosmetic products used for lamination of hair. So the illumination of goldwell appeared, which today is held by many beauty salons.

Goldwell staining principle

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Elumen is popular not only due to the absence of ammonia or peroxide in its composition, but also by its ability, which consists in gluing the scales of damaged hair cuticle. The cuticle is called the protective layer of the hair, preventing the rod from external damage, delamination of the tips and tangling, as well as giving a well-groomed look to the hair. Many reviews of hair illumination contain information about the binding effect of the dye. He really connects the scales of the cuticle, the hair is smoothed, so that they become more straight and reflect the sunny color.

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Illumination of hair is colorless and color:

  • For colorless illumination use chemicals with a minimum content of pigments. However, one should not assume that after the procedure, the curls will remain the same, as long as the illuminating composition gives the natural color of the curls a dark and deep shade.
  • The application of color composition contributes to the staining of the strands 3 or 4 tones darker. The disadvantage of this illumination is that in a few weeks the color dye will wash off and the procedure will have to be repeated, and quite often.

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Goldwell Illumination Procedure

Goldwell illumination is a procedure that does not require special skills, which you can easily carry out yourself at home, following the steps of the simple scheme itself. Just buy a solution for applying to the strands is quite problematic, since it is sold only in some professional stores.

To perform the illumination procedure, you need:

  • special lotion;
  • Illuminating composition;
  • as well as anchoring spray.

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The scheme of the procedure involves several stages.

  1. First of all, you need to wash your hair using a special shampoo or treat the hair with lotion to remove all fat and mineral deposits, as well as smooth the strands. In the photo with the image of hair illumination, you can see that at this stage the curls are a little aligned.
  2. Then it is necessary to apply paint to dry strands and carefully spreading it over all the curls, leave for about half an hour. Conducting the illumination of hair at home, the paint should be left for as much time as indicated on the product packaging, where, as a rule, the instructions for its use are written.
  3. After a specified time, the composition should be washed from the head with water at room temperature. It should be noted that no detergent is used. It is necessary to wash the curls until absolutely transparent water flows from them.
  4. The final step is to apply a fixing spray, fixing the composition on the hair and not allowing to wash it off during the first wash of the head.

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Some reviews about the illumination of hair say that sometimes the masters miss the last stage of the procedure, arguing that the spray weights the hair and also increases the cost of the procedure. However, this is not the case, and the procedure is carried out in stages, paying attention to each step.

The Pros and Cons of Goldwell Illumination

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Comparing the condition of the hair before and after the procedure, the advantage of coloring is that the curls look much more well-groomed, they become more shiny and healthy. It is also important that the pigment, enveloping each hair, does not violate the structure of the curl. The disadvantage of illumination is considered to be its price, which is very difficult to call cheap - the cost varies from 1500 r. up to 3500 p., depending on the prestige of the institution and the region. Another disadvantage is a short-lived effect. The procedure has to be repeated once every 3 weeks.

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However, despite the shortcomings of this method of hair care, he has already won his recognition among the multimillion public and has become popular throughout the world. He tried many women, most of whom were satisfied with the result, so go to this procedure at least once is every woman.

Video: Goldwell Hair Illumination

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